What to Do with a Girl with Daddy Issues and Win Her Heart

Last updated on April 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Have you ever heard about girls with daddy issues? It’s mentioned a lot in books, movies, and TV shows. From the first glance, they look vulnerable and pitiful as they have a severe trust issues when it comes to guys. They’d rather be alone than dating.

Well, you never know what life has in store for you. One day you might encounter one of them and fall in love. They are different with any other girls, so you have to approach her in different way.

While making them want to date you is an achievement itself, dealing with them is a completely another thing. Then what to do with a girl with daddy issues? All you have to do is making her trust love back by loving her sincerely. Here are the ways how.

  1. Change Her Mind About Men

As she grew up with unloving father, she tends to think that guys are all the same. So your first mission is to prove her that it’s wrong. Not that guys are bad but her father is.

It may takes a lot of time, but it will worth the wait. Show her that you are nothing like her father and there are indeed good guys in the world. Also read How to Deal with a Guy with Mommy Issues

  1. Don’t Poke Fun at Her Situation

For anyone who have never been touched with daddy issues, they’ll never understand how does it feel. Be understanding by not throwing jokes regarding her father or the situation.

Every family has their own issue, and making jokes out of it only make you seem like you poke fun at hers.

  1. She Probably More Than You Can Think

Just because she doesn’t believe in love and men, doesn’t mean she is weak and not capable to be on her own. In fact, girls with daddy issues are the stronger one.

As they never have the model father figure in life, they sort everything herself. Never underestimate her since she probably able to fix the broken faucet and change the light bulb without you. Also read signs she is a girlfriend material.

  1. Show Her True Affection

When a girl has daddy issue, she never know the feeling of being daddy’s little girl. She was never be loved enough when she was a child, so she tend so grow up cold. But she can be loved now that she’s adult.

Shower her with hugs, kisses, and presents to make up for the lost times when she was kid.  Even when she doesn’t respond, never stop saying “I love you”.

  1. Don’t Take Benefit Out of Her

She was traumatic with the relationship she has with her father. She has never been in a healthy relationship. Someone like her probably doesn’t expect too much, but it doesn’t mean you can take her for granted.

Create a healthy relationship for her so that she knows that love does exist. Never drop her tears and put her in pain. Also read Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship

  1. Stay with Her

Daddy issues usually comes in a package with abandonment, physically and/or emotionally. She doesn’t want to trust men because she is afraid that she’ll be abandoned once again.

You must show her that you’re going to stay. Promise her and never break it. Stick around her so that she knows she can rely on you.

  1. Don’t Freak Out

Here is another answer on what to do with a girl with daddy issues: stay calm. You can’t avoid fighting in relationship. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is how you deal with it.

Keep yourself calmed down by not freaking out. Don’t throw things, raise your voice, or cursing her. She probably had it enough with her father. It turns out to be a huge red flag for girls with daddy issues. Also read Signs of a Bad Boyfriend Material

  1. Don’t Try to Justify Anything

So you’re a man and you know her father’s feeling better than her. Or so you think. Even when you do think so, keep it inside your head. Don’t try to defend her father’s act and telling her to get over it.

You never know how deep she was hurt by her father. It doesn’t seem fair for her since you never stand on her feet.

  1. Don’t Talk Bad About Her Father

She hates her father to the point she’d rather not have one. But doesn’t mean she completely lose her love for him. Yes, it can be pretty complicated.

If you haven’t figure out the whole situation yet, avoid saying anything about her father. Don’t talk bad about him either. It’s still her father, and she won’t be exist without him. Also read Why You Should Never Date a Single Mother and Marry Her

  1. Don’t Force Her Into Anything

It takes time for a girl with daddy issues to be completely have faith in men. It’s not easy for her to come into any decision such as dating or getting married. Don’t be offended when she turns down your proposal. She is traumatic of her parents’ relationship.

  1. Keep Up with Her Test

This happened before you date and going on after you’re officially an item. As she is always careful with men, she won’t put her trust that easy. Chances are, she’ll required you to prove that you’re trustworthy. She will test you over and over again. She’ll decide whether you pass or not.

  1. Be Consistent with Her

She’s very hard to deal with. She may doesn’t expect much, but she wants the best from you. The first rule if you want to win her heart: be consistent. If you text her everyday, try your best not to miss it.

She’s not someone you can play hard to get with. It doesn’t work with her since she won’t go looking for you.

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Those are all what to do with a girl with daddy issues. It sound tiring and complex, but once you are capable to win her trust, she’ll give you everything you need. Even though she seems hard and cold on the outside, she has a lot of affection inside. She just hasn’t find a way or find the right person to give out to.

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