Easy Ways To Make Him Break Up With His Girlfriend

by Michelle Devani

Everybody knows that loves is good. But everyone also knows that love can makes you suffer most when you put your love in the wrong hands. Unrequited love hurts the most and sometimes it is not simply because someone you love does not love you. Sometimes it involves another person. Your love is probably in a relationship. What should you do now?

Do you ever see that the person you love is in a wrong relationship with the wrong person? This will make your heart clench and tear apart whenever you see him with his girlfriend. It should be you! But it doesn’t take much to make him realize that you are the one for him. So how do you make him realize that and ultimately banish the one person that is in your way ? Here are ways to make him break up with his girlfriend:

1. Be Someone He Can Openly Talk To

The first and most important ways to make him break up with his girlfriend is to be someone he can run to. To do this you must show interest in his life and genuinely listen to what he have to say so that he feels safe when talking to you. Also, when he talks about his problem, do not change the subject to your problem because he will think that you are selfish and will not listen to what he have to say.

Be attentive and be open, slowly he will feel safe to talk to you. Once you can be that person, it will give you more chance to become his girlfriend because he already feel safe to talk to you about anything. This is important because communication and feeling safe is the base of every great relationship.

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2. Talk And Criticize The Flaws Of His Girlfriend

Sometimes the way to get into his head is through his head. So you need to make his girlfriend look bad in his eyes. But do not randomly criticize his girlfriend, because he will become annoyed by you and he will make a distance between the both of you soon.

Instead, because you are already someone he is comfortable in talking about anything with, he will tell you about his girlfriend and usually her flaws. Once he does, support him when he thinks that she is bad and encourage him to thinking that she is not the right fit for him. Play the devils advocate.

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3. Compliment Him

compliment him

Compliments always get everyone’s heart and it can also get a guy’s heart. The next time your guy complains about his relationship, compliment him. Say that he is such a good guy or mention his good feature and how it doesn’t fit with how the current girlfriend really is.

Constantly but subtly say that he deserves better. He deserves someone who is always there for him, always listen to his problems and will love him no matter what. Convince him that a relationship should not be as bad as a relationship he is in. In time, he will slowly realize that he needs to get out of the relationship to be with you.

4. Never Talk About His Girlfriend Other Than Her Weakness

One of the ways to make him break up with his girlfriend is to plant the seed of doubt and nothing more. So when he talks about how good her girlfriend is and how everything goes well, engage with a short reply or just change the topic into something else. The less good image of his girlfriend that stuck around in his head will be much better.

5. Spice Up Your Life And Yourself

A guy is always looking for a good catch, especially if he is not in a good relationship. So it is time for you to be that perfect someone he is looking for. How do you do this? What you can do is listen to his current rant about the negative sides of his girlfriend and improve yourself on that part. Slowly he will know that the thing he have been looking for is all in you and not in his current girlfriend.

Also, better yourself in every possible way. Get in shape, wear great clothes, and ultimately become more confident. If you are confident it will beam through you and it will make you glow. And what a guy in a bad relationship is looking for is someone who is confident and capable in handling emotion, which will make the best girlfriend ever.

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6. Meet New People And Tell Him About It

This  might be an odd ways to make him break up with his girlfriend, but this is an important way. Go out and meet new people. Be in a new date, but do not get into a real relationship. Make sure that he knows about this new people.

You can post it in social media or tell him in person, see how he reacts to your action of seeing other people. If he is mad or if he sulk, that means he already have an attraction towards you. What he will do after this is he will actually show you that you matter to him and that he wants you in his life, including breaking up with his current girlfriend.

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7. Win The Heart Of His Friends

This is one of the best ways to make him break up with his girlfriend. Guys usually have a bunch of friend and guys go to their group of friends to do absolutely everything. This group of friend plays a great role in the guy’s life and they will impact the guy’s decision making immensely.

So if you want to sneak into his love life, win the heart of his friends. You can do this by casually hanging out with them until slowly you become closer to each other. If you already have the attention of his group of friends, they will tell you anything about what went wrong in his relationship which can be used to your advantage. And they will also mention a lot of great things about you in front of him, which makes him desire you more.

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More Tips To Get Him Away With His Girlfriend

1. Do Not Engage With His Girlfriend

Keep being as far as you can from his girlfriend. Do not chat with her or be friends with her.

2. Keep Communicating With Him 

keep communicating with him

Whatever goes on, keep having communication with him. Whether it’s through text or in person. Show that you are always there for him. Slowly he will realize that you are the one that he needs,

3. Keep Being Busy And Keep Building Your Own Life 

By being busy and having your own magnificent life, he will actually desire you more. This is because man is always looking for a girl that is put together and admirable.

4. Maintain A Constant (But Subtle) Physical Intimacy 

Show some interest in him by casually touching his shoulder when you laugh or just sitting next to him from time to time. Show him that you are invested in him by showing some readable physical signs that you like him.

5. Make Him Feel Better 

Nothing is better than having a person that makes you feel safe and uplifted. You need to be that person for your guy if you want him to keep coming back to you, and in time he will love you.

6. Make Him Feel Needed 

Feeling needed for even a simple task brings the confidence and affection in a guy. Simply hang on to his arm when you cross the street, or hold his hand when you are unbalanced. Make sure to thank him for being such a great guy afterwards, he will absolutely remember this and like you even more.

Signs That He Is Ready To Leave His Girlfriend For You

If you have been in the game for too long maybe it is time to check if he is ready to leave his girlfriend for you. Here are the signs:

1. He Ignores His Girlfriend

he ignores his girlfriend

His attention and affection towards his girlfriend is getting smaller by the days. You don’t see them hanging out together, or posting cute photos of the both of them in social media. He doesn’t even talk to you about her. This means that something bad has happened between them and there is a big chance that they are not going back together.

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2. You Have Become His Priority

Whenever you say that you have a problem or you need his help, he comes running to help you. You know that a guy is ready to get with you if he seems to have all the time in the world for you. If you are a priority in his life, that means his girlfriend is no longer in sight.

3. He Publicly Shows Interest In You

There is nothing that says that a relationship has already ended more than a new person. If he publicly hangs out with you, give you gifts and treat you affectionately, that means you are that new person. If he is ready to be that public with you that means he does not think about what his girlfriend has to say about it anymore, which means that the relationship has ended.

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Stealing a place as his girlfriend is easy with the right tricks. Then see if your love spell works by checking the signs.

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