25 Tips on How to Make Aquarius Guy Fall in Love with You

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Love is complicated but the astrology of love can help you in knowing the tips and tricks on how to be close to you targeted lover. An Aquarius man is a great target for a lover but he also come with a complex tricks on how to win his heart.

An Aquarius man is someone very bright and cheerful and it will bring a lot of brightness to your life. Capturing his ever changing heart is always a struggle. So, before you make any move, know how to make aquarius guy fall in love with you.

  1. Be upbeat and happy

an aquarius guy is known to be happy and cheerful and of course he want to have someone with the same vibes as him. If you show your positive side, he will connect with you more and love you even more.

  1. Be there for all of his sides

even though he is a positive guy, there will be times when he is in a slump. If you can be there for him whenever, he will really cling to you and show the Signs That a Man Loves You Unconditionally

  1. Be friendly

an aquarius guy values friendship before he goes into a deep and long relationship. He will need you to prove to him that you are open to being friends and you have the quality of a great friend so that he can determine if you have the Signs She is A Girlfriend Material

  1. Show your creative side

A lot of creativity is appreciated in an aquarius men’s life and he want to nurture that. If you can relate to that part of him by showing how creative you are as a woman, he will feel instantly closer to you.

  1. Give them space

This is the greatest  ways on how to make aquarius guy fall in love with you. He will naturally want to grow so give him some space. The ones who understand his need will be the one who hold his heart.

  1. Let loose with the expectation

Once you have expectations about him, you will start giving restriction to him. When you do, you will lose him bits by bits. So loosen up on that expectation because a love life with him will always be new and exciting.

  1. Encourage him to be himself

Because they have a lot of quirks and unique differences, he will tend to hide it to seem normal. But when you encourage him to be himself you will make him show you the Signs That He Is In Love with You

  1. Support them

It is natural for Aquarius man to want to grow and explore. So what you need to do is to be their biggest fan and not leave them. supporting them will make his affection towards you grow more.

  1. Be prepared for commitment

Aquarius guy are the most loyal among all the sign. He wants his partner to be committed to him because he is not one who show the Signs He is Player

  1. Make things exciting

An Aquarius guy love their share of fun and excitement. If you truly want to be their partner, make sure that you are spontaneous, open minded and creative in your activities with him. He appreciate someone that can surprise him 

More tips on how to make aquarius guy loves you

  1. Stand by your values – an Aquarius do not like a people pleaser. So stand by your values and show that you respect yourself. from that, you will gain his respect.
  2. Be yourself – do not hinde, an Aquarius guy is the most open minded person. If you are shy, he will be less likely to show the Signs That Someone is In Love With You
  3. Be a little mysterious – mysterious is always fun. So if you make yourself a little mysterious, you can actually see him chase you more to know more sides of you
  4. Be forgiving – he will make silly mistakes because he is always in an experimental stage in his life. He doesn’t need a partner who scold him continuously on his little mistakes.
  5. Adore him – he is someone that knows his worth and know that he is special. But he will love you even more if you show him that you adore him.
  6. Respect his boundaries – aquarius man, although free and lose, will have a set of rules to protect himself. Respect these boundaries and he will show the Signs That He is Dead Serious About You
  7. Be independent – you will gain his respect when you have your life together. This means that he will not spend a lot of time taking care of your mess and he won’t be tied down 

Signs that an aquarius guy have fallen in love with you

  1. They love listening to you – when he is in love with you, he will love listening to you more than anything else. When he do this he is actually implying that he adores you, he is always here for you and he want to know every side of you because he just can’t get enough of you!
  2. You are his priority – although an aquarius guy is someone that wants freedom and a lot of them, if he loves you, you will still be his number one priority. He will want to help you everytime and will do anything to make you happy.
  3. He will open up to you – he is quite reserved but when he love you, he will not hesitate to tell you everything. An aquarius guy that is in love will not even hesitate to tell you his darkest side when he is in love.
  4. Wants your approval – an aquarius guy is someone that lives in his own reality and set of rules. But if he ask for your advice and even your approval, that means he really values you and love you.

An aquarius man is quirky and fun. But there are ways on how to make aquarius guy fall in love with you. If you know this, you will capture his heart!