The Best Dating App to Hookup and Other Casual Love

Last updated on April 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

We’re now living in an era where everything is done online, includes dating. You can find a partner in the blink of an eye. Not ready for a serious relationship? You can also find a hookup partner through the app. The odds is in your favor as there are many best dating app to hookup that will be listed below.

While some people looking for a serious relationship, many just wanna have fun and they opted to look for a partner to hookup. Don’t worry because not all dating app and services are committed for a serious relationship. In fact, there are many of them that especially made for people who wants to find a hookup partner. It will be useful when you’re traveling alone and feel lonely at night.

You have to make sure that you set your intention right on your profile. So that you will be matched with others who also want to hookup. And it’s done. Don’t be with someone who looks for a settlement. It’s a ground rule you have to obey in hookup dating app world.

So here are the list of best dating app to hookup.

  1. Whiplr

This app was made for you who look for fun only tonight. You can join and find partner in many fetish communities with variety of choices such as Just Curious, Objects, and Behavior. As it’s a hookup dating app, you will be directed to the dirty things. Unfortunately this app allows screenshot, which mean the other person can save your photo even though you have deleted it. This app is full of 50 Shades of Grey watchers that want to give the movie a try. See also Do They Want A Relationship or Are You Just A Hookup?

  1. Once

You can download this app only in iOS. If you want to be quick, you don’t have to swipe many times a day since Once will send you a few matches based on your preference. You can also choose someone you like. The bad side on Once is that if the app doesn’t send you recommendations for the day, you will be out of options.

  1. Tinder

Really, who can beat Tinder? It’s an undeniably most popular dating app for anyone and it will find you the best match among its 50 million and more users. All you have to do is putting your best photos and write what you’re looking for in there. Tinder will do the rest. See also Signs Your Hookup Has Feelings for You

  1. Lucky

Lucky protects your privacy to the next level as you don’t have to put on your face on the profile picture. The perks of hookup in anonymity and Luck knows it well. No social media account need to be connected, no email address involved. The only visible information is your location. You can really get lucky and even luckier with monthly subscription for $19.99.

  1. Pure

Pure is there for busy people like you who don’t want to waste their time swiping through users. It brands itself as a hookup app specialist so you don’t have to ask others what they want. You can skip to unnecessary topics and skip to the core right away. See also Why Do Guys Just Want to Hook Up with Me

  1. Down Dating

Here comes another best dating app to hookup. Down works within your circle as it may connects you to your Facebook friends and friend of friends, the app will ask if you only one a casual relationship or serious one. It provides safety from fake people and profiles since you can confirm their identities before moving on to the next step.

But this app is connecting you to your friends and someone you know (even though they don’t join Down just yet!) and it could be really awkward to have sex (or looking for it) with them. it’s just not right, right?

  1. CasualX

If you are tired of using Tinder, CasualX is the alternative just like how they brand themselves. The users here only looking for casual hookups, swinging, friends with benefit, and any other sexual relationship with no string attached. But it app is unable to detect location so you might be matched with someone who is far away from who you are and the developer is still working on the problem. It’s safe, easy to use, and neatly organized. The chances of finding partners through this app is very high. See also Things to Text a Guy After a Hookup for the First Time?

  1. GrindR

GrindR was made only for LGBTQ and it shows you everyone in your surroundings. But this app is not only for hookup—many people also looking for a long term relationship here. Write down on your profile that you only looking for a hookup. And it’s very wild. You may find much exposure right from the profile pictures and you can skip your conversations to the dirty stuffs.

  1. Feeld

Feeld is the place for someone wants to have something wilder like threesome but never have the chance. After logging in with your Facebook, you can choose preference and composition. It’s easy to use like Tinder. But this app has a very bad reputation and in the process of rebranding. See also What Do You Do After You Hook Up with a Guy

  1. Tonight

After a long, tiring day of work, all you need is someone to have fun with and you can find them on Tonight. The app users are ready for the adventure after 6pm. Tonight will provide you the matches and location to meet that night. Unfortunately it’s only available in NYC not only for hookup. Just write down what you want in your profile.

Hookup is only for fun, which is why you want to know all the best dating app to hookup. To make it enjoyable and ended after it ended, make sure that the other person has the same intention with you. Even though it’s just a one night stand relationship, don’t choose random person out of hurry. You really don’t want to be trapped with the wrong person.

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