8 Reasons Why Cancer Man Disappears When You Are High In Love With Him

by Michelle Devani

Have you been ghosted by a Cancerian gentleman? Maybe it's happened more than once?

Are you confused why this has happened to you? 

Do you feel unsettled because this man (or several men) have opted out of being part of your life for no apparent reason? 

It's perfectly reasonable to feel this way - and the answer may be hidden with the Cancerian personality.

This sign has a few common traits, which cause them to suddenly bail on relationships that appeared to be going well...

In this guide, I will reveal these reasons why Cancer men tend to smoke-bomb romantic relationships, as well as touching on what you can do to prevent this from happening. 

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If you're only looking for the most common reasons why Cancer men disappear, scroll down and continue reading.

8 Reasons Why Cancer Man Disappears

1. He is afraid of hurting himself

He is afraid of hurting himself

Cancer man never means to hurt you. He disappears because he is afraid of hurting himself. Astrologically speaking, if you look at the night sky, you will learn that the Cancer constellation is very difficult to see for it is made up of faint stars. This aligns with the disposition of a person who will disappear quietly and leave no trace of where he goes.

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2. He's been heart broken before

Cancer's man heart has probably been broken too many times before. It probably happened long before you met them and he will bail out if you get too close to him too fast. Cancer man knows that falling for someone means risking pain, so he will evaporate if the love comes too quickly.

3. He sees you as a casual fling

Cancer man will disappear and ghost you if he sees you as a casual fling that has come too close to his home. The home is very important to him, and in order to give you permission, he has to learn to trust you first.
If you have not earned that trust yet, he will disappear from your life rather than letting you in. 

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4. He doesn't value himself

The fourth reason for Cancer man to disappear is because he does not value himself and is too aware of his own shortcomings.
While he is naturally very forgiving of flaws in others, he is not so accepting of flaws within himself. Both self-care and self-love are lifelong enemies for Cancer man, and his worry will often consume him and push him to disappear.

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5. He is afraid of hurting you

If a Cancer man disappears on you without any farewell, the chance is it is because he is afraid that confronting you would hurt you more, and hurting you would hurt himself, too. You can bet your bottom dollar that he has a lot of anxiety about it and is probably staying awake at night, consumed with guilt.

6. He likes to be in a casual relationship

While a Cancer may claim that you are actually seeing each other casually and not romantically, nothing is casual enough for him or Cancer in general.
He is most likely to disappear on you after you admit that you already became emotionally close with him, which is why his disappearance is so painful. It might even have happened right after the first date. 

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7. He wants you to move on

You will probably pray to God for the Cancer man to get back to you from wherever he withdraws.
But, if your Cancer man cannot be persuaded to be back out of their protective shell, then it means that he wants you to move on.

8. He feels like being alone

He feels like being alone

Cancer man has an ability to disappear when he feels like being alone, but he will eventually come out of his protective shell if he feels that he can trust you enough and that you will not inflict upon him any harm in any way.

In Summary

So, those are 8 reasons why Cancer man disappears. Do not worry too much over it. If you are the one for him and one to be trusted, he will reappear and you will be astonished by the way he tunes in to your emotions.

He will make a compassionate partner who will always be kind and considerate towards you.

Michelle Devani
My name is Michelle Devani, and I've been helping people with their relationships since 2003. In 2017 I decided it was about time I started a blog on the topic, and since then more than 2 million people worldwide have read my relationship advice. Drop me a comment below to let me know what you think.