All The Cool Things To Say To Your Boyfriend When He's Being A Jerk

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Maybe your boyfriend cheated on you, or your boyfriend have a fight with your best friends. Maybe your boyfriend is being rude to your family, or being rude to you. Maybe your boyfriend forbids you from going out with your friend, or he's being too controlling and possessive.

Or maybe, you two had a big argument over a major thing. Nevertheless, sometimes in a relationship there's a moment when you just feel like you hate your boyfriend so much. You might get caught up in emotion right now that you just become so speechless, or worried that you said the wrong things. But worry not, cause here are some things to say to your boyfriend when he's being a jerk.

You might try to be passive-aggressive, but some guys are just insensitive, he'll never take a hint or understand if you describe someone else's poor behaviour, so the only way to make him realize anything is to be direct and use examples. Your boyfriend might needs to be confronted so he can realise how he has behaved and make the necessary changes. Some people don't realize what they did wrong, or even don't realize when they have hurt someone's feelings. If it's something that still can be repaired, you can say things like these:

  • You're acting rudely now and I am so annoyed with you right now.
  • That was really rude and you need to stop doing that.
  • You don't care about me anyway, why should I care about you?
  • I hate forcing you to change, but I don't like it/I am hurt when you ... (describe the behavior that affects you, with respectful and fact-based words)
  • I don't appreciate this attitude of yours.
i don't appreciate this attitude of yours

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  • I am going to deal with this behavior of yours.
  • I will be happier if you can ...
  • I feel hurt / sad when this and that happens (describe how their behavior affects you)
  • What I would like you to do instead is to … (this should come out as a request, not as demands from you)
  • I would like to make our relationship better, so I think ... needs to stop (describe the behavior that you think can ruin the relationship)

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Mainly, focus on telling him his mistake, and your feelings about it. However, do try to wait for the time when he is not emotional, so he will not be too defensive. You should also talk based on fact and try your best to be rational. After you find the right timing, give him a warning and have a serious talk with him about what turns you off.

If he doesn't try to be better self, or try to make you hate him any less, or if it's something that you can no longer forgive, you might then decide that it is best to cut ties. If this is your decision, you can say things along the line of:

  • I just want to break up with you.
  • I want none of your existence in my life.
  • Please just leave me alone forever.
  • I deserve someone better.
  • There's no way that you will change. 

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  • I don't wanna love you anymore.
  • You took my love for granted and I don't want to feel like this anymore.
  • Don't run back to me when you're done.
  • This is all too much to deal.
  • I've got way too much time to be this hurt.
  • I don't believe in love anymore because of you.
  • If I used to say I was madly in love with you, or I will love you forever, you would know right now that I was lying. 

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  • All we do is fighting with one another, and I am no longer happy.
  • You'll find someone else, or you better be with someone else, let's just break up.
  • You don't respect me enough to fix your decision, why bother continuing the relationship?
  • I can no longer tolerate your attitude.
  • This relationship is pointless.
  • Maybe this is all for the better.
  • I don't want to be with you anymore.
  • Don't call me after you finally wake up from your mistake.
  • You have no power over me.
  • Maybe another girl can tolerate this rude behavior of yours.
  • You're just like all the other jerks out there. 
you're just like the other jerks out there

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  • We are never ever getting back together.
  • Being with you is so suffocating.
  • You're too much for me and I can't stand being with you anymore. 
  • I am not even sorry if we broke up.
  • It's your loss, not mine.
  • I'll find someone like you, or someone even better than you.
  • Goodbye, I hope you live a better life.

Sometimes, people don't realise that they are being a jerk, and it takes people to tell them so they could change.If he apologised for his behaviour, makes a change, or make an effort into your relationship, forgive him and give him a chance. If he's doing a big mistake, like cheating on you or being abusive, or if he doesn't even try to fix your relationship together, you can decide to stop keeping him.

Try to think about yourself, and consider whether you are in an emotionally abusive relationship. Find the strength to let go and moved on. You also need to ask to yourself, why do you even bother trying to explain to a jerk? Some people are beyond your help and you're being foolish for wasting any more time trying to say anything to him. Sometimes it is best that you say nothing at all.

Therefore, you can even decide to just take an exit of the situation, and dump him. You may or may not wish to let him know your reasons for breaking up the relationship. After all it comes back to you, and things to say to your boyfriend when he's being a jerk depends on what do you want to do with him. Good luck, and hope that knowing these things to say to your boyfriend when he's being a jerk could help you with your problem.

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