How To Make A Cancer Man Realize His Mistake (17 Ways To Get Your Point Across)

Last updated on June 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

If you’re out to make a Cancerian realize his mistake, you’ve got your work cut out for you. 

These men are known for quite a few things. Cancer men are loyal and amazing. They are also pretty stubborn, can be selfish, and are known for always thinking they are right. That makes it quite a challenge to get them to realize that they might be wrong about something. However, it is possible. 

If the two of you are just getting settled in a new relationship, you’re still getting to know each other. It can be an adjustment if you’ve never dated a Cancerian before. 


Understanding The Personality Of A Cancer Man

He can be selfish

Cancer men can be somewhat selfish. They can also be moody. However, most of this is because they are very sensitive. 

Communication is also not their strong suit. You might notice them withdraw back into their shell because you unintentionally hurt their feelings. Along with them actually being selfish, there are a lot of aspects to their personality that make it look like they are being selfish when they aren’t. 

An anxious zodiac sign

They are also known for having anxiety. This can make them more defensive than other zodiac signs, which might actually be the cause of many arguments. 

When you want to discuss things with a cancer man, make sure to do so in a calm manner. Ensure that you have an even temperament. This will help relieve some of their anxiety. 

Understand their loyalty

Cancers are very protective and loyal, especially when it comes to their family. If you go against his family, especially his mother, he’s going to have a problem with it. 

However, this loyalty can also spill onto you. Once you have established a relationship and he is in love with you, he’ll feel fiercely loyal towards you as well. Check out these tips to help your cancer man fall in love a bit faster. 

How To Make A Cancer Man Realize His Mistake

If you want to make a cancer man realize that he’s made a mistake, there are a few different tactics that you can try. You need to understand the personality behind Cancerians first. Then, you’ll need to address the problem. How you do that can determine whether he realizes that he made a mistake or whether he continues to think he’s right about everything. 

1. Don’t focus on getting an apology

It can be easy to focus on getting him to admit that he’s wrong, which often comes with expecting an apology. However, that’s not always necessary with this sign. Instead, consider focusing more on changed behavior. This takes away from who is right and who is wrong, but you still get to work on what you think is wrong with the relationship. 

2. Use a gentle approach

use a gentle approach

Because a cancer man can get offended, and hurt, easily it’s best to use a gentle approach. Try to avoid aggressive tones or body language when approaching the subject. 

3. Utilize ‘I’ statements during the conversation

When you talk to a cancer man, make sure that you use I statements. For example, avoid accusing statements such as “you never take out the trash” or “ I always have to do everything because you’re selfish.” Instead, try something like “it makes me feel like I have to put in more housework than you do when you don’t do things like taking out the trash. It’s exhausting, and I would like your help.” 

When you use I statements, it will not make him feel defensive. This is because the focus is on how it makes you feel, and what behavior can help instead of focusing on negative things. (Communicating this way can be effective with family members, in the workplace, etc. too.)

4. Acknowledge his feelings

Have you ever pointed out how someone felt, and then had to comfort them? Often, we see this as being manipulative, but that’s not always the case. Cancer men might do this because their feelings are genuinely hurt. When you don’t acknowledge them, it hurts their feelings more. These men are the crybabies of the zodiac. 

5. Have the conversation in person

It’s always more respectful to have serious conversations in person, but this is especially important if you’re dating a cancer man. When you text a person, it’s easy to misunderstand their tone. This can make a cancer man feel defensive, which is going to lead to another fight. In the end, nothing will get resolved. You’re more likely to reach a resolution when having important conversations in person. 

6. Don’t try to force him to see your point of view

You can’t control anyone except for yourself, and this is especially true when it comes to a cancer man. If you try to make a cancer man change or force him to apologize, he’s just going to be more stubborn and refuse to acknowledge your point of view. They’re like children that have Oppositional Defiant Disorder in that way. 

Instead, focus on effective communication. Then, let him do the rest of the work. 

7. Make sure the timing is perfect

These guys are the definition of moody. Cancer is ruled by the moon, which goes through frequent changes. That means that this zodiac sign is also going to go through frequent emotional shifts. 

Simultaneously, they also carve stability. Because of that, you’ll need to pay attention to your man to know when the timing is right to bring up the subject. After a stressful day or day full of chaos is not the right time. He’s already stressed, and this can cause him more stress. Instead, make sure he’s had a good day before gently approaching the subject. 

8. Give him space afterward

A cancer man can be a deep thinker. Even if he doesn’t flat out say that he was wrong, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t realize his mistake. In fact, he might have realized it and is now disappointed in himself. He’ll need some time to think before he takes any action. Don’t give him the complete cold shoulder, but do enjoy some tv time in the other room for a little bit. 

9. Focus on the health of the relationship

These guys take their relationships very seriously. They are often so protective and caring that it can be smothering. Cancer men also take a problem with the relationship seriously. Make sure that you let him know how his behavior, or mistake, is affecting the relationship. This alone could be reason enough for him to take a good look at himself and his actions. 

10. Don’t try to make him jealous

don't try to make him jealous

Making a guy jealous so that he puts more effort into the relationship is an age-old trick that we’ve all used a time or two. However well this may have worked in the past, don’t try it now. This trick usually backfires when you’re in a relationship with a cancer man. Instead of him admitting his mistake, he’ll retreat, possibly leave you and it will be almost impossible to reverse the damage once it’s done. 

11. Put yourself in his shoes

A little empathy always goes a long way, especially in relationships. It can be hard to do this with one of these sun signs, but it’s possible. Ask him the reason behind his behavior. Try to genuinely understand where he’s coming from. Not only will you understand him, but it also can help him realize that he might be wrong if you understand him yet still disagree. 

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12. Try a compliment sandwich

These guys tend to get used to no one liking them. It’s why they have such a fear of rejection. That’s why it’s a great idea to try a compliment sandwich when you’re addressing conflict. 

To do this, start off with a compliment. For example, tell them how much you appreciate everything that they do. Then, bring up the thing that bothers you. End the conversation with another compliment, such as telling them they’re handsome or how much you love them. It’s hard to be defensive when someone is complimenting you!

13. Be prepared for a possible emotional outburst

One of the biggest downfalls of dating a cancer is that they are accused of being over-emotional so much it typically leads to them holding in their emotions. Those emotions have to come out sometime, and it’s the equivalent of a volcano exploding. 

14. They might need to talk to their friends first

When they aren’t feeling confident in confrontation, a cancer man will turn to someone that he trusts for a second opinion before discussing the subject further. This is another reason why it’s a great idea to give him space. He’ll ask his friends and family for their opinion, especially on a woman. Then, they’ll continue with whatever decision they have reached. 

15. Focus on compromise

When you have decided that you’re right and he’s wrong, it’s going to be impossible to get a cancer man to realize his mistake. Instead, approach a cancer man with the attitude that you are both a little wrong and both a little right. This sets the stage for you two to reach a compromise, which a cancer man can definitely get on board with. 

16. Be honest about your feelings

A cancer man doesn’t want his woman to feel hurt or unloved. If you tell him how you’re feeling, he’s more than likely going to want to have that open dialogue with you. He’ll take the time to address those feelings and the behavior that caused them. 

17. Make home cozy

A cancer man appreciates a woman that takes care of the home. He wants a woman that shares the same family values, including a cozy home. This isn’t going to make him instantly realize that he’s made a mistake, but it will make him feel better about communicating and put him in a good mood. That’s always a great idea when addressing conflict with a cancer man. 


What do you do when a Cancer man is mad at you?

First, understand why he is angry with you. You need to know that even though something might not matter to you if it matters to your partner it is still important. Give him space to calm down. Then, ask him what’s going on. He’ll appreciate the open, honest dialogue that doesn’t instantly turn into an argument. 

How do you get a cancer man to like you again?

Focus on him when you’re together. Don’t flirt with other men. Mention some good memories to bring out his nostalgic side. Pay him plenty of attention without being aggressive. Take things slowly. Don’t expect a quick fix. Instead, encourage open communication

How does a cancer man act when hurt?

He tends to withdraw into himself. A cancer man that is hurt might appear to be brooding or depressed. These guys will have a hard time opening up to people, so it might be a while before he shares his personal feelings with you. If his trust is broken, he’ll withdraw emotionally from the relationship

How do you know if a cancer man is done with you?

He does everything to tell you that he’s done with you, except actually telling you he’s done with you. You won’t hear a word about him feeling done, actually. Instead, you’ll get passive-aggressive behavior. He will be cold and distant, and somewhat rude. Communication simply stops. 

Will my cancer man forgive me?

Cancer men often forgive people, but they never forget. This sun sign is known for holding onto things longer than others, and they are known for holding a grudge. Even if he forgives you, he might still bring up what you did, be distant and find it very hard to trust you. If you’re still in a relationship, have patience and take things slowly. 

In Conclusion

A cancer man is going to be stubborn. It’s hard to read their emotions, too. However, their loyalty and love make them one of a kind. Have you ever been in love with a cancer man? How did you get him to finally realize it when he made a mistake?

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