What To Do When My Aquarius Man Ignores Me All Sudden

Last updated on June 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

If you're dating an Aquarius man, welcome to the world of independence and lack of commitment. Aquarius men are pretty unique. They are the sign that is ruled by water. So like water they are, they kinda go with the flow. The like to live the life as it is.

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If you find yourself getting ignored by an Aquarian, fear no more. Step by step we will unravel the mind of these guys and make them back in your grip again. Aquarius men may be a bit complicated to deal with, but with some tricks, and a lot of patience, let's discover what makes a relationship with them tick.


1. Check If He's Bored

The mind of Aquarius is constantly running at full speed. Aquarius has a big appetite toward thrills. If you find him pulling away from you, check out whether or not he finds you interesting to discover. Something in the relationship must get too comfortable that the excitement is simply isn't there anymore.

The trick: spice up things. Go for an unusual date, prepare a sudden road trip, among the examples.

2. Do Not Be Too Needy

do not be too needy

Being with an Aquarius man requires a certain degree of independence. There's nothing he loves more than his freedom. If you're a clingy type, well, you are not his match unless you tone down that neediness.

Being needy and clingy makes an Aquarius man feels suffocated and as a result, he starts ignoring you.

3. Bring Him Back To Reality

Sometimes he just doesn't intend to ignore you. It's just that his mind wanders. Aquarius is one of the most intelligent zodiacs out there. He often thinks deeply and let his mind going for an adventure somewhere. Once in a while he'd go to Einstein mode and ponder about life and humanity. Let him with his muse for the moment.

But when you think it's too much and you feel ignored especially when it happened in the middle of the date, simply pull him back to reality.

4. He Need Alone Time, So Let Him

Aquarius needs space, like a lot of it. Once in a while, he will retract to a safe space where nothing else belong, not even you, just him and his thought or his hobby.

When this happens, there's nothing else you can do except let him be. If you're patient, once he's done with his solitary phase, he can't wait to spend time with you.

5. Be Independent

The ideal partner for an independent Aquarius man is an equally independent woman. Someone who can entertain herself while Aquarius is out there in his solitary adventure, that's his dream woman is like. If he's ignoring you, just get busy yourself.

Go out and have fun with your friend. Seeing you having fun without him will make him will miss you. When an Aquarius man misses you, understand more what it means.

6. Tone Down That Jealousy

There's no denying, as one of the most social zodiacs, Aquarius likes to flirt often. He has many female friends and he likes to hang out with them. If you're easy to get jealous, you both will fight often about his habit. The tip: don't be jealous and be secure.

Aquarius men may like flirting, but mostly it's harmless and he knows what's matter is that one important girl he will hang out with by the end of the day, a.k.a you. Know when an Aquarius man truly in love with you.

Another thing is to turn back the situation and play hard to get with him. He will leave all those women and get his attention back to you.

7. Don't Text And Call Too Much

When he's ignoring you and not replying your text or returning your call, girls usually do as follows: call more and text more.

One big advice, don't. Attacking him with dozen of messages and missed calls only made him pull away from you more. Just go read a book when the urge to text comes.

8. Do Not Be Too Emotional

do not be too emotional

Aquarius men dislike too much display of emotion. They're uncomfortable with it and don't know what to do.

As a result, they decide not to respond to anything. Ignoring, not answering calls, and ghosting are their defense mechanism when a conflict arises. If you want to avoid him ignoring you, don't be a too emotional girl.

9. Apologize

This is when you accidentally said a very sensitive thing to him. Aquarius men don't bode well with insults. There's nothing soothe him unless you decide to give a heartfelt apology.

10. Move On

Lastly, if you think that you're simply not compatible with him, you can always move on to someone else. Check if you're one of the zodiacs that's compatible with Aquarius.

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