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What Does It Mean When A Sagittarius Man Ignores You All Sudden?

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Okay, so you’re boyfriend, husband, or maybe just a crush, he ignores you. And he happens to be a Sagittarius man. What does it mean when a Sagittarius ignores you?


Before we go in depth about the possible causes of this, let’s check out first some of the traits of Sagittarius men.

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1. Independent

Sagittarius is one of the most independent zodiacs out there. They are freedom seeker and enjoy being just by themselves. Sagittarius is not the kind of people who like being told to do.

It’s an admirable trait, but it means it’s hard to pin a Sagittarius down in a commitment.

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2. Witty

Not only that Sagittarius is smart, but they are also witty. They like to make mischievous jokes, such as sarcastic jokes. The problem is, some will appreciate the joke, but there will be others who’ll get offended.

3. Intuitive

The high intelligence of Sagittarius results in them being very intuitive. Sagittarius can just sense things.

It’s a useful trait especially when they just met a person, they’ll instantly know what the character and intention is. That’s why, it’s hard to fool a Sagittarius.

4. Direct and straightforward

When speaking, Sagittarius doesn’t like filtering words. People see Sagittarius as honest and straightforward.

Of course, this comes with a downside. Some people would think Sagittarius are too blunt and borderline rude.

5. Conceal emotion

Even though Sagittarius is straightforward with what they think, this doesn’t apply to their own emotions.

So when it comes to expressing emotions, especially when hurt, blunt Sagittarius suddenly become the quietest person on earth. Sagittarius prefer their feelings privately concealed. Sometimes it can be hard to understand them.

6. Adventurous

Sagittarius is spontaneous and fun. It’s because of their adventurous trait. They always down to try new things.

Sagittarius also like challenges. For similar adventurous people, Sagittarius is fun to be around. But for calm people, Sagittarius can be too much sometimes.

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Looking at their traits, you might have guessed why your Sagittarius man is ignoring you. If you still cannot understand, here are some possibilities and tips to make him not ignoring you.

1. He is not ready to be fully open

Sagittarius independence means they like to go with their own pace. He might not ready yet to be closer with you, so he takes his time. It might look like he’s ignoring you, but the truth is, he’s getting to know you little by little.

What to do: Follow his pace and be patient. Independent people like to be given space, Sagittarius included.

2. He sensed your hidden motive

Since Sagittarius is intuitive, he might have sensed on why you approached him. And your reason is not at all good according to him. Maybe he’s rich and popular, and he thinks you are not genuinely liking him.

What to do: If your motive is superficial, then you should change it. If it’s not but he thinks that way, you need to convince him that you have no bad intention, show him that you accept him good and bad, that you only want to offer your love. Earn his trust gradually.

3. He’s hurt

You might have unintentionally hurt him. Since Sagittarius is reserved with their emotion, they keep silent and ignore you when they’re hurt.

What to do: Talk about it delicately and if you did do something that hurt him, go apologize.

4. He’s scared to commit

You might have pressured him into a next-step commitment. Whether it is engagement, marriage, or simply being your boyfriend. Sagittarius is not comfortable with commitment. He won’t say it, so he pulls away from you. If your man is Capricorn and he pulls away, read this.

What to do: stop pressuring him to commit, give him time to consider. You can bring up commitment talk once he shows signs Sagittarius is serious about you.

5. He finds you un-fun

He likes adventure, and to him, you’re not adventurous enough. He also smart, but he thinks you are not capable of handling his wittiness. He’s spontaneous and likes being outdoors, while you’re a couch potato.

What to do: The simple advice is, be fun. Have hobbies, go out more, and enjoy life. If he sees you being enthusiastic with your hobbies and activities, he’ll find you hard to ignore.

6. He thinks you’re that kind of person who gets easily offended

Sagittarius witty remarks can be harsh for some people. Sagittarius wear sarcasm under their sleeves. If a Sagittarius ignores you and no longer make any joke when he’s with you, there’s a chance because he thinks you would not appreciate his joke.

What to do: Stop overthinking each of his jokes and be chill on the harsh remark. He’ll see you as someone who mentally strong and can handle a few sarcasm well.

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