30 Frugally Cheap Things to Do to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Last updated on April 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

For a happy couple, anniversary is an important moment. It remarks another milestone in the relationship, which means they have been together for a longer time. As important as it is, anniversary becomes something that should be celebrated. Many couples opted for a grande celebration by traveling together or have a romantic dinner at a five star hotels.

Those kind of celebration needs a lot of money for sure. That is why there are also couples who prefer something simple and even cheap (especially married couple with kids). For you who planned for a simple anniversary celebration with your loved ones, here are some cheap things to do to celebrate your anniversary with your lovers. It is guaranteed frugal and almost free!

  1. Write a Love Letter
    Don't think love letter as something old fashioned. It is old but rather show your sincerity upon writing it through your own words. Learn the Tips on Writing a Love Letter to Your Boyfriend.
  2. Cook Them Breakfast
    Do something outside the box by reversing what's common. Instead of dinner, cook your lover a sincere breakfast to be eaten together made with love.
  3. Dance Together
    Turn on a slow music and let the romantic vibes filling in. Ask your partner for a round of dance. You might end up doing this all night.
  4. Eat Out in a Cheap Ways
    While dinner seems pricey, eat a dessert or grab a fast breakfast. The point is not the place or the food you eat, but the fact that you enjoyed together with them.
  5. Say Thank You
    Since you are together all the time, it's sometime hard to notice ho valuable they are. Let them know how thankful you are to them. It's a nice Things to Say to Boost Your Boyfriend Confidence.
  6. Make a List
    About the Reasons Why My Boyfriend is Better Than Yours.
  7. Bake a Cake
    As a commemoration and celebration for your anniversary. Decorate the cake with the things to say to drive your boyfriend crazy.
  8. Dinner at Home
    You don't have to cook the meal yourself. Order a take out from restaurant and eat the food together out on balcony under the stars.
  9. Make a Video
    Collect the photos from your early years of relationship to the recent one. There must be a lot to be laughed about, but then you can see how you have arrived to where you are today.
  10. Go for a Picnic
    Cheap things to do to celebrate your anniversary - Cook a simple meals and bring you partner out to the park. Choose a nice spot beside a lake and enjoy your time together.
  11. Say I Love You
    Choose an unusual way by saying thank you in various languages, according to what years you have been into. It's a good alternative for you who don't know What to Say to Your Boyfriend on Your 7 Month Anniversary.
  12. Cycling Together
    In one peaceful morning, all you need to boost up your mood is cycling together with your loved ones. It's healthy and free!
  13. Go on a Hike
    It's a cheap way to travel together. The essence is similar, you go alone just with your lover out of town.
  14. Watch a Movie
    Not just any movie of course, but a movie that is memorable for you. For example, the first movie you watched together as couple.
  15. A No Tech Night
    Get rid all the tech and focus only on both of you. Cellphones, TVs, computers are shut down. It's good to rekindle your romance.
  16. Discover Each Other
    Make a list of 100 questions for you and them to answer. Keep it simple like "What thing you hated most as child?", "What is the worst naughty thing you do in high school?"
  17. A Lazy Day Together
    If you don't feel like doing anything, then just don't. Have a breakfast in bed, hugging each other until falling asleep again.
  18. Go Camping Together
    More affordable than traveling and leave a deeper impression. The sound of nature make things more romantic.
  19. Backpacking Together
    Another cheaper travelling ways. It fitted you more when you and your partner have an adventurous souls.
  20. Watch Their Favorite Soccer Match
    Live in the stadium, of course. It feels more special if you have never do this kind of thing, they will be touched.
  21. Date on Amusement Park
    For sure it is affordable and contains a lot of fun. It brings back old memories, too.
  22. Go Back in Time
    Revisit the memorable places for you. Such as eating at the place where you had your first date.
  23. Do Charity Work
    Celebration doesn't have to be something sparkly and shiny. It could also be a form of kindness such as doing a voluntary or charity work together.
  24. Singing Together
    Go to a nearby karaoke bar and turn the music on for the night. Another cheap and affordable way to celebrate your anniversary.
  25. Give Them Thoughtful Gifts
    If their shoes has worn out, buy the a new one.

Text to Send on Your Anniversary

  1. "Wake up this morning and realizing how blessed I am to have you all these years. Happy anniversary."
  2. "So it's been years since we met and in love. Amazingly I steel feel the same as before."
  3. "I know I'm not someone to be easily keep up with, and the fact that you are still beside me make me thankful."
  4. "I can never imagine life without you. Happy anniversary."
  5. "I love you more. As much as many anniversary to come."

There are nothing more to worry if you have known the cheap things to do to celebrate your anniversary. It may be cheap and simple,but it doesn't decrease the meaning nonetheless. The most important thing is the fact that you are still together with your partner. It's the greatest thing to be thankful for, rather than a marvelous celebration.

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