What Happen To A Cancer Woman After Breakup?

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A breakup will bring a huge wave of feelings for a Cancer woman. She will take them all in while also processing the breakup that happens so quickly.

Want to know more about how she handles her breakup? Read on to find out:


1. Gets Her Heart Shattered

Ruled by her emotions, a Cancer woman will have her heart completely shattered. An unexpected breakup will stun her and put her in a state of a daze for a while. She also wonders, How Do You Move On from A Breakup When You’ll Probably See Your Ex with Someone Else Everyday?

2. Feels Really Insecure

She will also feels really insecure. The breakup destroys her confidence. She thinks that she’s a big reason why the breakup happens in the first place. The self doubts will come at her at a cruel pace.

3. Losing Sense Of Her Identity

Here’s what you need to know on what happen to a Cancer woman after breakup. She could lose her sense of her identity. It’s scary for her. Who is she without the person that she loves? Will she ever feel like her old self again?

4. Acts Really Cautious Around People

acts really cautious around people

The breakup will ruin her trust for people. As a result, she acts really cautious around people. She questions their motive. This is completely normal because she just wants to avoid getting hurt again. Being careful with who you trust is actually one of the Things You Should Always Do When You Breakup with Someone.

5. Refuses To Open Up

The Cancer woman is known for being so guarded. She shields her fragile heart from the outside world. After a breakup, there’s a possibility that she refuses to open up.

According to dating coaches, this is a good thing. It means that she’s focusing on healing above all.

6. Stays At Home For Days

What’s another thing that happen to a Cancer woman after breakup? She stays home for days. It’s her sanctuary. This is the place for her to heal after the breakup. She might listen to Taylor Swift Best Breakup Songs to Listen After a Breakup.

7. Cries About The Relationship For A Long Time

A dating coach mentions that crying after a breakup is healthy. It means that you’re venting out your negative emotions instead of keeping them all in.

That’s exactly what a Cancer woman would do. She will cry about the end of the relationship for a long time.

8. Thinks That The Breakup Isn’t Real

The Cancer woman could fall into a state of disbelief. She thinks and convinces herself that the breakup isn’t real. In time, reality will start to sink in and she will accept the truth as it is.

9. Blames Herself For The Breakup

It’s not strange for a Cancer woman to blame herself for the breakup. She’s devastated and wonders if she’s the cause of it. You can convince her otherwise but it will take several tries.

10. Becomes Highly Cynical Of Love

A breakup will make a Cancer woman become highly cynical of love. She no longer sees the point of a relationship. Love is no longer an appealing aspect to have in her life. But once she finds someone who can understand her then she will start to fall in love again.

11. Stuck In A State Of Confusion

stuck in a state of confusion

Is there anything serious as to what happen to a Cancer woman after breakup? There is. She could be stuck in a state of confusion. She’s so shocked that she won’t be able to think clearly for a while.

12. Still Sends Texts To Her Ex

A Cancer woman will still send texts to her ex. She doesn’t necessarily hope for a reply. It’s the familiarity of the relationship that she clings to. Letting go is not happening soon. Texting is also How to Make A Scorpio Man Miss You After Breakup.

13. Looks For Love In Friends And Family

She turns to her friends and family for comfort. She craves the kind of love that she can always rely on. You’ll find her spend more time with the people in her circle. That's a good way on How to Cheer Yourself Up After a Bad Breakup with Your Lover.

14. Attempts For Another Go At The Relationship

Giving up is not a vocabulary in a Cancer’s woman dictionary. She will still attempt for another go at the relationship. For her, it’s better to try than regret and wonder about the what if’s.

15. Constantly Reminded Of Her Ex’s Smile

The Cancer woman will always have a soft spot for that special ex. She is constantly reminded of her ex’s smile. Once she feels all right, she will also smile at the memory that they made together.

For the Cancer woman, a breakup is also a learning step. Even though she feels vulnerable, she will find the inner strength to stay strong through it all.

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