What to Do If Aquarius Man Ignores You? Zodiacs Signs and Love Tips

Last updated on June 14, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Occasionally, an Aquarius man may go silent. It can be hard to figure out why, especially if you feel like you haven't done anything wrong to upset him. But sometimes he's not upset and the reason for his silence is simple: he's busy.

The thing about Aquarius men is that they're not the type of people to normally open up about their feelings. Even though they're a social sign, it's hard for them to express their feelings and allow others to understand them on a deeper level.

Before you panic and try to figure out what to do if an Aquarius man ignores you, first we need to look at the possible reasons and what to do if Aquarius man ignores you.

Why an Aquarius Man is Ignoring You:

  1. He's Very Busy.

    This is the simplest answer and sometimes the most logical. It may take some time, but when he's done doing whatever he needs to get done, he'll definitely respond to you.

  2. You're Bugging Him.

    You may not realize it, but you may be calling or texting him frequently. By ignoring you, he's letting you know that he feels overwhelmed and needs some space. (Also read How Does An Aquarius Man Act When He Doesn’t Love You Anymore?)

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Now that you know the possible reasons as to why he's ignoring you, what to do if an Aquarius man ignores you?

  1. Ignore Him Back.

    When someone gives you the silent treatment, you'll become curious as to what you may have done. In return, he'll feel the same way if you suddenly ignore him. He will either ask why you're giving him the silent treatment or it will get him to open up. Either way, it will make him wonder why you're suddenly ignoring him. (Also read What Happens If You Ignore An Aquarius Man? The Worst is Yet to Come?)

  2. Take a Break.

    Allow him some time and space by giving a break yourself. You don't necessarily have to give the relationship a break, but if it helps, you both should put some distance between you. That way, you're giving him the freedom he needs while giving you some time to think and cool off.

  3. Lay Out His Options.

    If he's ignoring you for much too long, you need to get real with him and tell him to either get himself together or to leave. It's a harsh thing to do, but if he's giving you the silent treatment for no reason and spending less time with you, then you need to decide whether it's time for him to leave or if he just needs a little more time to come back. (Also read How to Get an Aquarius Man to Stop Ignoring You and Make Up Together Again.)

  4. Actions are Louder than Words.

    Be cautious as to what he's doing when he's not talking to you. Is he texting his friends? Is he chatting with other people on social media? Be observant and see what he's doing when he isn't talking to you. He may just be resenting you. (Also read How to Keep Your Aquarius Man Happy.)

It's important to note that before you panic thinking about what to do when an Aquarius man ignores you, there might be a valid, logical reason behind it. If not, then it's best to move on and find someone better.

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