My Girlfriend Is Pregnant But I Love Someone Else, What Can I Do?

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Love story can be complicated sometime. Because love may come in unexpected time to an unexpected person. Question such as my girlfriend is pregnant but I love someone else, what can I do? also become one of the question that frequently appears since people are confused on what they should do or choose in such a hard situation.

And if you are in the same situation, here are some help that can help you to evaluate things to decide the best decision for you and your relationship.


1. Make Peace With Yourself

Know what you want. And in order to do it, you will need to make peace with yourself. Take a moment that will allow yourself to be alone and think clearly.

There are lots of benefits of being alone for your physical and mental health that can help you to make up your decision later. You will need to think and evaluate more about your current relationship and the feeling that you have to another girl. Do you really fall for her or it is just a temporary feeling of admiration and not love?

2. Evaluate Your Relationship

evaluate your relationship

Next, you will need to evaluate your relationship. Any kind of relationship that is based on force will not last for long and it will not be happy somehow. So, you will need to evaluate your relationship condition. Because, love is also a process. It will take sometime to let go of someone that we have loved for a while.

There must be something that makes it hard to let go such as, the memories that you two have. It is not an instant process. Evaluate your current relationship and know how to solve misunderstanding between boyfriend girlfriend.

3. Choose What Is Right

Lastly on my girlfriend is pregnant but I love someone else, what can I do is to communicate what you feel to your current girlfriend. And after you evaluate everything and you talked to your girlfriend about what you feel, you may decide something that you think will be the best decision for both sides. Follow what your heart says.

Do differentiate temporary feelings and real feelings, because the temptation to have a temporary happy feelings will always be there. But, temporary feelings even though it makes us feel happy cannot be thing that generate long term happiness in our lives.

Signs That You're In Love

It is hard to decide something that is be based on our feelings. And for that, we will need to know more signs that we can notice.

To help you to differentiate temporary feelings and real feelings, here are some signs that you can notice within you.

1. You Feel No Pain

The first one is that you don't feel any pain. Love does not cause any pain. It is our own ego and selfishness that cause the pain.

The pain here are both physical and mental pain. When you re in love, you don't feel both pain.

2. You Are Interested To Know New Things About Her

you are interested to know new things about her

One of the keys to a happy and long lasting relationship is by learning from each other every single day. And when you are in love, you will have the interest to get to know her better, to learn things about her better.

You don't even need to worry about what to do when a girl replies are short because you already have the feeling. And the feeling will help you to keep going. 

3. You Are Smiling Out Of Nowhere

Well, to keep the interest of someone that we like we will love to know the things to say to a girl over text to make her smile.

And when you are in love, you will also notice that she is not the only one who smiles, you smile too. You will find yourself smiling out of nowhere with no reason just by thinking about her.

4. You Respect Her

The most important part is that you have the feeling that you need to respect her. Not because she is smarter than you or richer than you either. But, because you realize that in a relationship, it will require two people who are willingly to accept each other for who they are.

You respect her because you know that her opinion matter in the relationship that you have with her later on.

The decision of the question of my girlfriend is pregnant but I love someone else, what can I do, will be on you. Decide something based on your observation about your relationship and based on your feelings.

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