Why Does My Girlfriend Hang Out With Other Guys Late At Night And Alone?

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Why does my girlfriend hang out with other guys late at night and alone? Have you ever had this question come out from your head? If you had this question before, does not mean that you have a bad relationship with your girlfriend. And if you never thought of this question before, this does not mean that your relationship is secure and currently live in a harmony.

I know that this can be a scary truth but somehow we need to face it to get to know how we handle it. Just like knowing the ways to get scary thoughts out of your head, and have a better life after.

You know that you had all the decision you need before you decided to be with her and choose her as your girlfriend. Rather than putting the judgement to her, it will be better for you to reflect on yourself first.


1. You Don't Give Her Emotional Needs

you don't give her instrumental needs

When someone feel lonely or need a mental support, they will absolutely do something. Especially when she is an introvert then you need to know the ways to get an introvert to open up emotionally.

You need to reflect more whether you gave her the emotional support that she needs. As a human being who has needs, of course we will try our best to fulfill our needs. Moreover when it comes to a mental support and mental needs.

2. Bad Communication

What you can see from her when she goes out at night with other guys, you might think that she is doing something that she is not supposed to do and you will start to blame her. This is not always a bad signs she is no longer interested in you.

But, this can be the sign that you need to improve your quality and understanding as her boyfriend. You can see that, when someone is trying to make a distance with you, means that person hate or disappointed by something within your personality. And what you can do is to reflect and fix the way you communicate with your girlfriend.

How To Judge Other Guys That Likes Your Girlfriend

When you are faced with the question of "why does my girlfriend hang out with other guys late at night and alone", you will also need to judge the guy that went out with your girlfriend. There are some factors that you can see to judge whether this guy is really into your girlfriend or just a good friend of her.

1. He Flirts Your Girlfriend

From your own experience of dating your girlfriend, surely you can see her behavior or interest regarding how to know if a girl is interested in you or just being friendly.

he flirts your girlfriend

After you make sure that your girlfriend does not have any feelings toward this guy, you can start to see whether this guy is trying to flirt or did some flirting to your girlfriend. The flirt can be direct or indirect. Aside from analyzing the behavior of this guy, you can also see the way he chats your girlfriend.

Why does my girlfriend hang out with other guys late at night and alone? No, it is not reflection of herself who ha wants to cheat on you. It is a reflection of your own personality, and probably your relationship with her.

2. He Got Nervous When He Sees You

It's been the human nature that we will feel nervous once we face a condition that we never knew before. We can also feel nervous when someone is trying to find out our mistakes or already found out our mistakes. No one wants to be blamed of something. You can use this human nature to actually see someone's personality.

If you feel like there is something wrong with this guy, and your girlfriend actually be friends with him, you can ask him to hangout together with you and your girlfriend. By then you can see how is his reaction towards you and especially to your girlfriend.

Even though you are the one who will see the guy in person with your girlfriend, it is still common if you feel nervous. You can just apply some tips to calm nerves before a date, to calm yourself, so you can think more logical during the hangouts. 

So, you will need to fix some things that you need necessary to improve the quality of your relationship with her. You may also want to apply some tips for dating a woman older than you, just in case if your girlfriend is older than you.

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