My Girlfriend Wants to Leave Me For Another Guy, What Can I do?

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When you think you and your girlfriend are fine but she finally wants to leave you for another guy, this is the perfect time to realize what is happening the whole time.

She might not tell you what or why she wants to leave you for another guy but you better see the signs to make sure before you decide what to do.

She spends most of her time to hang out with her friends without you.

You are no longer her priority, so she will spend her free times for friends or activities without you.

She asks for life advices to other people than you.

She thinks you are no longer supportive, and more likely always have opposite ideas with her so you are no longer relevant to be asked for.

She goes to parties without you.

As it is said before that you are no longer relevant, she thinks you are also no longer have access to her circle.

She needs so much time to respond your calls and texts.

Worse is when she stops to call and text you first. She will reply with no excitement like the usual extra text, emoticons, and jokes. also find out about ways to love yourself and be happy with the world

She decided to leave your apartment.

If you have been living with your girlfriend for quite a long time and she rarely sleep in your apartment, then she might to leave your apartment in no time.

My Girlfriend Wants To Leave Me For Another Guy, What Can I do?

So if most of them above are what you are experiencing, you can do some of these things.

1.Tell her you really love her and want to live with her forever.

If you really love her and never want to leave her, tell her! A girl often asks for this many times although you have said it so many times. Sometimes a girl asks again for a confirmation and as a reminder for you too.

You can also tell again the reason why both of you are together the whole time, tell her that you have purposes and dreams about living together in the futures. The point is that ask her to stay! also find out about signs of incompatibility in relationship with your partner.

  1. Ask for a day or two to answer.

If she finally tell you that she wants to leave you soon, tell her that you need a day or two to think about it. Reflect if you did some mistakes and think about what have done wrong. Your girlfriend will also have time to rethink her decision and hopefully she can change her mind.

If she says she won’t change her mind, let her say what she wants but don’t give any answer unless in the next days. If she doesn’t care with your answer and doesn’t ask either, control your emotion and let her go for a while and wait for 4-5 days if she will come back or not. also find out about how to kiss someone on the cheek without it being awkward

  1. Let her know she can’t have you back once you break up.

If she doesn’t come back and contact you only to say goodbye, you say goodbye too. Say that she can’t have you again once you and your girlfriend break up.

Remind her that you love her and always want to stay with her but she refuse so you can’t make her stay. Remind her that she can’t come back because this relationship is not a game to play with. also find out about ways to kiss your boyfriend that will drive him crazy

  1. Let her go and happy for her.

If she have decided to leave you for reasons or no reasons, let her. Accept it. Accept the fact that she is no longer loving you. Accept the fact that she wants a new person who of course better than you according to her.

Accept the facts and be happy for her. Chances are you can also have new one too. Respect her decision and happy for her.

  1. Tell her you still want to be her friend.

You can’t make her stay after all what you said and done, so you can only accept the fact that you are single now. However, as a grown up, it is better not to angry and curse her of what she did to you.

She have explained everything after all. Tell her that you will be fine and still want to be her friend. Tell it to yourself too and stop mourning over her. Focus on your next interesting journeys

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