How To Make Your Girlfriend Jealous In A Long Distance Relationship

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Long Distance relationship (LDR) might be hard for some couples. As you know, LDR absolutely needs trust and commitment. Love is not enough to those who already committed in LDR . There are many articles you have read about how to make LDR long last. But, have you ever considered that "making your girlfriend jealous" is one of an effective way to make your LDR long last. Some of you might be wonder how it could be possible? And how does it work?

You know exactly that LDR is prone to trust issue because of distance and the lack of communication. Many couples do not survive when it comes to LDR. In LDR, it is important to know that your girlfriend is loyal to you. Therefore, you can feel more confident and secure in relationship. Boys, it is okay to make your girlfriend jealous a little bit to test her love and loyalty to you. But remember, do not make her jealous too much and make trouble afterwards!


Tricks To Make Your Girlfriend Jealous In LDR

Here are the ways on how to make your girlfriend jealous in a long distance relationship:

1. Don't Directly Reply Her Messages

don't directly reply to her messages

When your girlfriend texts you, just give you a moment to reply. Let her wonder what makes you do not reply her text directly. Will she text you another messages, or call you when there is no word from you? Let's figure it out boys. Your girlfriend will think that you have a crush on someone and spend more time text with someone else instead of her. If her reaction like that, well congratulation, she is jealous to you.

2. Talk About Other Girls

When you have a phone call with her, tell her about your female friends/colleagues. Your girlfriend will be jealous in no time when you start complimenting them just like "hey, you know Sarah is really smart." or "Today Sharon looks good with white shirt, you should try to wear it honey."

3. Make Conversation On Phone Briefly

Tell your girlfriend that you had an exhausting day at work with tired voice. After that, you just had a brief reunion with senior high school friend and nothing special, then you go back home and need time to rest and say her goodbye. She will wonder why you are not excited to talk to her.

4. Post Your Attractive Photos On Social Media 

It will be interesting if you post an attractive photo of yourself on social media. A nice haircut, a stylish OOTD or a good-looking selfie at work are good enough to show that you are a nice and attractive guy. Your girlfriend will think that many girls will like you and she starts a little bit jealous. Thus, don't get it wrong as the Signs of Unhealthy Long Distance Relationship.

5. Tag Your Female Friends On Social Media

You can upload photo of your amazing event, such as party, gathering hangouts and etc with your friends. Start tagging your female friend both on photo and status. Write caption that implies both of you are quite close. After that, you might have a direct phone call from your girlfriend. Oooops! 

6. Tell Her How You Adore Your Female Celebrity Crush

After watching movie in which your celebrity crush had a role. Talk to your girlfriend that you like the movie so much, especially your celebrity crush acting. You can say that she has a nice figure, pretty face and adorable smile. Even you talk about celebrity, girls do not like her boyfriend compliment others, and celebrity is included.

7. Ignore Her Text but Active On Social Media

Try to post something on your social media or simply comment someone's update and ignore her text for a while. Then, she will try to figure out why you ignore her and she will think is it something wrong? But do not ignore her too long, or she will be impatient to you and getting mad. You know how to make your girlfriend jealous in a long distance relationship is so easy. Then, she will find the Ways to Get a Guy to Text You First.

8. Like Other Girls' Photo On Instagram

like other girls' photo on instagram

Simple action, yet has big impact. Yup, like other girls' photos will make your girlfriend jealous. This is the fast way, just wait for her calling you and you will know she is upset and jealous. Especially if those girls are extremely cute and beautiful.

9. Reschedule Your Video Call Time

If both of you have a certain time for video call, try to reschedule your quality time. Make her curious and tell her to have video call another time because you have another important things to do. Let her wonder what could be more important to you than her. Till she wishes you find the Ways to Say How Much You Love Your Girlfriend.

10. Post A Photo With Another Girl

Well, this trick might bee too tricky and if your execution is wrong just say goodbye to your relationship. But, if you choose the right girl to take photo with, your mission to make her jealous will succeed. You can choose your childhood friend, your colleague whom you make a project with and your neighbor after doing charity on your neighborhood. Make sure your photo has aim to tell, not focus on a girl with you. She will be jealous in good way.

Be careful, do not do those tricks at the same time. Remember, you have been warned! After you get some signals that your girlfriend is jealous, you have to make her trust you more. Show her that even you are surrounded by many female friends. You are still loyal to her, then your relationship will go to the next level.

If Your Girlfriend Is Jealous, It Means...

1. She Absolutely Love You

2. She Is Worried About You

3. She Cares For You

4. She Is Afraid You Will Like Someone Else

5. She Is Afraid You Are Cheating

6. She Expects More Affection from You

When it comes to LDR, there are many efforts to do, both for you and your girlfriend. After you understand that she is jealous to you. You should be delighted because it is a good sign that she is still love you and will never give up on you.

Here are more about Long Distance Relationship:

When she gets jealous just visit her secretly (if you have days off and budget obviously) to make her happy. Give her more affection that she deserves. Good luck for your LDR boys!

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