9 Tips to Talk to Your Girlfriend's Father for the First Time

Last updated on June 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

First time meeting father of your girlfriend is a great step in a relationship.

The feeling may, though, be a little stressful. Parents - father in particular - defend their daughters very well.

He needs to be at ease with the thought of you as a boyfriend, or maybe the potential man of her future.

Follow these tips to talk to your girlfriend’s father for the first time below, and your girlfriend's dad's going to rave all his buddies about you.

1. Give a good first impression.

It's a cliché, but that is the fact of the matter. you never get a second chance to make a first impression about you.

In fact, creating a great first impression is one of the proven ways to make a girl fall deeply in love with you.

As you're able to show to her dad you are making effort to present yourself well in front of him for her sake.

Your dad's girlfriend would look you up and make judgments about you the second you step in the house.

First of all, dress up nice. There is nothing more conveying about your personality than your attire.

In addition to your name, it is the first thing your girlfriend's father would take in when they open the front door.

Even if you're at their home for just enjoying a nice meal, dress nicely and put together.

Khakis and a good polo shirt can hardly go wrong. Do not add something that shocking. If you need to iron the clothes, iron them.

Make extra effort to shave and have your cut. Let it look as though you were really excited to meet her father, and that's just what her father needs to see.

He wants to see his daughter meet a man who is ready enough to marry her daughter.

Next, give a polite salutation. Look him in the eye, smile, and give a strong handshake, as soon as you meet her dad. Call him "Sir" until he wants you to call him by his first name.

If in the close future there are signs your girlfriend's parents don't like you, maybe you need to take a step back and evaluate whether you've done it wrong on calling them on the first name basis.

2. Bring a gift.

This doesn't even matter if her dad is used to getting presents on these events or not.

When he is, then you will have given something nice. When he is not, otherwise you've surpassed his standards.

Only be careful of what you are getting. Do the research. You might not want to buy a bottle of liquor, as the assumption might be inaccurate.

Nonetheless, choosing the right bottle might open the doors to some male bonding if her dad is a liquor fan.

3. Opt to interaction.
One of the tips to talk to your girlfriend’s father for the first time is to act genuinely interested in people.

This should come prior to how to convince your girlfriend's parents to let her date you.

People admire those who appear to be involved in their lives, and enjoy learning about themselves.

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So ask your girlfriend’s dad questions and listen closely while he's talking to you.

Ask follow-up questions as he explains you things, to get more information. Then follow these basic principles of polite conversation:

  • avoid controversial topics,
  • don’t interrupt,
  • don’t swear,
  • listen more than you talk,
  • tailor the conversation to the listener,
  • take your turn,
  • think before you speak,
  • make eye contact, etc.

4. Find something in common.

You still have to reach a compromise. You might like the same games, maybe the same teams, too.

You can enjoy movies, songs, or food close to this. If you stick around long enough you will still find common ground.

But, if you cannot find any same interest to share with your girlfriend's father, you should all agree that his daughter is a beautiful girl.

When anything else fails, think of how wonderful she is, and how happy you were to have her.

5. Avoid inappropriate physical contact with your girlfriend.

It's no secret that you slept together, but it doesn't mean it her father needs to see you running your hands on her.

There's a kind of thing like too much public displays of affection, particularly while hanging out with her family.

Her father wants you to show some love for his daughter at the same time, because she's his daughter, indeed.

He wants her to have a man who is caring for her and outgoing with her. You need to find that balance.

Take it step by step with a hand hold and guesstimate the reaction of her father.

6. Give compliment whenever possible.

Telling how great their house is almost always a good idea. If the place is obviously a mess, of course avoid it.

Giving appreciation, if not genuine, will turn out badly. Always praise the grub, if they prepare for you.

And ask for seconds although you're not hungry. Tell your girlfriend something sweet too.

His father raised her up and at the same time you're also trying to impress him.

You will of course not exaggerate it with the praise. The contrast between being a kiss-up and being friendly is huge.

7. Be polite and mindful of his values and beliefs.

Under the sun and moon you could all agree on just about everything. This does happen, but it can eventuate the exact reverse too.

What you don't want to do is triggering a debate where you are trying to prove her dad's wrong. No one likes to be proved wrong.

If you're trying to tell her father wrong, you're apt to offend him, rather than convincing him.

Depending on the man her father is, though, you may want to prove him that you have a backbone; that you have principles.

You may not value his, but you're not going to get away from yours. This is one of the basic yet most important things in a relationship, whether it's with your girlfriend, her family, or anyone.

8. Don’t be nervous.

Oh, don't even be worried if you are. Part about how we judge a man is linked to his honesty and self-reliance.

And if her father unsettles you, and sizes you distinctly, do not act afraid. Look him in the eye right on ahead. Talk concisely, and clearly.

Just glaring at your feet and cracking out in a panic you'll never win his manly respect.

There are many ways how to know when people are lying, and if you look sketchy, he might think you've got something to hide.

9. Leave a good impression.

It's just as relevant how you leave your girlfriend's house as how you get in. Leave them to think of you as great memories.

Upon going, thank your girlfriend’s father for the meeting. Tell him what a delight it was to see him.

Re-shake hands. Give him a nice one, as he goes in for the hug. If it was a short meeting, you need not write a thank you letter.

Unless he offered you dinner, or you stayed at his place, give him a note of appreciation.

If you've been a guest of the overnight stay, you should do so when still in his home; leave the note on your bed or kitchen counter.

Remember, you're striving to present the strongest side of yourself much like a job interview, so play your best and learn how to put a good twist on certain facts.

These tips to talk to your girlfriend’s father for the first time will always be ready to get your back on nailing that not-so-daunting first meeting.

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