19 Worthy Reasons to Date a Girl with an Eating Disorder

Last updated on May 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

There are girl who lives her life normally. But there are also girl who have to struggle against mental illness who can't live her life the way she wants it to be. One of those girls are girl with an eating disorder. Instead of seeing her in a negative ways, that girl needs our helping hand. She is often exiled by the society and people look at her with a weird look on their face. It makes her broken even more and drop her self esteem to the lowest level.

But she deserves to be loved. There are always reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder. She could be the victim of the society's stereotype about pretty girl: lean and slender body. It makes her change to someone that is not her.

1. She is One Strong Woman

No need to say, she fights with her inner thoughts every single day. The fact that she is trying to win her own self is worthy enough to be one of the reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder. This situation requires both physical and mental strength, more than you could ever know.

2. She Knows the Real Meaning of Patience

Patience defines maturity and it's one of the most important aspect in a relationship. As she is fighting with her illness, she learns about what patience is. Nobody know it better than someone who has been through many hard things like her.

3. She is Strong Willed

It's not easy to heal from an eating disorder. The process itself is so hard that it requires more than physical and mental strength. Many people could just giving up the halfway, but she chooses to go on. She has a very strong will to get back to normal.

4. She Values People Around Her

Not everybody wants to stay beside her. It's a fact that she is often exiled by the society. That is why she looks for the signs that a man loves you unconditionally. More that that she values all people around her, for staying and accepting her despite her situation.

5. She View This Life in a Beautiful Way

An eating disorder girl has a big chance to suicide herself. But she chooses to be alive since she knows that there will be a beautiful day awaits for her in the future. It's important to have someone with this mindset, as they know to always be thankful and able to find the silver lining in every clouds.

6. She Will be Deadly Gorgeous Once She Healed

Okay. she may look awful and terrible at the moment, but have you ever imagine how beautiful she could be once she is fully healed? She will become more gorgeous than any girl you have ever seen. That is one huge bonus.

7. You Will be Fighting Together with Her

If you have ever sworn that you'll be beside your girl through ups and downs, then she will be the most perfect fit. Fight together and help her to win her battle. Start her day by your own Lovely Things to Say to Your Girlfriend in the Morning.

8. She is Fragile

Yup, that's right. She is fragile and vulnerable. Due to her inflated ego and low self esteem. She will teach you about patiently loving someone. But she is also fast to apologize and her vulnerability will bring the best out of you.

9. She Loves with Sincerity

She knows that everyone stays with her loves her sincerely and she is highly appreciate them. With no doubt she will return your love with the same sincerity. Isn't it the ultimate Wife Material Signs you have been looking for?

What She Really Wants...

She is nothing like the other girls. A girl with an eating disorder is a special girl that should be treated in a special way. Here are what you need to know about girl with eating disorder before dating them. What she wants, to be precise.

1. She is Afraid of Her Insecurity

She has insecurity about food and weight in particular and she doesn't want you to know about it. She is afraid you might not understand her. You better prepare many Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend About Beauty Inside for her.

2. She Only Wants to be Loved

She just wants to be loved. She wants you to see her as a beautiful girl, just like the others.

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3. She Wants Her Self Esteem Back

Tell her you're happy with her. Tell her she is funny, and pretty, and interesting. She needs to gain her confidence back.

4. She is Afraid to be Herself

Not just many of the insecurities, she is also afraid to show her true self to you. You might misunderstood her.

5. She is Struggling on the Inside

Not just a simple ways to move on from her ex, she has a bigger struggle inside. She is always hesitating every time you ask her for dinner.

6. All She Needs is Help

Just like drugs and alcohol, eating disorder is also addiction. She needs help, not judgement. Support her to win this illness.

7. She Doesn't Want to Talk About Weight

Never talk about weight, diet, fat and skinny people to her. She would think that you are thinking the same way about her. It's terrible for her.

8. Take Her to the "Right Place"

Don't take her to a cafe or restaurant on the first date. Take her to the public area or the park, the "right place" for her. Place for eating is too burdensome.

9. Give Her Some Space

She put her walls high due to her illness. Be understanding that sometimes she just want to be alone.

10. Love Her for Who She is

Love her truly, for who she is. She needs to be encouraged and supported to make it through the hard times.

After reading all the reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder, she is worthy to be loved after all.

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