What are the Right Things to Text a Guy After a Hookup for the First Time?

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It’s normal if you found yourself at loss and not knowing what to do after a first time hookup. Things could get really awkward as well. Instead of relax, you find that the time after the sex ended and you get separated from him is the hardest.

What should I do to him? Should I text? Or should I call instead? Is it okay to pretend like nothing has ever happened?

Things to Text a Guy After a Hookup for the First Time

Many post hookup etiquette said that it’s better if you don’t text at all and get over it like it never happen. But it’s actually okay to reach out for him, especially when both of you had pleasure. There are only three rules of texting you should follow after a hookup: short, clean, and flirty.

You can try some of these things to text a guy after a hookup for the first time, each categorized according to how you currently feel about him.

  • To Show Him You Were Impressed

Praising a man for his skill on the is like shooting him to the cloud nine. If you are hesitating about what to text a guy after a one night stand, nothing beats the way you are impressed by his performance. He’ll like it so bad.

  1. Last night was a hit! You rock!
  2. It was really fun to have a ride with you.
  3. I got so worked up last night. Thanks to you.
  4. You were impressive.
  5. Feel like I’m going to give you award for last night’s performance.
  • To Let Him Know That You Want More

You shouldn’t be falling in love after a hookup, but many couple start dating after they meet through hookup. It may be too early for him to notice the signs that a girl likes you through texting, but it’s always worth to try.

  1. Are you up?
  2. I’d like to thank you for last night. Would you come over for dinner?
  3. Hey, how about grabbing coffee at lunchtime?
  4. Don’t feel burdensome I just to tell you I’d like to see you again.
  5. I feel like I miss you already.
  • To Hook Up with Him Again

One is not enough? Then it’s okay to tell him if you want some more. Make it short and clean. If he got pleasure too, he won’t mind for a second round.

  1. Once is not enough. Wonder some more?
  2. I can’t simply forget your move. I want to feel it again.
  3. Up for round 2?
  4. I’d like to have you again sometime.
  5. I want to have some fun with you again.
  • Playing Hard to Get

Girls sometimes just want to be flirty and chased. You can left him hanging by sending a little mysterious text that makes him wonder whether you really like it or not, or if you want a second round. It’s a good ways to flirt without coming on too strong.

  1. It was fun.
  2. I feel overwhelmed for the first time.
  3. Thank you.
  4. Just want to let you know you’re impressive.
  5. You were hot.

Rules for Texting a Guy After a Hook Up

Talking about rules, here are some useful tips for you who still nervous about texting a guy after you hookup for the first time.

1. You Shouldn’t be the One Who Text First

It’s true. Texting after hook up is not mandatory if you wonder what do you do after you hook up with a guy. People said that it’s better not to text at all then it’s true. If you are afraid you might get carried away then don’t.

2. Don’t Take It Seriously

Get over as soon as possible after the sex ended. You must not take it seriously, considering that the guy might not do the same. Once the fun ended, then it really the end.

3. Calling Will be Too Much

When texting him is hard then calling him is on another level. Actually you’re not that close to him to call him yet. He could end up feels annoyed by it. Just don’t.

4. Wait for Some Time

Yes, texting him right away and asking for the second round at the same time is too soon. If you want to come slowly you can wait for another weekend or some days after that. Make sure he won’t forget you that fast.

5. Don’t be Quickly Fall in Love

This would be a big no. No explanation. It’s too early to be emotionally involved.

Why You Shouldn’t be Falling in Love After a Hook Up

There are always good reasons why you shouldn’t be falling in love after hooking up.

1. Sex is All He Wants

He wants to have sex. That’s all. Being in a relationship is emotionally exhausting and he probably doesn’t want it. It’s the reason why most guys act like nothing happen after a hookup.

2. He Probably Not Ready for Commitment

Why do people want to be hooked up? Because the haven’t see any signs you are ready for a new relationship yet. He just wanna have fun, no string attached. Commitment could scare him away.

3. Hook Up is a Hook Up

Once the hookup over, you should get over it. The other name for hookup is one night stand, which means everything’s over after the morning falls. Don’t let yourself get carried away even though he seemed to be enjoy it much.

You don’t have to think much about what things to text a guy after a hookup for the first time. You just have to know what you really want and it’s all done. But still, don’t let the hopes flying high since he’d be likely not have any feeling for you. You don’t want to be the one end up suffering because of the short meeting, right?