The Best Dating App in Germany You Must Try

Last updated on May 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Dating online is a thing everywhere and Germany is no exception. Other than international dating app, you can find many best dating app in Germany to try. They’re very useful either you live in Germany or happen to travel there. Whatever the cases are, these apps will help you find the best partner there.

  1. Finya

Finya is Germany’s very own Tinder as it’s highly popular in the country. But it’s only available in German. Even though many German speak English, Finya gives you chance to improve your German. Don’t worry since Google Translate is on the rescue. The sign up process is easy, there’s no complicated personality test to take. However, you can fill in 100 questions to give more details in personal information and preference. As Finya is finances by ads, you’ll see a lot of it even receive advertisement messages. Thank God it’s free. Also read How to Make a German Man Fall in Love with You

  1. eDarling

The highly popular dating app in Europe comes from the same company as EliteSingles. You can either choose free or paid membership with different features to access. You can send like, smiles, receive matches, seeing you personality tests for free. But to exchange messages you need to pay for premium membership.

Speaking about personality tests, there are hundreds of questions to be answered but it’s worth it since the more details you provide, the bigger you chance to meet the perfect match. You can’t freely browse for users in eDarling. Instead, you’ll receive daily suggestions.

  1. Parship

It works like eDarling which relies heavily on personality test. The first time you sign up, you’ll have to do the “Parship Principle, a series of personality questions to be answered. Parship will send you matches based on the compatibility you’ve got from the test, and the one that suggested to you have more than 50% of it. If you are a free member, you need your match permission to look at their photos. Also read Signals a German Guy Likes You

To be able to access more premium features, Parship offers 3 level of membership with various fee. Download the app for free in Google Play or App Store.

  1. OKCupid

OKCupid has been there since day one, even before online dating is a thing. But it’s still managed to stay on the top, especially for 20 and 30 something in Germany. And what’s good is it’s completely free. You can create profile, see photos of your matches, and even exchange messages with no single penny involved.

Despite all the free good features, OKCupid also offers premium membership which enable you to access even much better features such as making your messages on the top of her inbox and seeing your public answers before you provide yours.

  1. Badoo

It’s another version of Tinder, so you’ll find this app easy to use. But it is even better than Tinder since it provides you users nearby and showing similar interest as you are. You can like their profile and send them messages. You can do it all for free. Also read Benefits of Dating a Germany Girl

But by upgrading to premium membership you will be able to see who likes your profile, who has made you their favorite and chat with the top users of the app. You can also pay for a lifetime subscription for $159.99! This app is more casual than Once and Bumble so it’s pretty suitable for hookups looker.

  1. Candidate

Another best dating app in Germany for you. Candidate has a unique feature where you can’t see profile photo of others right away. Both you will be sent questions and if your answers matched, you can start exchange photos. All you need is to write name, age, gender, and sexual orientation. You don’t need Facebook or email to get started.

To meet matches, you have to play games consists of 3 questions that you wrote yourself within the 300 characters limit. Finding date online will never be the same again in Candidate.

  1. LoveScout 24

You can access LoveScout 24 both from your smartphone or PC and it’s highly popular in Germany. For free users, the features you can access is highly limited. You can only create profile, upload photos. Search and view profile of other users, show interest to another user, and reply messages to premium members. Also read Dating Culture in Germany

By paying subscriptions you can exchange messages, seeing whoever visit, like, and send you smile. You can meet up with other users for real through events the held regularly. It comes from the same company as Tinder and OKCupid.

  1. Dating Café

This minimalist website was first launched on 1998 for German native speakers in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Despite its simple interface, the features offered is in high quality. As a free user, you can browse users, edit your profile, providing as many as detail you’d like to add in your profile. Like OKCupid, Dating Café also holds regular events for its users.

  1. Once

Swiping through users on Tinder could be tiring and you wish you can save more time. Once is there to solve the problem. You will receive one new suggestion at noon and you can like them within the next 24 hours. You can either become a free member or paying for premium subscription with different features to be accessed. Also read Best Dating App to Hookup

  1. Bumble

Bumble is an app that made to put woman on the front. She’s in charge of sending messages since nobody can send her first unless she’s the one who got it started. The woman has 24 hours limit to decide whether she’d send messages or not. Upgrade to premium features named Bumble Boost to access more features on the app.

Now that you’ve got the best dating app in Germany list in your hands, you can decide which app to download that the most suitable for your needs. But finding date in real life would be different from finding date through the online app, be careful not to leak too many of your personal details to avoid bad things from happening.

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