What to Say to Your Girlfriend When She Thinks She is Pregnant?

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Asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for a permission, that's what other people say. But it will surely hard to ask for a forgiveness once you did a mistake that stick to someone whole her life, especially once you decided  not to take responsibility on it.

So, to leave everyone happy you will need to know what to say to your girlfriend when she thinks she is pregnant and surely to make sure of it. Because it is easier to avoid the pregnancy rather than knowing how to tell your mother your girlfriend is pregnant.

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  • Ask her to run a pregnancy test

Rather than keep questioning whether your girlfriend is pregnant or not based on uncertainties it will be better to make it certain. Ask her to run a pregnancy test to see whether she is pregnant or not.

This will be the first step for you of making sure the pregnancy and on how to deal with finding out your girlfriend is pregnant. You can ask her to buy the pregnancy test tool or ask her to check herself to a doctor.

  • Talk to her about any kind of possibilities

After you discuss that she will need to take a pregnancy test to make sure her pregnancy status, you will need to talk to her about the possibilities. Talk to her about what will happen or what both of you will do if turned out she is pregnant or not pregnant.

Are you going to marry her and take the responsibility because she is pregnant and etc. You surely don't want to leave her the encouraging words for break ups while pregnant if it happened. So discuss it more on what both of you will do.

  • Know more on what she wants and expects in relationship

There are some people who decided to go for a relationship for fun and not really looking into a serious relationship yet. If you are the one who is only looking for the fun in the relationship then you shouldn't be facing the problem of my girlfriend is pregnant but I love someone else, what can I do?

To avoid that and make sure that our relationship goes as what you expected then you will need to talk to her about what she wants and expects in a relationship. During the talk, you may also want to share your wants and expectations to her.

How to have a happy committed relationship

Aside from what to say to your girlfriend when she thinks she is pregnant I think it is better for you to also knowing how to have a happy committed relationship. Because one day maybe you want to have one, here are some tips.

  • Share and meet the expectations

Within a relationship, to make it works better as the time goes by, both of you will need to share the expectations and knowing the ways on how to meet the expectations.

One of the ways is your girlfriend knowing the tips to keep your man happy in a relationship or you know when to leave her alone to enjoy her me time because privacy does matter.

  • Work on your communication

Secondly, you need to work on your communication to her. A relationship isn't immune to problem and disagreements, but problem and disagreements can help two people get closer once they know how to face and fix the problem.

So first thing first to learn is to know how to solve misunderstanding between boyfriend girlfriend. Know what kind of approach that will be suitable to solve a problem once both of you face a disagreements.

  • Give and give not give and take

You are just like a magnet, you will attract what you are ready for. The same thing goes to a relationship. You cannot expect to have more while you are giving so little to none.

This is why the concept of a relationship is to give and give and not give and take. Once you are able to be the best version of yourself, you will attract and have the same level of girlfriend as you do.

So you already know what to say to your girlfriend when she thinks she is pregnant.

Make sure you and your girlfriend know what you want in a relationship to leave everyone happy in a relationship. Or at least not to cause you a mistake that will ghosting you whole your life.

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