What To Do When A Guy Uses Too Much Tongue? Filthy Signs

Last updated on February 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Opening the door for his girlfriend, holding hands, hugs, and kisses are just some of the romantic gesture that someone can shows to let his partner how much he loves her.

But, what to do when a guy uses too much tongue? When you feel uncomfortable but you don't want to make him feels bad. As long as you already saw the signs a man is emotionally connected to you, there is nothing wrong to communicate it.


1. Communicate Each Other's Like And Dislikes

communicate each other's likes and dislikes

There is no better way to solve a problem by communicating it first. You need to tell your partner that you don't like the way he kissed and explain why. At the same time, you will also need to tell him what kind of kisses that you like.

Because it is not only about you but also about him, you need to get to know him better too, like what kind of kiss that he likes. Communication is one of the keys on how to solve misunderstanding between boyfriend girlfriend.

2. Take The Lead And Give An Example

After you communicate to each other about the like and dislike, you can start giving him an example. Take the lead and show it to him on what kind of kisses that you like.

You might as well teach him at the same time on how to kiss perfectly step by step for beginners. It is okay to explore something new together as long as both of you are enjoying it. Because that's all matter, both of you being happy and together.

3. Keep Practicing Together

Practice makes perfect. Keep practicing together will make you and him feel a lot better and more comfortable. Because of course you are not only looking on how to make a Virgo man kiss you, but to kiss you right with the love he has for you.

There is nothing wrong to make sure that our partner is comfortable with ourselves. Especially when you are aiming for a long-term and serious relationship. Understanding each other's needs and wants are important.

More Tips On Romantic Gesture

Aside from improving the kiss and knowing what to do when a guy uses too much tongue, there are a lot more romantic gesture that you can learn. It is not only limited to the sweet things to say to Virgo man. Here are some more inspiration on romantic gesture you can give to him and vice versa.

1. Pamper Him With Love And Understanding

There are times where your partner will need you besides him even though he didn't ask for it. For example, the time when is sick, and the time when he is sad. This is the time that will show your true color somehow.

Whether you want to care or ignore him. We are not only talking about how to make your boyfriend feel better when he's sick over text, but about you being there in person besides him. Pampering him with love and understanding during the hard times, together.

2. Make Or Prepare His Favorite Food

make or prepare his favorite food

Most people can't reject food. We all need food and we love it. If there is something simple that you can do as a romantic gesture to your partner is to make him his favorite food. Can't cook? Worry no more, you can always buy one.

This shows that no mater how small the action that you do to show your romantic gesture, you truly care about him until the smallest thing. If you have done all of this stuff then maybe you are classified as one of most romantic zodiac signs in relationship.

3. Give Him Compliments And Support

Encouraging words is another thing you can do to show him your love. This is also a kind of romantic gesture that can comes from you. Encouraging words that you can give to him can be in a form of compliments or support.

Both ways, it shows that you trust him on what he does and you will keep supporting him. If you see it in different ways, giving compliments also shows that you are grateful to have him as your partner. To understand it better, you can compare it by yourself if your boyfriend giving you compliments and if your boyfriend never compliments you, what it means?

What to do when a guy uses too much tongue? Communicate it. It also applied in pretty much anything within your relationship. Once you feel uncomfortable about something, you need to tell him directly and discuss it. Because if no one talk, then it won't get any better.

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