How To Make Aquarius Guy Fall In Love With You (19 Ways To Win His Heart)

Last updated on July 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering how to make an Aquarius man love you?

I don’t blame you! An Aquarius man is typically very joyous and full of energy. However, it can be complicated to win his heart initially. 

Thankfully, I have constructed a guide packed with ideas to make this sign fall in love with you. 

These tips are based on a psychological phenomenon called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’. This is a primal psychological trigger which has a huge impact on how men feel about the women in their lives. 

If you can learn how to activate this part of a man’s brain, he will begin to experience overwhelming feelings of joy, power, and purpose. These are the emotions he desires the most in a long-term relationship.

Needless to say, he can become OBSESSED with you once you learn how to do this consistently. 

I know because I tried it myself, and my relationships with men have never been more fulfilling. You can learn more about how it works in my blog post.

Of course, if you’re only looking for Aquarius-specific tips, feel free to scroll down and check my list of ideas below.


How To Make An Aquarius Guy Fall In Love With You

If you’re wondering how to make an Aquarius guy fall in love with you, you’ve got your work cut out for you. This zodiac sign is known for preferring platonic relationships, hiding their feelings, and somehow simultaneously being sensitive

The challenge of an Aquarius man is well worth the extra effort, though. These guys are also known for their intense devotion to their partner once they do decide to commit. 

It can take quite some time for an Aquarius man to fall in love. This guy likes to take things nice and slow, carefully choosing who his partner is. At the same time, he shows little or no emotion. 

It can make it difficult to tell whether he’s into you. If you use these tips to make an Aquarius man fall head over heels in love with you, you won’t have to guess. Instead, you’ll know that he’s into you. 

1. Don’t chase him

When you go after a guy, he’s more likely to turn around and run the other way. This is particularly true if you have your sights set on a guy from this zodiac sign. 

The Aquarius man enjoys his freedom. If you’re calling and texting him, he’ll wonder if you are going to be a good fit as a partner. He’ll probably be scared that you’ll make him feel trapped in a relationship. 

This sign is known to be curious. When you instantly call him, tell him about yourself, etc. it leaves little for him to be curious about. Instead, keep a little mystery. Smile at him to let him know that you’re interested, and then walk away. 

2. Don’t be scared that he’ll walk away

Because this sign doesn’t instantly show that they are interested, it makes this seem like a bad move. If he’s already not into you, he’ll surely just walk away. That’s not true. Even when an Aquarius doesn’t seem interested, they usually are. Instead of running away, he’ll take his time and slowly learn more about you. 

3. Discuss intellectual topics

If you love to learn, you’re already a great match for an Aquarius man. This water bearer loves to have intellectual conversations about deep topics. If you don’t know something that he’s talking about, tell him and listen when he tries to educate you. Your genuine interest in knowledge will instantly attract an Aquarius man. 

4. Be confident in your wisdom

It’s okay not to know things, but the more knowledge you have on a particular subject the more interesting you suddenly become. Don’t hesitate to share your intellect, either. Instead of being intimidated like other guys, an Aquarius will be intrigued

5. Aquarius men love independent women

This guy doesn’t have time for the clingy types. If that’s you, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, don’t expect this man to fall in love with you, either. 

Instead, set some goals for yourself and work towards them. These could be fitness goals, career goals, or even just having a hobby. No matter what you’re doing, you want to be busy doing it. Let him know that it took you a while to text back because you were doing your own thing. 

6. Confidence is always sexy

A confident woman carries herself differently than a woman that has low self-esteem. If you’re still working on loving yourself, keep working on it. Bring your confidence to a higher level, and an Aquarius man will surely notice. These men prefer confident, independent women. 

If you’re still working on it, consider faking it until you make it. Sit up straight with your shoulders back. Throw on some light, natural makeup. Look him in the eye when you talk to him. Those are all signs of confidence that he’ll be looking for. 

7. Play hard to get

play hard to get

Don’t walk away from him completely, but don’t always be available either. You want to be hard to get with an Aquarius man. When he texts you, take a little bit to text him back. After an hour or so, respond with an apology and explain that you’re simply busy. 

Don’t always be available to go on a date either. Sometimes, you’re going to have to reschedule. This works out even better if you’re actually busy, and actually need to schedule a movie date for another night. 

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8. Maintain your mystery

An Aquarian man will be a curious man. He’ll want to know everything about you. You need to hold some things back, though. 

When you tell him everything that he wants to know in one sitting, his curiosity will be satisfied. This can lead to him quickly losing interest in you. It’s because you’re not a mystery anymore. 

Instead, answer a few questions with vague responses. Instead of telling him all about your career or childhood, give him a brief answer and turn the conversation around to him. He’ll appreciate that you’re curious about him, and you’ll still be a mystery. 

9. Go outside of the box

An Aquarian man isn’t one to live by the rules of society. He’s a free thinker full of his own ideas and opinions. If you’re the same way, he’ll love you. He wants someone that he can share those ideas with that won’t try to make him conform. Be that person. 

10. Be yourself

Aquarius men are known for having trust issues. He wants a woman that is independent, outside of the norm, and busy, but he also wants that to be real. Don’t try to fake everything to get this guy to chase you. He’ll catch on quickly and walk the other way. 

Instead, be honest. If you’re not feeling self-confident, tell him. Also, add that you’re working on getting back to who you want to be. He’ll see your efforts and appreciate your honesty. 

If you’re not busy, he’ll know. That’s why it’s important that you’re actually busy. Start taking a class. This is a huge bonus because he loves the intellectual type. You can also spend more time with friends and family. Start crafting.

11. Speak up when you don’t like something

There’s nothing more boring than a person that likes everything that you do. To keep this man interested, state how you feel about things. If you think the restaurant was subpar, say it tactfully. Don’t instantly like the same foods that he does. He’ll find it interesting. 

Keep in mind that there is a difference between stating that you don’t care for something and being rude. Take care not to be offensive. Not only is he known for being a little more on the sensitive side, but they also don’t care for emotional drama either. Which is ironic for how dramatic they naturally are themselves. 

12. Don’t overdo the verbal sentiments

An Aquarius man is not one to express his feelings through words a lot. Instead, he prefers stability and actions. You can tell him that you like him or how you feel about him, but stop after that. There’s nothing wrong with expressing your true feelings, but too much can make him feel uncomfortable. Show him you love him through physical affection and gestures instead. 

You need to note this about this man before starting a serious relationship. He won’t express his deep feelings in long conversations early on, and it won’t change. Instead, he’ll continue to show you that he cares throughout the romantic relationship. 

13. Don’t flip out when you miss him

This sign is detached. They don’t care for jealousy, possessiveness, and bossy people in general. This is especially true in a partner. 

That means that when you miss him, don’t blow up his phone or demand more of his time. He’ll slowly start to fade away as he wonders if you’re right for him. Instead, play it cool. If not saying something bothers you, simply tell him that you miss him. That’s all he needs to hear. 

14. Keep things exciting

keep things exciting

Most of us think of how to spice things up later in the relationship, but this is important even if you just started dating. Aquarius tends to get bored quickly. They don’t want to do the same thing every day or night. 

Keep conversations interesting by watching the news or learning new things. It will always give you something to talk about. When you have plenty of conversation topics at the front of your brain, you can rest assured that he won’t get tired of talking to you. 

Make sure that you put thought into date ideas as well. Going out to dinner once or twice is fine, but you need to think outside of the box. Go bowling. Head to a nearby town and have fun being tourists for a day. Spend the afternoon kayaking. Fun date ideas will instantly attract an Aquarius. 

15. Surprise him

When you’re dating signs that get bored easily, keep in mind that surprises are always a good idea. Show up at work with his favorite lunch. Call him randomly because you love the sound of his voice. Send him a funny meme to make him smile. He’ll appreciate how random every little surprise is. This is a great way to make relationships with Aquarius last. 

16. Be okay living without him

He’s known for being on the go. When it comes to astrology, this sign is more independent than some other signs. They don’t like to sit at home and do the same thing. Instead, there is always a goal or future adventure when it comes to Aquarius. Don’t expect this to stop once you’re in a relationship. 

Because of that, you’ll need to be okay living without him for periods of time. He may be in another country for a week or two. Water signs are often interested in humanitarian causes, so him going on a mission trip to help underprivileged communities on another continent could happen. That’s why Aquarius meshes well with people that are independent and not needy. 

17. He loves attention

This is another ironic thing about this guy that you need to remember to make him fall for you. They don’t like needy, and they aren’t clingy, but they love attention. Random text messages complimenting him throughout the day will instantly make him smile. Physical affection later in the relationship will warm his heart. Give him attention, but don’t expect him to reciprocate it as soon as you give it to him. He might be busy on an adventure. 

18. Be willing to do new things

Aquarius likes to keep things fun and interesting. That means that they don’t have a lot of limitations. Boundaries are boring. That includes fun in the bedroom. If you’re not ready for that, it might be time to re-think your crush. 

It also includes date ideas. Be prepared for him to want to try new foods and do new things. This is the guy that might mention sky diving or going to an event that he’s never been to before instead of sticking to places he knows you’ll like when dating. 

19. Don’t stress when he is friends with the opposite sex

An Aquarius man isn’t going to conform to the rules of society, care about rumors, and they’re going to be friends with everyone. That’s why they don’t care for jealous partners. He’s going to talk to all of his friends, including those of the opposite sex. 

That doesn’t mean that he’s going to cheat, though. When he says he’s friends with someone, he more than likely sees them as best friends. 

Because they are friends, he might invite you along with the group, too. He doesn’t see anything wrong with friendship and will want you to get along with his friends. 

If you want to win him over, go with the flow. Accept invites out with the group and have a good time. Mingle with his friends instead of staying stuck by his side all night. He’ll love it. 


How do you win an Aquarius man's heart?

Ignore jealous feelings. Avoid being too mushy or sentimental. Play hard to get with him so he has to wait to see you. Do not run after him. He might do this to test you, but don’t fall for it. Instead, wait for him to come back. He will. 

How do you make an Aquarius man miss you like crazy?

Wait to text him. He might not tell you that he misses you, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to talk to you. Make sure that he likes you. Men don’t miss women until they are already looking forward to seeing them again. 

How does an Aquarius act when they like someone?

They start to get a little emotional. Aquarius doesn’t get emotional with a person until they like them and are comfortable. They will try to talk to you about intellectual topics to determine if you have the same interests. An Aquarius man will try to get to know you because they are curious about you. 

What makes Aquarius happy?

To make them happy, pay them plenty of attention. Don’t let them get bored in a relationship either. Surprise texts and fun date ideas are great if you’re with this guy. Don’t let your jealousies or insecurities show or there will be problems in the partnership. 

What are Aquarius males attracted to?

They are attracted to people that are outside of the box. More than anything, they enjoy intellectual conversations and deep thinkers. Mysterious women will intrigue them as they try to figure her out. 

Final Thoughts

These men prefer women that are independent and free thinkers. They don’t care for jealousy or people being clingy because this can interfere with their freedom. Have you ever dated an Aquarius man before? What would you add to the list?

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