Ways To Make Him Break Up with His Girlfriend (21 Sneaky Ways)

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Love indeed is a fantastic feeling, but it’s one of the most frustrating feelings to love a guy you connect with and be unable to have a relationship with him. These reasons could differ. It could be due to distance, family issues, past relationships, or even because of your age. 

Worse off is when you can’t be in a relationship with a guy because he has a girlfriend! A girlfriend, you know isn’t good enough for him. It’s heartbreaking because it should be you! 

That’s just downright annoying. I’ve been right in those shoes, so I know what you are thinking: You don’t want to be the side-chick, and at the same time, you don’t want to seem too desperate. It’s quite the venture, and I’ll tell you that for free. 

I bet now you’re wondering, ‘what are the best ways to make him break up with his girlfriend?’ I bring you good news! I’m going to help you figure out 21 different ways to make him break up his girlfriend without doing too much. Stay tuned!


How To Make Him Break Up With His Girlfriend

1. Look extra attractive

It’s no secret that a girl’s appearance moves guys. Attraction is an involuntary feeling. A guy can’t help but be attracted to a sexy woman confident in her skin. It drives them crazy! 

As long as you believe you are sexy and your charisma says so, you’ll have his attention in no time. What’s better is if you’re his ‘type.’ Have a feel-good vibe going on around him, and he will get interested in you as a potential girlfriend. First impressions are lasting impressions.

2. Be flirtatious

Now that you have his attention, you must make him curious. Play the staring game now and then but look away from him cutely once you make eye contact. Make him intrigued and even confused as to whether or not you like him. Be mysterious. He may have a girlfriend, but that won’t stop you from being on his mind. 

So, after you give him some attention the first couple of days, go cold for another few days; touch his hands once in a while or lean on his shoulder but very briefly. Doing things like this will have him engrossed and keen to know you better. One of the best ways to make him break up with his girlfriend is to make him think about you.

3. Pay attention during conversations

The truth is, guys may not be the best listeners, but they sure love a girl who listens and pays attention. It bloats their egos and makes them feel more intelligent. So when he’s talking to you or other people in a gathering, take note of crucial statements and values, things that make him happy or make him sad. 

Bring up these points in intimate and personal conversations with him, either to establish that you both have a lot in common or just to resonate with them. He’ll know you care, and he’ll even want to talk to you more since he has realized that you pay attention to him.

4. Investigate his girlfriend

If you want him to break up with his girlfriend, not only do you have to be the reason, but you need to give him reasons too. This point follows the previous one of listening to him when he talks. If a guy in a relationship likes another girl, he’s most likely to talk about his girlfriend a lot. 

Especially if you are spending a lot of time together, note the things he says about her so that you can use them to your advantage. Trust me; it won’t be that obvious. If he says she never calls him after work, you know what you need to do. Pick up the phone when he gets home and ask about his day. 

If he mentions that she doesn’t pay him any attention, work on supplying the attention. If he wants more intimacy from her, you go, girl! Do all you have to do. You could even stalk her on social media or ask people that know her questions about her.

5. Be someone he can talk to

If you’re always there when he needs to talk about stuff, he’ll appreciate you as a shoulder he can lean on, and that is a lot of intimacy. Make him love talking to you, and as a result of the feedback and encouragement you give him, you’ll find that it will happen more often. Be supportive and sensitive when he shares ideas or personal issues with you. 

Don’t change the topic, so you don’t come across as selfish. Remember, if you’re looking for ways to make him break up with his girlfriend, you have to show that you’re a potential girlfriend. And, of course, we all know feeling safe is the firm foundation of all relationships.

6. Criticize his girlfriend

criticize his girlfriend

After you have done your investigations, and when he tells you things about her he doesn’t appreciate, remind him that he deserves better. You don’t need to mention that ‘better’ is you, but once you keep establishing that they’re not right together when he talks about her, you’ll get in his head and begin to think the same thing. 

Don’t bring up his girlfriend randomly; you’ll get him annoyed and expose your intentions! The best ways to make him break up with his girlfriend take some time and require patience. You’ll get what you want.

7. Compliment him

Who doesn’t love a good compliment? Even guys feel flattered and adored when girls pay them compliments. A guy will appreciate your respect and regard for him when you praise him occasionally. If he doesn’t get that from his already existing relationship, then it’s a plus for you. 

When you’re criticizing his girlfriend, mention how great he is, and an excellent feature to emphasize that he should be in a relationship with someone that values him. Chances are, he’ll need you more and make you his girlfriend in no time.

8. Improve on yourself

Talk is cheap. If you keep telling him his girlfriend isn’t good enough without actually proving that you are better, soon enough, it will mean nothing to him, and he will move on from you to someone else. What am I trying to say? As you spend more time together, don’t just focus on him and his needs. 

Work on yourself, mainly on the parts that he complains about in his relationship. With your action, demonstrate that you are a better catch. A guy always loves to be the winner and boasts to his friends about how great a girl is. Give him something to brag about to his friends, and maybe they too will convince him to end things with his girlfriend for you. 

9. Make him jealous

Spending time with him doesn’t mean you are in a relationship, even though that’s what you want. He needs to be reminded that you’re not all his and can devote your time to other people as well. So, go on dates, entertain other guys, and tell him about it. Don’t commit to anyone in a relationship though, just hang out with different guys and see how he reacts to this.

 If he’s showing jealousy or even mad at it, you know he is really into you and may want you to himself. As strange as it may seem, this is a great way to make him fall in love with you and eventually break up with his girlfriend. 

10. Get his friends to love you

A guy’s group of friends are more influential on his decisions than they like to admit. You’ll need to get his friends to like you if you want him to become your boyfriend eventually. Randomly spend time with them. It could be at his home or when he’s hanging out with them and encourage him to spend time with his friends as well. 

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In due time, they’ll grow fond of you and become close friends too. They’ll loop you in on issues in his relationship and even advise you on how to win his heart ultimately. The best bet is that they will even commend you in his presence. Trust me when I say that’s your golden ticket! He’ll want you more than he ever did before.

11. Put yourself first

A man is only looking for a girl who has her life altogether and is doing well for herself. So in your bid to make him your boyfriend, you need to remember this. If you’re all about him and less about yourself, he’ll know and, with time, will become disinterested regardless of all the beautiful things you might be doing for him. 

So don’t also forget to be the best version of yourself. It is one of the most optimal ways to make him desire you. A guy loves a girl who is all about her. Ignore him sometimes and make him feel less important than he might be. He’ll be more intrigued and fascinated by you.

12. Make him feel needed

make him feel needed

A guy wants to feel like you need him for some things. Bring out his protective side every once in a while. Ask him for his help periodically and tell him how much you cherish that he’s there for you when you ask him to be there. Tell him that many guys aren’t like him in such aspects and that you admire that about him. 

Hold on to his hand when you’re crossing the street or even taking a walk. Or ask him to walk you home after you hang out. Tell him he’s a gentleman too. If his current girlfriend doesn’t notice these things, then it’ll make him like you more.

13. Maintain intimacy

Suppose you’re trying to get a guy to leave his girl and be your boyfriend, there’s a chance that there’s some degree of attraction between you two - what most people would call ‘chemistry.’ That’s good, but you want to keep it that way. 

After all, what’s the point of commitment if there are sexual relations before a relationship starts. You could touch his hands and lean on his shoulders while you laugh to indicate interest but nothing more. Make him yearn for you. That way, he’ll look forward to making you his own.

14. Accept him

Many times, the cause of differences in a relationship is constantly nagging and complaining. It’s either the girlfriend or the boyfriend (most people will argue that it’s always the ladies). He may be experiencing this in his relationship and could even share that with you. 

You need to be conscious about constantly complaining about things he does or comparing him to other people. Guys don’t like that, and it pushes them away from you. Remember, if you want him to break up with his girlfriend for you, you have to do better.

15. Don’t say how you feel

By this time, his idea of you is sensational. He’s taken by your appearance and intellect and is most likely thinking about how to be with you. However, he is not your boyfriend -at least not yet. He’s still trying to decipher you, so don’t make it easy for him by telling him how you feel. 

Guys need to feel uncertain at the initial stages; it makes them work harder. If you put all your cards on the table, he’ll have you figured out and won’t bother impressing you any longer. We don’t want that.

16. Spend quality time with him

One of the best ways to get a guy to couple up with you and leave his girlfriend is by spending more time with him. People mostly fall in love with each other by spending more time together. You have got to do this without making it evident that you are trying to woo him. How? During a conversation, you could invite him over to a general hang out with other groups of friends then try to sneak in some alone time with him. 

Hopefully, he doesn’t come along with his girlfriend. Then you have your opportunity. You could also have your friends make side comments like: ‘you guys look so good together ‘you should totally be together;’ while you brush them off with a cute smile, looking into his eyes.

17. Physical touch

Mention a guy who doesn’t like the love language of physical touch. No? I thought so. When you are spending time with him, initiate some physical contact here and there. Hold his hand, gently push him when he makes you laugh, adjust his hair, and so on. By doing these, you send subtle signals of interest and encourage him to do the same. Slowly, the allurement increases, and he’ll want more.

18. Avoid talking badly about his girlfriend

avoid talking badly about his girlfriend

Remember, he also fell in love with his girlfriend enough to be in a relationship with her. Just because he is kicking off something with you doesn’t make him hate her suddenly. Somethings you say might be taken offensively and make him regard you in a bad light. The point is not to make him leave his girlfriend but to show how much better you are. We do not rise by putting down others. So as tempting as it may be, resist the urge.

19. Be his friend

It’s no news that the basis for every relationship is friendship, and that’s the best card to play to get close to him and get to know him better. He can’t just be your boyfriend overnight. By being friends with him, you’ll have access to information about him -use it to your advantage. Find out what he loves that you love too. It will be the finest avenue to spend more time with each other and flirt. So when you realize the things you have in common, build on them.

20. Be opportunistic

You’ve had this crush for the longest time, and now, the golden opportunity is yours to make it happen. To turn him from infatuation to boyfriend! What you’re not going to do is slack off. His existing girlfriend may make it a bit harder for you to achieve your goal, but the onus is on you to do everything you can and in the most acceptable ways possible. 

Be memorable when you spend time together so that he thinks about you when you’re not together and desires you more. Do nice things occasionally to make him appreciate you as well. Be resourceful and valuable, so he gets an idea of what he’s missing out on.

21. Be patient

The best things take their time to happen. Even if all the signs are as clear as day and he has even told you how he feels, he still needs time to sort things out in his current relationship without causing havoc. Leaving your partner for someone else isn’t as easy as many people make it seem; it requires hurting someone you care about. It can't be easy.

It’ll make a good impression of you if you’re understanding of this and you give him the time he requires to do the right thing. If you rush him, you might overwhelm him or, even worse, make him rethink the decision.


What do I do if the guy I like has a girlfriend?

Having a crush on someone is a normal feeling. Most of us have crushes. If the guy you like has a girlfriend, your best bet is to impress him with your great looks, charm, and intellect while still being yourself. Remain close friends with him, and hopefully, something will change.

How do I get someone to leave their partner?

Present yourself as the better option. Sometimes saying how you feel isn’t all that bad. Let him know how you think and how long you have felt this way. Tell him you think you both would be suitable for each other and express your desire to explore it. 

How can I make my boyfriend love me more than his other girlfriend

Listen to him and pay attention to his needs. If you meet a guy’s most in-depth needs, he will cherish you more than other girls. He will put you first and pay less attention to any other person. Don’t forget to be yourself and not come off as too desperate in your bid to win his heart.

How do you tell if he likes you more than his girlfriend?

If a guy likes you more than his girlfriend, you’ll surely know. He’ll talk less about his girlfriend, won’t be afraid to take you out in public, and even show how he feels. He’ll most probably ignore her calls or texts when he’s with you. He’ll generally want to spend more time with you than with her.

How can I win a man’s heart?

Let yourself be vulnerable with him. To win a man’s heart, you have to let your guard down. You also have to respect him and be a safe place for him to talk about personal things. Make him laugh and cook for him too. His heart will be yours in no time.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy reading this list? Remember, the best way to make a guy break up with his girlfriend is to apply all the tips I’ve provided in this article. I hope it helps! I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments. If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to like and share!

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