How To Get Forgiveness From A Pisces Man (33 Heart-Felt Ways)

Last updated on May 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Did you badly mess up in your relationship with a Pisces man? 

Is it looking like he might never forgive you for what you did?

Do you wonder if there is anything you can do to win back the trust of this Pisces who you care for so deeply?

If so, don't worry, because I am here to help. The guide below features 33 ideas to help you get forgiveness from a Pisces man. 

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33 Ways to Get Forgiveness from a Pisces Man

So, you have hurt a Pisces. This is a huge deal because, as you know, men of this sign are highly emotional and sensitive. They take everything to heart and every slight cut deep. The bad news is, this makes it hard to sweep bad behaviors under the carpet.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways to cut through the pain and rekindle things with your guy. It will take a lot of effort and some behavioral changes on your part, but if anyone is worth the stress, it is Pisces men.

Even more good news, these men are my jam. I have compiled 33 things you can do to get forgiveness from them. If you deploy them strategically, your man will be back in your arms in no time.

1. Acknowledge his pain

The one thing you don’t want to do with a Pisces man is to dismiss his pain. These tender creatures live through their heart, and ignoring the hurt you've caused is like stabbing them from behind. There is no coming back here, and you can as well consider your breakup final.

So, what to do? Recognize the impact of your behavior. Don’t question his pain. Don’t deny accountability or try to pass it on to something or someone else. By owning your failure, you open the path to forgiveness from a Pisces man.

2. Give him the time to work through his feelings

give him the time to work through his feelings

Signs like Taurus, Capricorn, or Leo, who are logical, can quickly sort through their emotions, weigh the pros and cons and come to a conclusion at the snap of a finger. On the other hand, Pisces work with their heart and thus, need time to sort through their feelings.

Is he feeling betrayed? Disappointed? Angry? Your Pisces guy is not going to get through all of this in a few hours. He will need ample time to go through the motions, and if you want forgiveness, you will have to give it to him.

3. Get him to open up about his pain and listen attentively

Here is something you have to remember, you have hurt a sensitive soul. And as I mentioned earlier, every slight cut deep for a Pisces. Now, because they are introverted, they are more likely to retreat into their shell and nurse their pain quietly.

However, if you can get him to open up, you become a positive presence in his life, even if you are the object of his anguish. If you manage to do this, allow him to express himself without interruption, only offering your devoted attention. Some of it will come out as raw pain, and others, like complaints.

4. Allow room for complaints without criticism

I can tell you from firsthand experience that you do not want to be in a room with a Pisces working through his feelings unless you have to. There is usually a lot of complaining. It is not because they like to complain. Instead, it is their way to verbalize their pain and sort through the mess in their heart.

Now, I know that many women are not used to being on the receiving end of endless complaints, especially from men, but as frustrating as it will be, you have to be prepared to take it. Hell, you should encourage it. Why? Because only after they have cleared out the pain debris can they begin the process of forgiving you.

5. Apologize sincerely

I don’t know how much you know the men of this sign, but they value honesty and sincerity. You are not going to get away with a wishy-washy apology with a Pisces guy. Not only is this because he can spot fake apologies from a mile away, he understands the vulnerability that a sincere apology requires.

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As a result, when he sees it in a partner, he is willing to give peace and resolution a chance, even after a significant event like a breakup. Want to know how to get forgiveness from Pisces man? Be sincere in your apology.

6. Avoid references to past fights

One of the ways women approach fights is referring to the times when their partner did something wrong, often to justify or highlight unfairness. For men of logical signs, it tends to work, as the point registers with them. However, a Pisces will only see your unwillingness to accept fault. 

Now, if you are looking for forgiveness or want him to rescind his decision to break up, you can see how this runs counter to your desire. As much as you might want to make your point, avoid any references to past fights if your goal is to bring you two together again.

7. Don’t get tired of apologizing

Remember what I said about endless complaints? Yeah, your only response to it should be an apology. Don’t try and negotiate your way out of it. Don’t say things like, “I have apologized. What else do you want.” Just keep the “I am Sorry” coming, and they have to be sincere.

You have to do this because he needs constant reassurance that you are not playing him for a fool. And he needs it every time he expresses his concerns through complaints. The great thing about this is each apology breaks down his wall and gets you closer to complete forgiveness.

8. Be dramatic with your apology

If your man belongs to this sign, you have probably noticed he enjoys a bit of drama. Pisces are far from being drama queens, but their sensibilities believe heartfelt apologies come with physical expressions like crying, begging, or use of poetic words.

Naturally, if you are genuine, you probably show this already. But not every woman has leaky tear ducts. So, if you cannot cry, find a way to add some dramatic flair to your apology. You can try a couple of things like reading him a tear-jerking letter or making him a video apology. 

9. Keep your apology private

keep your apology private

A common mistake women make with Pisces men is mistaking their desire for a dramatic apology for public display of remorse. Men of this sign are notoriously introverted, and they often consider unprovoked public displays of apology a trap. You must keep any emotional expression limited to both of you, like sending a text message.

Secondly, he might also think you are trying to manipulate him. None of these are great messages to send if you are looking to undo a breakup or walk your way back to his romantic graces. Remember, intimacy is the master key here.

10. Explain your offense in detail

A pivotal step in maintaining a relationship with a Pisces man is articulating your wrongdoing if you ever wrong them. Abstract expressions of apologies or promises to avoid future occurrences just won’t do. You have to state what you did, why you did it, and what made you realize you were wrong.

This is necessary because Pisces men think about this. So, before they forgive you, they need to know you understand what happened. Obfuscation of the truth has no place in seeking forgiveness from a Pisces.

11. Outline the things you plan to change

In continuation of the former, you also have to detail what you plan to do to fix things and ensure it does not happen again. You have to show you understand how and why your actions hurt him and how you will make sure it doesn’t repeat itself.

It mostly contributes to the reassurance they need to give the relationship another chance. However, the specificity also makes it easier to keep yourself accountable. It is way too easy to commit the offense again if you don’t know the exact thing to avoid. 

12. Prove that you have learned from your mistake

Too often, in relationships, women default to flattery and compliments to grease the wheels of forgiveness. Admittedly, Pisces men’s sensitivity to these things means it can work, but it has its limits. When the offense is severe, you need to show you have learned from your mistake.

It means a change in attitude and behavior. Additionally, if the offense calls for it, taking action that undoes the crime or limits the damage. If you can convince a Pisces man that you have learned from your mistake, you won’t have trouble getting him to give you a second chance.

13. Give him the space to miss you

When you want a Pisces guy back after a fight or break up, there is often an urge to fix things as soon as possible. That’s only human, but rushing things is more likely to make things worse. If you keep hanging around while he’s still reeling from the hurt, he will only see the object of his pain.

However, if you give him some space and a chance for his ever-romantic heart to miss the life he shared with you, your relationship has a chance. When he starts missing you, he will become more receptive to your attempts at the reunion.

14. Reminisce about how good you were together

One of the advantages of being in a relationship with a Pisces is their fondness for the past. This personality trait usually informs romantic gestures like beautiful letters and gutwrenching slideshows. It can also be a weakness. They often have an idealized memory of the past, more polished and romanticized than it was.

By reminding him of the good times, you open his heart to a time he was not mad at you and had complete faith in you. This can start a chain reaction that eventually makes him reexamine his decision about your relationship.

15. Express how much you believe in your relationship

Do you know what else goes great with nostalgia? Letting him know that those memories have a place in the present and future. But just like your apology, you will have to be honest here. Else, it will backfire. Letting him know that you still want him and everything about your life together will loosen his defenses.

Besides that, it will also tickle his pride centers, knowing that you still pine for him as much as you do. Pisces enjoying feeling wanted, and because he wants more, he will find a way to get over whatever it is you have done. Don’t forget, though. You have to really mean it.

16. Dress to excite his artistic senses

There are many ways to stimulate affection in a Pisces, and art is one of them. Yes, a Pisces is not mainly motivated by physical appearances, but he is not immune. But because he enjoys art and their implicit emotional narratives, dressing in a way that evokes that can be effective.

By doing this, you can reconfigure whatever opinion he has of you caused by your fight or breakup. Here is a pro-tip: because his sign is named after the constellation of the fish, wearing colors that reminds him of water can do the trick. You can also try something soft, flowing, and ethereal.

17. Make him feel guilty

This is not something every woman can do, but it can be instrumental if you have the skill to play on his emotions. A Pisces man loves to be helpful. More importantly, they do not like being responsible for someone else’s pain, especially if they care about said person.

If you can guilt-trip him about the state of things between you two, you can hasten the road to forgiveness. However, you should note that this only works if he still cares or is attracted to you. If he has crossed that bridge, I am sorry, but the chance of this working is little to zero.

18. Let him help you

Do you remember that episode of HIMYM when Robin called Ted at 2 AM for them to “make juice?” Granted, they weren’t fighting, and Mosby is a Taurus, but Robin tapped into his desire to be needed to get him over. This principle also works for a Pisces.

They enjoy being needed, or rather I should say they love being helpful. If a Pisces man sees that you still need him, his confidence will grow, and he will start reconsidering his choice to break up with you. As always, this only works if he is still interested and attracted to you.

19. Be vulnerable

As I have mentioned countless times now, Pisces men are profoundly emotional and sensitive, which ultimately makes them vulnerable. And because they know how difficult it is, they appreciate it in others, especially since it is rare among other signs.

Additionally, there is a possibility that your fight is not over because he doesn’t want to be the only vulnerable person in the relationship. Showing that you can be just as open should help smoothen any lingering differences between you two.

20. Remind him of your caring and compassionate side

remind him of your caring and compassionate side

What makes a Pisces man fall in love in the first place? Usually, it is the compassion and care they see in a woman. Naturally, the peaks and valleys of life mean sometimes they forget you have these qualities or you stopped showing them.

Either way, to get the forgiveness of a Pisces guy, remind him of your caring and compassionate side. Letting him know you still possess all the qualities that made him fall in love is an excellent way to make him let go of doubts about you and your relationship.

21. Make him laugh

Now, you don’t have to horrify him if you are not funny. You can simply buy him tickets to a comedy show in town, send him videos, memes, tweets or bring a good DVD special to his house that aligns with his sense of humor.

Not only will the released endorphins from laughing make him feel good, but it will also prove that you know him very well. And if there is one thing a Pisces appreciates, it is someone who cares enough about them to put their likes and dislikes into action.

22. Surprise him by taking him to his favorite spots

Speaking of knowing him very well, take him to some of his favorite spots. When pain and anger are all the emotions between you, it can be hard to start the journey to total forgiveness. Here is where feel-good destinations come in.

By taking him to his favorite spots, you open him to a positive emotion, like happiness and kindness. With those three, your Pisces guy starts to feel like himself again, and perhaps with time, he starts thinking differently about your place in his life.

23. Write him a short poem, story, or song

Chances are, if you are dating a Pisces guy, you are significantly different from him in personality. They tend to go for women who are not as expressive with their feelings as they are. While they love this, for the most part, failure to reciprocate makes them doubt their place in your life.

In searching for forgiveness, acts like writing a short poem, story, or song are one way to remind them he never lost his place in your life. In fact, if you do it right, it can be the sole thing that convinces him that he needs to be with you.

24. Don’t repeat the same offense

If he is yet to break up, there is the likelihood that your Pisces man is still mulling over the action that soured his emotions. In this instance, forgiveness does not happen at once, but rather, over time. To guarantee that it is permanent, avoid repeating the same mistake.

Here is where getting specific about the cause of the disagreement is particularly useful. It will enable you to keep track of what to avoid and help you forge new habits that make sure he forgives you permanently. However, if you fall into the same old pattern, you can kiss your relationship goodbye.

25. Say sweet things to him

The way to a Pisces heart is through emotional expression. As much as it might not be your strong suit, it is one of the most effective ways to get him to think differently about how he feels about you. Whatever anger or pain he feels, it is likely to melt away by tugging on those heartstrings.

Going this route will require you to dig down into the most profound feelings for your Pisces partner. If you are not used to doing this, it will be difficult. But if you can go through with it, the result is likely to leave him beaming with pride, knowing you went outside your comfort zone for him.

26. Apologize through art

Pisces are dreamers. They have an imagination so active that they sometimes get lost in it. It is one of the reasons they make such great artists. By crafting your apology through this medium, you are tapping into something fundamental about who he is, and thus, more likely to see results.

There are different ways to go about this. If you can, you could draw a portrait of the way you see him. You could also commission a comic strip that tells a story of your time together. And my personal go-to, write a song about them. If it worked for Chris de Burgh with The Lady in Red, it should work for you.

27. Deploy romantic gestures

deploy romantic gestures

In a similar mold, you want to go all-in with the romantic moves. Never forget, the key to a Pisces loyalty and forgiveness lies in his heart. Forward him sweet poems, buy him heart-shaped cookies, hold a boombox outside his window.

The ultimate thing here is to invest in gestures that you would typically find in a romantic movie because if there is one sign that loves them, it is Pisces. These efforts break down their defenses and give you a chance of being part of their life again.

28. Remind him how much he means to you

You can send a text message to your lover’s phone that says, “You mean so much to me, and I will forever regret hurting you this way.” It may seem silly or cliche to you, but it is worthy of a moment’s pause to rethink what they think about you to a Pisces man.

One of the things that happen when you are on the outs with a Pisces is they start to think you only hurt them because they don’t matter as much to you anymore. Doing anything and everything you can to dispel that notion is how you get him to forgive you.

29. Spend time with his friends

Another thing you can do to gain a Pisces man’s forgiveness is to ingrain yourself into his life. One way to do this is to spend time with his friends. Yes, they are likely to take his side, but they are not as gung-ho about avoiding you like your (former) lover is likely to be.

By proving you are just as part of his life as his friends, you are likely to make him rethink his decision to cut you off. Of course, you don’t want to be a pest, but you would be surprised how much forced physical interaction through friends can benefit former lovers. 

30. Lean into the power of fate

If there is one thing you can trust Pisces men to have, it is an absolute belief in fate. It stems from their romantic view of the world, and nothing is more romantic than destiny. Now, you don’t have to agree or believe in it, but you can lean into it to reshape his view of your relationship.

Whatever you two might be going through, if you can convince him that both of you are destined to be together, you will get through it. It will require some deft narrative skill on your part. However, this is where the good times in the past can help. Look into the past and find those unlikely coincidences. Weave them into a lovely yarn, and even the angriest Pisces will come around.

31. Make thoughtful efforts

When was the last time you did something for your Pisces man just because it had value to him? Sometimes, a fight is about an accumulation of past disappointments and not one moment. Considering Pisces are renowned for their thoughtful actions, he might be considering a breakup because you never do him the same favor. 

Rather than spending time apologizing and expecting him to get over it, take charge of all those times you have slacked. Get him new running shoes to replace his old ones, send him cash to get a beer with friends. These things and others will remind him that you know it is not always about you.

32. Get him gifts

get him gifts

Your Pisces man might call it a bribe, and his pride might even make him turn it down. Initially though. Eventually, if you keep them coming, he will have no choice but to let you in again. Why? Because of the end of the day, a Pisces wants peace and happiness.

Whatever anger he feels towards is coming from a place of hurt, betrayal, or a sense of insignificance. If you show you are willing to put your money where your mouth and heart are, he will reward you with the love and embrace his sign is known for.

33. Be patient

Finally, accept that you cannot force it. I know Pisces men are hard to lose, and the idea of letting your efforts stew comes with its anxiety. However, you need to be patient. He has to feel like it is his decision, and you are not forcing him into one.

Doing this will require going hours and days without asking if you two are good again. It will require spending time together and pretending there is no elephant in the room. Wondering how to get forgiveness from Pisces man? Patience, because one thing is sure, you will know when he does forgive you, and it would have been worth the wait.


How do you make a Pisces man regret losing you?

By doing the opposite of everything that makes a Pisces happy. It includes telling him he’s not needed, replacing him with someone else, and dismissing his feelings. By taking actions that attack who he is (his fragile heart), you will make him regret ever losing you.

Do Pisces men come back?

Oh definitely. It is one of the eternal truths about Pisces men. It is not in their blood to engage in lasting revenge or anger. Eventually, if you play your cards right, your Pisces man will return because he feels more comfortable when he is at peace with those he cares about.

How do you get a Pisces man to trust you again?

You get a Pisces man to trust you again by offering an honest apology followed by deliberate action. Pisces men are not hard to please. However, they need to know you are not taking them for granted. Your apology, combined with behaviors that show you value his place in your life, will ultimately make him give you a chance again.

What happens when you ignore a Pisces man?

It depends. When a Pisces is no longer interested in you, ignoring him means nothing but dead silence. However, when he still is, he is hurt, broken, and gets angry. Depending on how long it lasts, he can either be passive-aggressive or lash out in a physically aggressive manner. However, because they are mostly gentle souls, the former is more likely to happen.

How do you know if a Pisces man misses you?

Unlike other zodiac signs, you don’t have to wonder if a Pisces man misses you. They are one of the most expressive signs you will ever meet, and if they feel something for you, they will let you know right away. So, if he loves you or misses you, he will let you know, often in the sweetest and most dramatic way possible


In A Nutshell

In an ideal world, they would be the last sign anyone hurts. Unfortunately, life is not perfect. And as terrible as hurting a Pisces can be, the good news is they are always open to forgiveness. Through heartfelt and honest apologies, you can still get a Pisces man back in your corner.

I hope you have found this article very helpful. Kindly share your thoughts below, and feel free to share this post with friends and others who want back in their Pisces’ good graces.

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