13 Reasons Why Cancer Man Disappears On You When You Are High In Love With Him

Last updated on June 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Have you been ghosted by a Cancerian gentleman? Maybe it's happened more than once?

Are you confused why this has happened to you? 

Do you feel unsettled because this man (or several men) have opted out of being part of your life for no apparent reason? 

It's perfectly reasonable to feel this way - and the answer may be hidden with the Cancerian personality.

This sign has a few common traits, which cause them to suddenly bail on relationships that appeared to be going well...

In this guide, I will reveal these reasons why Cancer men tend to smoke-bomb romantic relationships, as well as touching on what you can do to prevent this from happening. 

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If you're only looking for the most common reasons why Cancer men disappear, scroll down and continue reading.


Things You Need To Know About A Cancer Man

Cancer men have an odd way about them at times. The only cancer man that I have ever dated would mysteriously disappear. He would then reappear a day or two later as though he hadn’t left me on ‘read.’ 

There are quite a few reasons why this guy might start giving you the cold shoulder. First, I’ll tell you why. Then, I’ll tell you the perfect way to figure out why he hasn’t picked up your phone calls. 

Cancer guys are known for having certain traits. For example, they can be so sensitive that most people assume they are going to have hurt feelings over the smallest things. These men can also be a bit selfish, which leads people to think that they are self-centered all of the time. 

While they can be emotional and selfish, you need to understand how this is going to play out in your relationship. Learning a few things about him can help you understand the reasons why the cancer man disappears. 

Cancer can stop showing his emotions, and withdraw instead.

Over time, this guy gets tired of hearing that he’s too sensitive. He knows that you’ll think he’s upset over nothing because he’s been through it time and time again. This leads to him eventually just withdrawing when he feels hurt, scared, distrustful, etc. 

If you think this might be the case, make sure that you give him plenty of space. Pushing him to talk to you more will only push him further away. Make sure that he knows that you care about his emotions, and you’re ready to listen when he’s ready to talk. Don’t minimize or invalidate his feelings if he shares them with you. 

Cancers get hurt easily.

Even if your cancer man doesn’t tell you that his feelings are hurt, his feelings are probably still hurt. Paying more attention to someone else can make him second guess things or feel distrustful. 

Giving your guy plenty of love, attention, and reassurance can go a long way in helping to prevent hurt feelings before they happen. Once your guy is hurt, make sure to create a safe space for open dialogue to get the relationship back on track. 

They don’t mean to be selfish.

Cancer guys are known for quite a few things. One of them is being selfish. The thing is, they don’t always mean to be selfish. They get so sucked into their life they simply don’t think about anything else. That can include you. 

When you see him trying to figure out something or engrossed in a new project, give him space. He’ll come back out of his shell and participate in the rest of the world when he’s done. You can also gently remind him that it’s healthy for people in a relationship to communicate. Cancers value relationships. 

13 Reasons Why A Cancer Man Disappears

Cancer men are not good with their emotions. They’re not always the best at initiating conversation either. Instead, they just ghost you. Then, if they still want you in their life, they’ll pop back up. Sometimes, they act as though never ever happened. It seems odd until you understand their behavior and the reason behind those disappearing acts. 

1. He is scared

A cancer man is going to be emotional. That means he will be very happy, very loyal and he might be very scared, especially at the beginning of the relationship. He could have an intense fear of rejection, and he is pushing you away. He comes back because he still likes you. 

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2. Trust issues

Not only is a cancer man known for having a fear of rejection, but they are also known for having a hard time trusting people as well. This could be because they were hurt in the past, but it could also be because a cancer man prefers to take his time. Instead of jumping right into a relationship, he’ll want to slowly warm up to you and trust you

3. A Cancer man will pull away if there’s a problem

This zodiac sign is not one to rush into conflict. Instead, you might notice some passive-aggressive behavior when things are going all wrong in the relationship. One of the most common things you’ll see is them disappearing or not responding to you. 

If this is the situation, make sure that you encourage open, honest communication. Once your Cancer man learns that he can have an open dialogue with you, you’ll slowly see less of his passive-aggressive behavior. 

4. He senses impending conflict

he sense impending conflict

Cancer man doesn’t like conflict. They don’t want to fight with you. If they think that you are mad at them, they might instantly steer clear of you until they are sure that you’ve calmed down. That means that they won’t answer the phone or send you a text back. 

If you find yourself in this situation with a cancer man, don’t blow up his phone. Skip the texts about how he never really loved you. Instead, stop contacting him. If he wants you in his life, he’ll call you. 

5. He’s figuring something out

These guys go into their shells when something is wrong with them. This doesn’t mean that your Cancer guy has a problem with you. It simply means that he has a problem, and he needs to figure it out. Because of that, he’s retreated into his own little personal shell. A Cancer man will come back out of his shell when he’s done figuring it out. Unfortunately, that could be days or weeks. 

6. Cancer guy has no concept of time

They really don’t. What seems like, and is, days of no communication to him is just a brief period when he was sucked into a project or lost in his own head deciding if he wanted a relationship. It’s really inconsiderate, but this is an aspect of their personality. Get a hobby if you’re going to date a Cancer man. 

7. You hurt his feelings

Not only does a Cancer man withdraw when they are figuring out something, but they also do the same thing in relationships when their feelings are hurt. A Cancer guy is very sensitive, so you might not even realize that you hurt his feelings. Let him know that if he’d like to talk you are willing to listen, and then give him his space. 

8. Cancer man saw you as a casual fling

cancer man saw you as casual fling

While these guys do make great husbands and boyfriends, that doesn’t always mean that they are looking for a relationship. He might not want you to get too close, so he’s cutting things off before that happens. 

Keep in mind that these men don’t like any form of conflict. So, instead of breaking things off, they tend to simply disappear. He doesn’t see the need to have a conversation because the two of you are not serious enough. Once again, don’t contact him. If he wants you in his life, he’ll reach out to you. 

9. He scared himself

Most of the time, a Cancer man will want stability and a nice home life. Because of this, he might be looking for a relationship. Then, he overshares, which leads to him diving in too fast and scaring himself. 

After he puts a little bit of distance between the two of you, he’ll say that he wants to get to know each other a bit first. That’s how you know that he wants to take things slower. He just needed a few days to recover from the scared feeling. 

10. You were being too pushy

A Cancer man will love his space. It’s hard to find the delicate line between showing that you like him and are there while still giving him space. Often, your approach is what counts. If you are being aggressive, double texting, or insisting that the two of you hang out, he’s pulling away because he feels like you’re being pushy or trying to make him do something. 

Instead, you want to send one brief message. Say something about how you’d love to hang out with him again. Then, don’t text him again until he responds. 

11. He’s no longer interested

When a cancer man is no longer interested, he won’t want to tell you. He might become distant, or simply disappear. The reason is that it’s hard for them to say things that they don’t want to say. Conflict is uncomfortable. You being upset will make him want to run very fast in the other direction. 

A Cancer man has a certain type of girl. Because they enjoy stability, they appreciate a woman that can give them that. They also value family and appreciate their peace. If he thinks that you’re not going to be the type to be in the relationship that he wants, he will simply vanish. 

12. He’s not playing games

hes not playing games

One of the first things that we think of when it comes to a man ignoring you is that he’s playing games. He’s cheating or seeing someone else. You might instantly think that he’s playing hard to get and he enjoys the all too familiar cat and mouse game. That’s not usually the case with a Cancer man, though. Instead, look at other options first. 

13. He’s giving you the silent treatment

When you notice this man ignoring you, it’s a possibility that he could be giving you the silent treatment. While the silent treatment is a bit immature, it’s important to note that cancer men can be 


Why do cancers push you away?

These guys are very sensitive and distrustful. They tend to get scared of being hurt easily. It can be better for them to take things slowly instead of rushing into a relationship. Moving too quickly can make them withdraw. Trying to make them do things they aren’t comfortable with yet can also make them push you away. 

What to do when a Cancerian man ignores you?

Text him once. Call him once. Then, leave it be. If this guy wants something to do with you, he’ll make that known. He will call or text you. If you blow his phone up, it can push him away further. Instead, just let him come back to you. When he keeps ignoring you, you can trust he doesn’t want anything to do with you. 

Does a Cancer man move on quickly?

This depends on the nature of the relationship. He doesn’t move on quickly from long-term relationships or women that he was in love with. However, he can move on rather quickly from someone that he did not have an emotional connection with, especially if they hurt him. 

How do you know when a cancer man misses you?

He will text you or call you. Cancer guys can be shy, so they might try to find out what is going on in your life first. Expect him to ask mutual friends about you or stalk your social media. He might be coy by liking one of your posts to see how you react. Keep in mind he’s not known for being aggressive. 

Do cancers fall in love fast?

Yes and no. They tend to prefer to move slowly at first. However, once their feelings are involved, they tend to rush in fast. It could be so fast that they scare themselves, though. If he pulls away, it’s because he got scared. He’ll be back once he gets himself together. 

In Conclusion

Time and time again people that are dating cancers wonder what makes this guy disappear. Usually, you can trust that he’s either scared, hurt, or engrossed in something else. What else do you think will make a guy vanish?

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