What Do Aquarius Get Along With? Zodiacs Signs And Compatibility

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Aquarius is the last air sign despite it being called the Water Bearer. This means that they are not easily influenced by the emotions of others around them. As they are the Water Bearer, they carry water in a sense that they are able to express their emotions without being influenced by others.

Like the Sagittarius, they have a love of liberty. They adore freedom, and being free gives them thrill. However, they can be considered idealistic and avant-garde, meaning they are not the easiest person to get along with.

So, what do Aquarius not get along with? Overall, they get along the most with Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius, while get along the least with Taurus and Scorpio.

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In order to understand the compatibility of Aquarius with each of the signs and why, read more below:


Aquarius Compatibility With Each Sign

aquarius compatibility with each signs

1. Aries

Both signs have a lot of interests, therefore they will constantly find things to talk about. They're bound to stay up to have midnight talks about literally anything, and it's easy for them to build a relationship from a friendship.

2. Taurus

As previously mentioned, they are not the most compatible pairing. They have different perspectives towards the world, because while the Aquarius and their wild, crazy ideas can be too much for the Taurus, the Taurus can be too boring for the Aquarius.

3. Gemini

The Aquarius and Gemini are more compatible as friends than lovers, but they can still get along easily. Both signs love to explore new ideas, and they'll constantly find something new to talk about, therefore creating a passionate relationship.

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4. Cancer

Even though it seems like the Aquarius and Cancer should get along well, there are times where things don't click between them. They understand each other's needs, but they don't get along naturally. Often times the relationship may feel awkward as the Aquarius can seem too far away from their body and emotions to the Cancer, while the Cancer can seem too needy and emotional to the Aquarius.

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5. Leo

When it comes to Leo, the Aquarius gets along with them better when it comes to non-vanilla things. They have less in common outside the bedroom, but if they really, genuinely put effort into getting to know each other, the bond between them as a couple can be strong.

6. Virgo

At first, a Virgo may think that an Aquarius is the last sign they'll get along with, but as time goes along they'll find that they can create a strong bond together. Both signs can add a little more spark to each other's lives.

7. Libra


Mentally, they have a strong connection, so it won't be hard for them to get along.

8. Scorpio

An Aquarius and Scorpio can often contradict each other, because the Scorpio usually takes things too hard, while the Aquarius usually just brushes things off. This can usually result in conflicts between the two signs.

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9. Sagittarius

Both signs are curious explorers who love adventures. They'll both encourage each other to try out new things.

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10. Capricorn

Both signs have quite different lifestyles, but if they can find common interests to build a solid foundation of friendship on, they can understand and meet each other's needs.

11. Pisces

Like the Sagittarius, times spent together between both signs will be exciting. However, when a Pisces is constantly seeking love, the Aquarius is naturally distant, leading to trust issues for the Pisces.

While it may be hard for some signs to get along with the Aquarius, it doesn't take much effort to attract them. You'll know they like you if they want to be around you a lot.

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