35 Smart Ways to Make Someone Feel Guilty for Dumping You

Last updated on March 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Romance is a hazardous aspect of life. Just when you think that someone is great and your relationship is a match made in heaven, your partner suddenly dumps you. What should you do about it?

Being dumped is never a great experience for anyone. It left us angry, hurt, and mostly heart broken. If you don’t have the place to channel all this messy feelings, it might be best to start finding out ways to get revenge on someone without getting caught. You can do it in a strategic and pointed action by using the ways to make someone feel guilty for dumping you;


1. Don’t Contact Them

In this emotional state, contacting them will only further damage you and make you look vulnerable which adds to their happiness.

2. Don’t Show That You Like Them

Showing that you are deeply in love with them will make them feel the wrong kind of pride and power.

3. Don’t Show Signs Of Sadness

don’t show signs of sadness

You can be sad on your own but don’t exaggerate it or show it to the world, this is actually what a dumper wants.

4. Never Let Your Friends Do Crazy Things To That Person

Even though your friends wants to protect you in any way that they can, tell them to choose compassion.

5. Don’t Ridicule Them Publicly

Ridiculing them does not lower your pride, it lowers yours. It only shows that you haven’t done the Ways to Forget Someone Who Broke Your Heart

6. Don’t Do Pranks To Make Their Life Miserable

Pranks is immature and not a great way to make someone guilty. It makes them irritated and furious.

7. Never Threat Them

Threatening them is creepy, illegal, and it is only what a crazy girlfriend does which you are not.

8. Don’t Post Anything About Them On Social Media

Ways to make someone feel guilty for dumping you - Social media is a place a dumper looks for when they want to reminisce their victory in dumping you, don’t give them the satisfaction.

9. When People Ask, Act Cool

If people ask about you guys, act cool.

10. Never Stalk Them

Stalking them is a great way to make you seem like a clingy and creepy person.

11. When They Try To Win You Back, Don’t Fall For It

They will try to win you buck just for the game and because they have the Signs of a Man Who is a Player, never fall for that trap.

12. Never Agree For Another Meet Up

never agree for another meet up

Meet ups are yet another chance to ridicule you and leave you hanging dry. Never agree to it.

13. Don’t Jump Into A Relationship Straight Away

Of course you would want to make them feel jealous, but by jumping into unserious relationship you are only lowering your self esteem.

14. Don’t Do Drastic Changes

Drastic changes is a sign that you still love them.

15. Move On

Find the ways to  Ways to Forget One Sided Love and All Broken Heart

16. Forgive Them

This might seem strange but it actually show that you are mature and great which makes them feel guilty.

17. Try To Understand Why They Are Doing This

Another way to show how mature you are.

18. Be Friends With Them

Show that you choose compassion over anything.

19. Show Them That You Accept Them

Show them signs that a man loves you unconditionally, they will feel guilty.

20. Support Their Decision

Support them to make them feel guilty for dumping a great person in their life. 

21. Delete Their Pictures

Deleting their pictures is a Signs That She';s Not Into You

22. Don’t Try To Avoid Them When You Meet Them

This will only show that you still have feelings for them,

23. Don’t Be Too Cocky With Your Life

Exaggerating how your life actually went is a pathetic way to deal with heartbreak.

More tips on how to guilt trip someone that dumped you

You need to quickly find the real tips on how to make them guilty before you do anything that will further damaga your stance and your image. This is the real tips on how to guilt trip someone that dumped you:

1. Never Respond To Their Hatred

Hatred will sometimes come but don’t respond.

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2. Smile When You See Them

smile when you see them

This implies that you want to do no harm to them.

3. Be The Best Self You Have Ever Been

Grow and thrice to make sure they know they are missing out on the greatest relationship they could ever be in.

4. Never Chase A Relationship Again

Don’t be clingy and pathetic again.

5. Slowly Minimize Their Significance In Your Life

Start to erase them from your life.

6. Make Time To Build A Better Relationship

Take it slow to build a great relationship.

7. Nurture Self Love

Self love and confidence is a great potion to make someone guilty from losing you. 

Signs that they’ve got affected

All this ways will do nothing if you don’t see them actually feeling guilty and showing how big their feelings is for you. Here are the satisfying signs that they’ve got affected;

1. They Try To Contact You Again

they try to contact you again

Because they want you back, you start getting contacted from every media possible.

2. They Apologize

They admit that their action is bad and they often apologize in long paragraphs or emotional tone to show how much they feel guilty about the incident.

3. They Get Angry At You

When you don’t respond to them or don’t like them anymore they start getting angry at you. This could be the Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Emotional Psychopath

4. They Suddenly Can’t Move On From You

They can’t find the  Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship

If you want to see how your dumper have changed from their state of pride to deep guilt, then you should really do the ways to make someone feel guilty for dumping you. Then you will not only grow and evolve as an individual, you will also get the satisfaction of seeing the signs that they’ve got affected.

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