What Does It Mean When A Sagittarius Man Ignores You? (9 Possible Meanings)

Last updated on June 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you being ignored by a Sagittarius man?

Are you wondering why he would go completely cold?  

Have you given him no reason to do so? Perhaps you had a great initial interaction? Maybe you were even casually dating? 

The good news is: there are several reasons why a Sagittarius man might act like this, and many of them have nothing to do with you.

I have listed the most common of these reasons below. 

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It's important to know that Sagittarius men do tend to have their own unique way of doing things.

If you're hoping to date one, it's important to understand this, so scroll down to find out what it means when this sign gives you the cold shoulder.


9 Possible Meanings When A Sagittarius Man Ignores You

1. It’s him, not you

It might interest you to know that it is him, not you and this happens more often than not. Zodiac signs apart; when guys ignore you, it is more about them than about you. When a Sagittarius, the wild child of the zodiac sign ignores you, then best believe that he is not where you are yet.

A Sagittarius is a goal-getter and when a Sagittarius ignores you, it is because right then, at that point in his life, he does not see you as a goal worth chasing after or a target he has to meet. Life is too short to be running after a Sagittarius, you will never catch up.

2. He thinks you are boring

he thinks you are boring

Another reason why he ignores you might be because you no longer fit into his definition of interesting, hence the fewer phone calls. He no longer finds you fun which is no fault of yours. I mean, the guy is compulsive and that’s really not your forte. It doesn’t make you boring, that’s just the Sagittarius way and you are not going in that direction. 

You never have to change to fit into anybody's standard as you cannot afford to be a secondary character in a life you only get to live once. So, if you think his motive for ignoring you is valid and you are up for a little adventure, you might want to pick up on his speed if not, just let him go.

3. He is tired of the situation

Because Sagittarius men are always looking for the next best thing, it just might mean that your little situation with him no longer works for him or fits into his idea of what is adventurous. So, he ignores you if he is tired of the situation.

It does not matter if the situation right now is a second date, a casual relationship, a serious relationship, he ignores you till you ignite the spark that drew him to you. Or, he just moves on to the next interesting situation which might be an upgrade from your present situation.

4. He thinks you lack spontaneity

If you don’t know anything about a Sagittarius man, then you must know that he loves spontaneity. He cannot be predicted, he is always in search of the next adventure, something else to mark off his to-do list. He needs someone that can just pack up and leave on the go.

So, if he ignores you, there is a very high probability that you lack the spontaneity he is looking for in a relationship. This might be a problem for him. Maybe, you are not cool enough from his point of view and that’s okay because you don’t have to become who you are not for anybody.

5. You might just be too clingy

Did you ask a Sagittarius man to hang out with you twice in a row? As a result, did he go missing in action and block you on WhatsApp, Instagram, or Twitter? If so, he likely reacted this way because you asked to hang out more than once a week not because you asked him to be my boyfriend. It wasfor him.

If quality time is your love language  too much attention and you are looking for something serious, a Sagittarius should be last on your mind. The fact that he is called the archer does not mean he is best friends with cupid. Just being available might come off as being too clingy, so ensure you are whole on your own before dining with a Sagittarius.

6. You are no longer the top priority

One thing about a Sagittarius man that is unchanging is his love for variety. He is famous with the ladies because he can stand out in a room. His love for variety will mean different women in his bed and different faces on his mind. When you are the top fascinating woman, he is completely engrossed by you.

Once a Sagittarius ignores you, this can only mean that there is a distraction and you are no longer the top priority. If this is the case, what not to do is cry from dusk to dawn in front of his door hoping to be chosen. Give him space and let him decide what he wants. Let him choose you. You are too cute a woman to be just another option.

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7. Things might be getting a little too serious for him

Sagittarius loves the bachelor life a little too much, he is less likely to go into a relationship. He is such a commitment-phobe that once he smells feelings like love, he goes the other way. His instinct is to ignore anything or anyone that will tie him down or restrict his adventurous ways.

A Sagittarius apprehension is never because things are getting serious, it’s always rooted in the fear of letting go of his freedom and the probability of not being able to go for the next adventure because he has to consider the feelings of his partner. So when it gets to this point, a Sagittarius ignores it.

8. He is mad about something

he is mad about something

Sagittarius men will give the silent treatment initially rather than communicate their feelings like a proper adult. They are not bottlers of emotions, in fact, one of the reasons they are called the fire sign is because they flare up when you cross their boundaries. But when you hurt them the initial response is silence.

So your particular Sagittarius is probably ignoring you because he is mad at you about something. So, look back, trace back the events of the day before he started ignoring you, and be sure you did not do anything. Because with a Sagittarius, first comes the calm, then the storm.

9. It’s time up

Like every good thing, your time with this guy has come to an end. Like every good food has an expiry date, the archer no longer thinks it’s necessary to talk to you since he has nothing to offer you, so it is time up for you and what you have going on.

So, pack your emotional bags, get up and leave and there are over a million fish in the ocean, it’s time to move on from the one that walks around life with a bow and an arrow. This might be a good thing, remember what they say about dancing too close to the sun. You don’t want to get burnt.


What do you do when a Sagittarius man ignores you?

What to do when a Sagittarius ignores you is to ignore him too. Give him a taste of his own medicine. Not even this wild man likes to feel dispensable. So help him see what he is missing out on.

How do Sagittarius react to being ignored?

Ignoring him means you are not that into him, this will pique his interest, he will want to find out why you think he is dispensable. He will run back to you like a lost puppy because he is used to being chased.

How do you know when a Sagittarius man is over you?

A Sagittarius man will let you know. He is very direct and expressive. He will let you know when he is over you. He has no time and is too busy for mind games.

Why does a Sagittarius man keep coming back?

If a Sagittarius keeps coming back, then he is interested in you. He loves your company and being ignored is the least of your problems. In fact, the problems become “my Sagittarius man is too clingy”, “How to get rid of my Sagittarius man”.

What does a Sagittarius man do when in love?

When in love, a Sagittarius is unapologetically expressive. He is not one to hide his feelings. If he becomes more restrained, then your love is the reason.

In Conclusion 

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this. Remember not to neglect your self-worth while dealing with Sagittarius men, they are a lot to deal with. Let me know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share if you loved reading this article.

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