18 Unknown Things On What Does A Gemini Man Want In A Woman

Last updated on June 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

How do you know what a man wants in a woman? Really, it is hard to know. But by trying to read their basic traits in their zodiac sign, you will know how to win their heart.

Adventurous and playful Gemini man is a fun partner to be with. No wonder many woman who wants to add a spark to their life choose this sign in a man.

But what does a Gemini man want in a woman? Here are some important things a Gemini man looks for in a woman:


1. Confidence And Charm

The most desirable thing in a woman for a Gemini man is her confidence. Show enough confidence and a Gemini man will surely be swooned by you.

2. Calmness And Authority

Though playful, the Wife Material Signs for a Gemini man is the calmness and sense of power that can balance the child within a Gemini. This combination will surely create a power couple.

3. An Intellectual Woman

Beneath all the jokes and playful attitude, a Gemini man loves someone they can talk intellectually to. Get educated and he will surely show the signs that a Gemini Guy is Falling in Love with You.

4. Have A Way With Words

A fluent and well spoken woman will attract almost everyone, especially a Gemini. For him, it’s quite important that you are social and fun.

5. Great At Making Him Laugh

great at making him laugh

People flock to a woman that have a good sense of humor. But don’t overdo it. Keep the humor light and smart so that he doesn’t get turned off.

6. Doesn’t Make Him Choose Between His Friends Or You

The most fitting answer to what does a Gemini man want in a woman is a woman that doesn’t make him choose between his friends or his romantic relationship. If you do, he will definitely choose his friend.

7. The One Who Loves To Give Surprises

The surprise can be small or super big but a Gemini will show How to Know He Loves You Even When He Doesn't Say It to both sizes of surprises.

8. Not Afraid To Have Out-Of-The-Box Dates

Trying new places? Going to an escape room? Think something out of the box for a date to catch his attention and he will love to be around you for a long time.

9. Playful In Sexual Connection

Sexual life also needs to be considered with a Gemini because they really enjoy it. Be playful and as always, try to have little experiments with it to keep things feisty.

10. A Social Butterfly

A likeable girl is a girl that a Gemini loves. Gemini loves anyone who can be the life of the party and will come back to that person from time to time.

11. Doesn’t Takes Things Too Seriously

Don’t take everything too seriously. Try to take things lightly for once. A Gemini man will be attracted to your lightness and grace.

12. A Girl Who Is Not Stuck To A Routine

If you are a girl who is too precise about their routine, a Gemini man might show Why It is Hard for Gemini to Commit because a Gemini man treasures adventures more than anything. A girl who isn’t up for it won’t stick long by his side.

13. Can See The Positive Side In Things

A pouty and negative girl ruins everyone’s mood, especially a Gemini. Don’t be that girl for your sake and his sake.

14. Not Too Clingy

not too clingy

Independence is valued by a Gemini. Never get too clingy if you want him to stay for a long time.

15. Loves To Flirt

Using the Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush is a good idea to keep a Gemini man at bay.

16. Passionate About Life

Once a Gemini man sees how you are passionate and lively, he will know that you are a keeper.

17. Loves To Role Play

In your sexual relationship, role play is a way to keep the adventure in the relationship.

18. Doesn’t Control Or Want To Change Him Too Much

Nothing is more aggravating for a Gemini than someone who is too controlling and only loves the idea of him rather than who he is now.

Now that you know what does a Gemini man want in a woman, you’ll know that he is looking for that child-like playfulness in a relationship. Keep that in mind and you will find him always wanting to cling to you every time!

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