Cool Ways on How to Get a Hot Girl in High School to Like You

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People say high school is one of the best time in life. Well, it's not for nothing. You are one step closer to adultery, feeling all grown up but there are some childish traits that still left behind. All the growth hormones always keep up you eager and the most important of it all: love.

When you're in high school, there must be this one hot girl everyone pay attention to. And no boy in school would ever deny if they were asked whether they like her or not. And you are one of the boys. But seeing that many competitors you have, how to get a hot girl to like you in high school?

First, you should never feel like it's impossible. Of course you can get her to like you. But before everything, you have to understand that all the things you're going to do is to get her notice your existence. A hot girl is surrounded by number of cool boys everyday and if you're not regular in her circle, she will easily forget about you. And what else?

Here are more ways hot to get a hot girl in high school to like you.

1. Make Yourself Stand Out

Standing out doesn't mean you should wear dazzling, neon colored clothes so it will be easy for her to find you or doing weird things in public. It's more like showing your charm. If she happens to be in the same class with you, ask a lot of questions during lessons so she will notice who you are. It's a good start. See also Why Is There So Much Drama in High School?

2. Take Lead in Everything

It's another way to stand out. You have to be the best in everything you're in. If you are in a school play, you have to take the main lead. If you are in a sport club, you have to be the captain. Everyone notice the best among the lots easier that just ordinary person among many.

3. Be Confident

Being confident is not walking around school with your chin up to show that you are. It's about how you fight your growth hormones that often make you unsure of what to do and become really shy. Do the best in everything, show your passion and be someone that inspire others. It's what confidence mean. See also Why Don't Guys Like Me in High School?

4. Look Good

Looking good is a way to boost your confidence level. But you shouldn't try too hard to make yourself look good. Just make sure you groom yourself well, brushing your tooth regularly, waxing your hair, and spray some perfume before you off to school. Every girl likes someone who is neat and clean. Every girl.

5. Be a Fun Person

Well, nobody will get attracted to someone who looks gloomy and sulky all the time. Appear bright and smile. If it's impossible since many hard things are come, make it looks like you're enjoying the process. Don't take everything seriously and make a laugh off of it. See also Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date in High School

6. Make a Lot of Friends

Put it like this, the more people know you the bigger your chance to get noticed by her. Make yourself one of those famous boys in school. By good means, for sure. But you shouldn't approach every peers and join them. Don't be shy to meet a lot of people, be friendly, and treat everyone just the same.

7. Wear Your Smile

Do you know that positive vibes attract more positive things to you? Yes, it does. To smile and laugh is the best way how to get a hot girl to like you in high school. Imagine when she has a rough day and seeing smile on your face lift up her mood somehow. She may like you in no time. See also Disadvantages of Dating in High School

8. Hang Out with Her

This is the real deal. You have to gather all the braveness to enter her life, or else you'll never have your chance to get close to her. Start by a hello when you pass each other, stop by her locker for little chit chat and walking to the class together. As you're in high school, school-related things is what connect you both and you can take a start from there.

9. Catch Her Attention

While it's hard to get her attention in daily basis, you can take bigger events to do so. If you are a basketball club member in school invite her to one of your match and unleash your charm there. Show her how you really are and left her in awe. It's not that hard to impress a girl anyway. See also Signs You'll Marry Your High School Sweetheart

10. After School Dates

If you've had enough in school, now it's time to make the next move. Ask her to meet outside the school. It's a good chance for you to know each other better and let her see the different side of you. This may not be easy but you have to give your best to meet her outside school.

11. Find Her Interest

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Isn't it not hard to find how to get a hot girl to like you in high school? Even though you fail in getting her, don't let it bother you that much. High school life is there to be enjoyed and there will many hotter girls you meet in the future.

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