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What Does it Mean When a Virgo Man Ignores You All Sudden?

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As a lover, a Virgo man can be a cold one. The way he treats you can be confusing. But when he keeps on ignoring you, what does it mean? Find out the reasons by reading below:


1. He Feels A Huge Pressure from You

A Virgo man can’t stand it when someone wants too much from him. It’s a lot on his shoulders.

Maybe you’ve been very demanding. That could lead to him feeling pressure from you. It’s stressing him out so now he doesn’t care about you. But here are the Ways to Make a Virgo Man Fall in Love again.

2. He’s Focusing on Other Things

The next reason on what does it mean when a Virgo man ignores you is that he has other things on his mind. Instead of spending his time with you, he’s focusing on other things.

Quite upsetting isn’t it? So these Sweet Things to Say to Virgo Man can make him stop ignoring you.

3. You’re Too Clingy

Just like any other men, the regular Virgo guy loves his freedom. If you’re too clingy then that won’t be good.

He hates that. Your clinginess is limiting him. He doesn’t feel comfortable. As a result, he ignores you so you can just back off from him for a while.

4. He Wants His Freedom Back

By ignoring you, the Virgo man hopes that he can get his freedom back. Harsh but that’s the reality. He will keep pushing you away until he gets what he wants.

Expect a lot of silent treatment and missed text messages. There’s a possibility that a Virgo man will ignore you for a long time. But according to dating coaches, persuading a man to talk over things is a good step to fix a relationship. So apologize and get him to talk with you.

5. He’s Forgetful

What you probably don’t realize is that a Virgo man tends to be forgetful. So when you’re wondering what does it mean when a Virgo man ignores you, the answer is that he’s busy. His hectic life is causing him to pay less attention to you.

6. You Annoy Him

Have you thought that maybe you annoy him? That’s probably why he’s been keeping his distance with you.

He can be fussy with people. When he finds something that he dislikes from you, he would start to stay away. Know other Reasons Why Virgo Man Pulling Away from You as well.


7. He Finds You Boring

Being overcritical is such a Virgo trait. Wonder no more for what does it mean when a Virgo man ignores you.

He could have a deeper understanding of your personality and finds you boring. Not your fault that he’s ignoring you. It’s just that he’s not that into you.

8. You’re Not His Type

Unfortunately, you might not be a Virgo man’s type. Instead of telling you straight away, he chose to ignore you.

He hopes that you’d forget about him eventually. Based on what dating experts have often mentioned, some men would rather ghost you so he won’t feel too responsible for leaving you. 

9. You Made a Huge Mistake

Here’s another thing that you need to know about a Virgo man, he’s judgemental! Not a great sign if he starts to ignore you. There’s a huge chance that you’ve made a huge mistake and he can’t get over that.

He’s beginning to lose his feelings for you because he doesn’t see you as perfect anymore. Don’t Say These Things to Virgo  since they can make your situation worse.


10. He Feels Insecure 

What does it mean when a Virgo man ignores you? It could mean that he’s feeling insecure. A Virgo man is often described as modest. But in his modesty, there’s underlying insecurity. He could think that you’re too good for him.

11. He Feels Ignored

A Virgo man might be tempted to fight fire with fire. In case he’s feeling ignored by you, he will do the same to you.

He can be petty like that. Ignoring you is his way of letting you know how much he’s hurting. This is How to Make a Virgo Man Guilty so he’ll talk to you again.

12. He Wants to End the Relationship with You

This is your last answer to what does it mean when a Virgo man ignores you. Whatever relationship status that you have with him, he wants to end it. Ignoring you is his best option. You will slowly start to forget him too.

Don’t be so tough on yourself when a Virgo man ignores you. Give him space or think over the relationship and decide what’s best for both of you.

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