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Cancer is probably one of the most complicated zodiacs out there. If the man of your dream happens to be a cancer guy, you should take notes on some of cancer man personality traits in a relationship.

Cancer is known to be creative, loyal, and family oriented. Being in a relationship with cancer man can be very rewarding because they tend to be in touch with their emotions. There are reasons why cancers are the best lover. They are passionate yet sensitive lovers.

However, you must also pay attention to the darker side of cancer man. His emotional tendency can make him a seemingly needy partner. He is easy to get jealous as a result. His sensitivity combined with his intuition, it means he would over think a lot. He can be moody at times too.

This moon-influenced sign can take you a bit of work to impress because of their intuitive nature. They also hard to understand for their emotional depth. If you want to sweep a cancer man off his feet, you need to pay attention with your every approach. Consider these tips to help you get closer to your cancer beau:

Be genuine

As stated earlier, cancer is very intuitive. They can sense other people's intention even before the said people gave opened their mouth yet. They can see right through you. Whether your intention is good or bad.

Therefore, to attract a cancer man you should never evoke drama. Don't play games and just be yourself. A cancer man isn't interested in such a thing. They appreciate people who are genuine.

Embrace his affection

Cancer men are affectionate. They will not hesitate to express affection whenever they feel like it. When you walk with a cancer man, he'll hold your hand or put wrap his around your shoulder.

So if you're someone who doesn't like physical touch, you should consider changing your attitude. To cancerean, affection is one of their top priority.

He wants someone who embraces his need for closeness. He wants you not to be allergic to the display of affection. He also wants you to reciprocate. He likes to be touched too.

Give him a hug often and plant sweet kisses at random times. When you do this, he will not be able to stop thinking about you. You can also read some tips on how to attract cancer man sexually.

Show him you're serious

There's nothing more a cancer guy hate than a casual relationship. Cancer men want to be in it long-term. Flings aren't the words in their dictionary. They want to settle down with their love interest for once and all.

If you want to make your relationship with a cancer man tick, you need to show the same level of seriousness as him. Show him that you're committed and want him for a more serious relationship.   

A quiet evening at home

Although cancer man likes to spend time around people, once in a while they like to retreat in the comfort of their home. Cancer men prefer a quiet atmosphere. When planning a date, instead of going to a crowded mall consider having a home date instead.

Cook him dinner and then watch a movie together afterward. Nothing fancy, but he will remember the simple moment with fondness. If it's your first date with him, check out some tips on how to attract a cancer guy on the first date.  

Ask him a favor

Cancer is a nurturing sign. They love to take care of people they're close with. They're nothing more flattering to them than being needed. He wants to feel like a man and he liked being useful. In a relationship, they want to be the knight in shining armor. He's your savior and you're the damsel in distress.

If you ask a cancer man to help you, they will rush to your help at once. Ask him to help you with something, especially on something he's good at. Be it fixing your WiFi router or mending your furniture, he will gladly help you. When they're done, don't forget to give him a heartfelt compliment and thank him. That will make him fly to the clouds.  

No guys but him

Cancer can be jealous at times. They're a sensitive people, and sometimes their tendency to be emotional get the best of them. However, if you're able to convince them that they're the only guy for you, you'll get their unrelenting loyalty.

Make sure to show regularly that the cancer man you're dating is special to you. And how do you know when he’s hurt. Check how do you know when a cancer man is hurt

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As a personality who likes to give, cancer also appreciates being on the receiving end. Show your cancer man you care by giving him small gifts. A gift they like is usually a practical one. If you notice his wallet is worn out, you can consider buying him a new one, for example.

Animal-related activities

Cancers are animal lovers. For a date idea, you can go for activities where both of you can get in touch with animals. Invite him to a horse ranch to go horseback riding. Set a lunch at a cat café. Take a walk at a dog park or visit a zoo. If he has no pet yet, gift him a puppy or a kitten.

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