What To Do When Your Boyfriend Gives You Anxiety All The Time?

Last updated on June 18, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Anxiety always happens in the relationship. So, what are the reasons, why your boyfriend gives you anxiety? What to do when your boyfriend gives you anxiety? Recognize first what are the reasons, then you must do what you must to do. Below here are the reasons why your boyfriend gives you anxiety.

1. Spending The Money 

Money is the big reasons for anxiety in the relationship. The example is you often to spending money on him, otherwise, your boyfriend does not do that. Sometimes you feel anxiety cause your boyfriend just asking about the money. Well, this is what to do when your boyfriend keeps asking you for money.

2. Jealousy

Jealousy is the second most reasons why your boyfriend gives you anxiety. You see it when your boyfriend says hello to another girl, he does flirting in front of you or he helps another woman that fall down.

3. Losing

Afraid of losing this can give you anxiety also. Is there any woman want to lose with her boyfriend? No, absolutely not.

4. The Fear Of Abandonment

fear of abandonment

At the first time, he ignores you over text, and what to do when your boyfriend breaks up with you via text? Well, he is already abandoning you, and this anxiety happens because of a fear.

5. The Fear Of Rejection

You and him together within two years. However, when your boyfriend introduces you to his parents. His parents reject you as well, they do not like you. This fear of rejection makes your anxiety.

6. Communication With His Ex

His last relationship with his ex already in five months. Suddenly in one time, your boyfriend meet with his ex. Until now he has communication with her and this is without your permission. In fact, he sometimes meets and dates behind you.

7. Long-Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship is full of anxiety, why? Both you and he separate by distance and there is no good communication. Well, this anxiety will break up your relationship. Otherwise, let's see some ways on how to make him miss you in long distance relationship?

Signs That Your Relationship Full Of Anxiety

Moreover, what are the signs that your relationship is full of anxiety? Below here are some signs that you should know, what to to do if your relationship is full of anxiety.

1. Checking Your Boyfriend's Social Media

Are you curious about your boyfriend’s social media? This curious can lead the anxiety. While you are checking your boyfriend’s social media. Exactly, you are in anxiety.

2. You Can Not Express What You Feel 

The anxiety just comes over you, in here you do not know how to express this feeling. The right that you must to do is just calm and exhales.

3. Fighting With You

fighting with you

Both you and him are fighting with yourself. Say some white lies, it could lead the anxiety too. Do lies is a thing that can break up the relationship. Next, let's see on what to do when your boyfriend breaks up with you and you live together.

4. A Compromise

After a big fight, a compromise is made and this doesn't work with your plan. Your boyfriend chose to stay away from you and leave you.

5. You Are Too Insecure

When you are too insecure this can lead the anxiety also your boyfriend. He also feels uncomfortable with you. You do not trust him and this problem can lead your boyfriend away from you.

6. Less Communication

Communication is an important thing in the relationship. So, keep it up your communication with him. Spend a less time to talk with him, every day or you can send him sweet things by text.

7. Much Afraid

Afraid of your boyfriend’s parents, afraid of being rejects by his parents or afraid because you are not a good person and more. Throw away your anxiety away, just think positive.

8. Turning To Unhealthy Ways

Do not ever try to turn into unhealthy ways, alcoholic and drugs. These two things are the worse way to avoid your anxiety. These unhealthy ways cannot heal your anxiety. 

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Gives You Anxiety

Therefore, what to do when your boyfriend gives you anxiety? Below here are the proper ways how to heal the anxiety that given by your boyfriend.

1. Find Out His Problems

First, you should know what is your boyfriend’s problem, asks him honestly, what is happened? If he does not want to tell it with you. Try to find some information to his friends or his family.

2. Gives Him More Space

give him more space

Your boyfriend needs more space, let him cool down himself. Maybe this thing is something hard. So he does not tell the truth.

3. Think Positive

Think positive though he gives you anxiety, this is the most reason that can lead the breaks up. So, avoid trusting that you do not know the reasons just stay positive.

4. Use Your Time Wisely

Use your time with your boyfriend wisely, try to fresh up your relationship with some new hobbies. With this, your boyfriend will open and speak up.

5. Respect His Own Space

Let him alone, and respect his own space. This is a process to grow (his personality) as the partner. He needs time to reflect himself.

6. Let His Peace With Himself

Just trust your boyfriend, there are no wrong with you. So, please stay think positive, keep this key. He just wants to peace with himself. He needs more time.

7. Tell Him A Thing

Say to your boyfriend that you always be there for him, you will wait for him and will be a good listener. With this, your boyfriend will think that have you said. You can try these some things to say to your boyfriend to make him realize you love him.

8. Enjoy Yourself

Do not to worry about him that he becomes strange. Release your anxiety with refresh yourself, do something that can up your mood. Be happy and thinking positive.

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Hopefully, the above on what to do when your boyfriend gives you anxiety could be useful for you. Anxiety is a bad feeling that could lead your relationship to break up. So, keep the key to think positive. Your anxiety will be healed soon. Good luck.

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