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If we're talking about people born under the Libra sign, they are a representative of justice itself as the symbol of their sign which is a scale. Although they always search and in the pursuit of justice, they also care well about their own selves. Libra pretty much avoid all of conflict around them and go to a safe place because they don't want getting involved on it.

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Here Are Reasons Why Libras Are Hard To Understand

These feeling towards justice that Libra had seems to make him love to socialize with people. Moreover, he barely can refuse everyone that ask them for help which sometimes stress them out. That contradiction thing is what make Libra hard to understand. To learn more what are the other things, here are the reasons why Libras are hard to understand.

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1. Their Intention Is Invisible

A Libra is often doing everything they could so they wouldn't caught up in a mess. That is why sometimes we don't know their truly intention. They always keep that invisible so it is what makes them hard to understand.

2. Good At Hiding Their Feeling

good at hiding their feeling

One of the reasons Libras are hard to understand is because they really good at hiding their feeling. Sometimes, they would easily smile at people even though deep in their heart they are mad or even sad.

3. Careful About What They Are Going To Say

Some people might not understand about why a Libra is remains silent. It is actually because they are very careful about what they are going to say which for ones hard to understand.

4. Never Doing Things Directly

You want to know the reason why Libras are hard to understand? That is because they are never doing things directly. They aren't such a straightforward person so they would not tell you if there is something wrong. They said that you were good in that dress, just hold on a sec and re-look yourself, maybe you weren't that good and a Libra said that just to avoid a confrontation.

5. Way Too Good At Pretending

Don't just believe what a Libra said. As we all know that Libras are not a straightforward person, they must be good at pretending too. It is going to be a frustration situation when a Libra said they are fine--because they are definitely not! You need to figure it out by yourself because they would remain say nothing.

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6. Keep Their Dignity

People ask frequently about reasons Libra are hard to understand. One of them is a Libra tend to always keep their dignity. They love themselves so much and they don't want others to pity them out. That is why they always keep their chin up and make everyone hard to understand them.

7. Too Lazy To Explain

Libra often leave people behind while wondering what happen with them. That is one of the reasons Libra are hard to understand. Libra is too lazy to explain about the situation they were in--so they just left it behind.

8. Drama Is Troublesome

It is normal if you find a Libra that really hard to understand. They don't want a drama in their life that bad because it is such a troublesome. They would avoid drama that can lead to certain mess up thing consciously--or even unconsciously--as soon as they find it.

9. Use Their Emotion To The Very Less Point

use their emotion to the very less point

Reasons Libras are hard to understand is maybe because they rarely use emotional thought in everything. People will tell to others about what they were going through yesterday use couple emotions within it. However, it is just not a Libra. They would just tell you "everything was fine".

10. Libra Loves Thing As It Is

Remember that Libra doesn't want to be involved in a mess. Reasons Libras are hard to understand probably because they love the situation and thing as it is. They try to avoid make a scene that can lead to hard drama they couldn't handle.

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More Libra's Traits You Should Know

Now you already know reasons Libras are hard to understand. However, those are probably not enough to make you understand very well about a Libra. So, here are more Libra's traits you should know.

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1. Great Mediator

If there is a conflict between your friends, you will definitely need a Libra at that time. Libra is good at not letting their feeling on within a problem so they would remain neutral and make a great mediator.

2. Works Better Within A Team

Libra has cooperative traits. They will work better within a team and everything that needs a lot of team work.

3. Libra Is Kind-Hearted

Don't underestimate Libra kindness because they are one of a kind.

4. Libra Cares For Their Surrounding

Maybe there are reasons Libras are hard to understand. However, they are still a lovable person because they care for their surrounding.

5. Libra Loves Peace

Yes, Libra will for sure avoid getting involved in some circumstances that lead to conflict. And that is because Libra loves peace and appreciate it so much

libra loves peace

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6. Libra Is Generous

Because they care for their surrounding, Libra is such a generous person. They will never count what they've been given to their close friend. 

7. Both Socialize And Lazy Person

Libra can go out and party all night with their squad. However, you wouldn't know if they would accept your invitation to the next weekend party. It is because Libra is in between laziness and love to socialize.

8. Not A Good Decision Maker

You don't want to ask a Libra about some decision you will make because they are not really good at making decision. They are so fickle and indecisive especially when they need to choose it fast.

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9. Carry A Resentment

One thing you have to learn about Libra is they wouldn't forget what makes they hurt. Within Libra case, they will carry a resentment and won't forgive you easily. So, you better not hurt a Libra!

10. Hate Some Big Talker

Libra basically loves everyone and accept them with all their flaws. However, they don't compromise with some big talker. A Libra will just leave them out without a single notice!

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