31 Things To Text A Guy After A Hookup For The First Time

Last updated on February 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering what to text a guy after your first hook-up?

This is a complicated time for a woman, so it’s normal to have no idea what to text him.

The relationship has moved on to the next level, but does that mean you should text him differently? More often? Or less frequently? 

I’ll do my best to answer all of these questions based on the assumption that you want to keep seeing this guy. 

But first, I want to tell you an important story to help ensure that he wants to keep seeing you.

Throughout my twenties, I was the woman who would continuously hook up with some guy thinking he really liked me, only to be ghosted shortly afterwards. 

This was happening to me all the time… and I had no idea why! It’s not as if I was a bad person! 

Thankfully, I was able to turn this problem around - and I want to tell you how I did it. 

It all began when I learned about a complicated aspect of male psychology called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

This is the part of a man’s thinking that plays a huge role in how attracted he is to the women he encounters. 

If you can learn to manipulate this line of thinking in the right way, it is possible to make a man feel far more seriously about you. 

This skill helped transform me from being perceived as a ‘one night fling’ to the woman that men would desperately try to tie into a relationship. 

You can click here to learn how I did it. This will do so much to help you convert these hook-ups into serious relationships (if that’s what you want). 

In the meantime, here are my ideas for messages to send to your hook-up.


After Hookup Texts

Most post hookup experiences turn out to be more embarrassing than expected. Maybe it was a one-night stand or a hook-up with someone you’ve had a crush on for a while. 

For some people, sending a cheesy voice note or follow-up text is quite easy, but for others, it’s a bit challenging and awkward.

If you want to reach out to someone you recently hooked up with, without sounding awkward, I am here to help. Your one night stand with a man doesn’t have to end with only one encounter. You can prolong it beyond a day or two with the right text message.

Below is the perfect lineup of hookup messages to make any uncomfortable situation with someone better. If you’re curious to find out, continue reading.

31 Things To Text A Guy After A Hookup For The First Time

1. “You up?”

This is a simple message to send to a guy after a hookup. It doesn’t hold much depth, but it’s flirty and direct. It shows you’re open to new things, but you want to get positive feedback before proceeding. It’s also quite friendly, so there’s a high chance both of you will have a friendly chat before things get dirty.

2. “Heyyy!”


This message is simple and straightforward. It’s perfect for those who are confused about what to send to a man after a hookup. Writing an extra ‘y’ is excellent for the situation because it allows you to familiarize yourself with the man and quickly clear up the awkwardness in the air.

3. “Mind-blowing.”

This type of message may seem too obscure, but it can work wonders for anyone. The man in question may be hesitant to message so suddenly because he doesn’t know if you enjoyed his ‘company’. On the contrary, your simple message gives him reassurance that you had fun, and would possibly want to come over for more.

4. “I really enjoyed last night. Would you mind if we do that again some other day?”

This message is straight to the point and shows the man that you know what you want, and you’re not afraid to ask for it. It also embodies confidence, so that if he doesn’t want to meet up again, you can walk away with your head held high.

5. “I have to give it to you. You’re great in bed.”

Being direct and flirty is an easy way to get rid of an uncomfortable feeling. If the situation seems unclear, you can initiate some small talk about what happened, or about how you feel. Such a message will get his attention, and he won’t hesitate to contact you back.

6. “It was a fun ride last night. I wouldn’t mind having another ride soon.”

This message is sincere and fun at the same time. You can play with words if you’re stuck between trying to get the perfect sentence and saying it raw and dirty. It passes the message across effortlessly while giving room for both of you to meet up next time. I’m confident he’ll like your sense of humor.

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7. “Last night was sizzling hot, I must say.”

If you had a fun night, then there’s no harm in being honest about it. It’s a great conversation-starter and opens up the mood for another possible meetup. This type of message also falls in between wanting to meet up and trying to start a relationship. You might get both if you’re lucky.  

8. “Care for round two?”

This type of message does justice to the situation. We know the primary reason why you’re texting the man back is that you enjoyed the meetup and you’re hoping it could happen again. Sending this type of message keeps your intention clear, and leaves no room for misinterpretations. He’ll only have two short possible responses to this grand invitation.

9. “The first time isn’t always great, but last night was astonishing.”

the first time isn’t always great, but last night was astonishing

Sending this message after a hookup will make the man proud he was with you. You recognize how well he performed against all odds, which will inevitably make him feel special. The more excited he feels, the more he’ll want to meet up some other day.

10. “That was extraordinary. What should we do next time?”

Sending this message to a man after a hookup is daring. You’re not sure if he feels the same way, but you’re taking a bold step. The brilliant part about it is that you referred to how good the meetup was. This part might make him feel good about himself and possibly influence his response positively.

11. “I can’t stop thinking about the time when you…”

This type of message leaves the floor open for you to reminisce on the exciting night you had. Another exciting part is that it might put the man in a good mood, and make him more willing to meet up next time. As long as he can’t deny that the night was fantastic, he’ll surely respond well.

12. “I can’t get my mind off you.”

Love, at first sight, can happen in some cases, and to some people. If that person is you, then you shouldn’t be shy about it. You might be surprised that he’s feeling the same way too. If perhaps, you went on a date before the meetup and got mesmerized by this person, don’t be shy to let him know you enjoyed the entire experience.

13. “I want more!”

Some men might find it sexy that a lady isn’t afraid to demand sex. This process can boost his testosterone and make him feel wanted. The more dependable he feels, the more he’ll become endeared to you. If he’s that kind of man, this message would get his attention, and cause him to give positive feedback.  

14. “I had fun last night. Meet again?”

This is a flirty and affirmative message to text a man after a hookup. Although it’s simple, it’s reassuring that you had fun and you want to see him again. It highlights all the right parts of a post hookup – you enjoyed yourself, and you want to do it again. There’s a high chance he’ll respond well to that.  

15. “You did something legendary to me last night.”

This is an excellent manner to break the silence after a fantastic night with a man. A one night stand can be intimidating and somewhat embarrassing the next day. But confessing that you enjoyed it, or it was one of your best, would make both of you comfortable with each other.

16. “I’ve meant to ask, where’d you learn to do that?”

If you text a guy after a hookup this way, you’ll make him feel good about his skills, which is a plus for you. If you can fan the flames of his ego, he’ll surely want a meet-up next time. This type of message shows that you enjoyed yourself, and also suggests that you want more.

17. “I don’t think I can forget what you did.”

i don’t think I can forget what you did

If you let him know how good he made you feel, there’s a high chance he’ll want to meet you again. If you don’t want to leave things at just one night, then you should make him feel great for how he performed.

18. “I’m not even going to pretend. Last night was fantastic!”

It’s short and straightforward, but it hits the target just right. This is a perfect message to text a guy after a hookup because it shows you’re sincere. It also opens the floor to engage in conversations. It doesn’t suggest another meetup, but it sure gives him the opportunity to ask.

19. “I have a feeling you’re addictive.”

If anything is going to make him run back into your arms, it’s the raunchy compliments you text him after a satisfying ‘last night’ experience.

20. “If you’re not busy, I’m going to be at this bar tonight. You should come by!”

It’s casual and flirty and shows it’s not all about the sex. It also respects the fact that the man in question is a person and not just your sex buddy. If you’re willing to form a friendship, this is the best way to go about it.

21. “What have you done to me? I can’t stop thinking about you?”

This is a perfect message for a meetup you didn’t expect to be so great. If you can’t deny that you enjoyed yourself to the core, then don’t be afraid to hit him up with a message expressing your surprise.

22. “You must really know your way around a woman’s body.”

If you want to hook up again, this is the best suggestive message to send. It shows that you were satisfied with whatsoever you did, and you want to see him for more. It also praises his skills, which I’m sure any man would love.

23. “That was the best night I’ve had in a long while.”

You don’t have to be embarrassed to admit that you haven’t had good sex in a while. There’s a probability that the man feels the same way and is ecstatic about his night with you. Your message might bring both of you closer.  

24. “Thanks again for last time, it was intense and crazy.”

thanks again for last time, it was intense and crazy

If it has been a while, you might want to remind him how well the meetup went. This is simple but also suggests something more. If you’re stuck in between being too direct and coming off as horny, this type of message is perfect because it gives room for conversations, while also hinting at the latter.

25. “Memories of that night are keeping me distracted at work.”

This could help get the attention of a man you spent the night with. You’re trying to keep everything casual while also sharing your naughty desires. He’ll love the attention.

26. “I must confess, I kinda miss you.”

If it’s not only about the meetup for you, then you can talk about your feelings too. However, many uncertainties may arise. The man may not feel the same and may want to hook up with you without getting attached. It would be best to protect your feelings in such a situation.  

27. “That was epic.”

Sometimes, being brief will get you more attention than writing a paragraph on how you enjoyed the night. If the situation seems awkward, it’s best to keep everything short and straightforward. Use a word to describe how much you loved being with him, and if he’s on the same page, he’ll surely respond.

28. “I’m picturing you naked.”

This type of message is fun and flirty. If you want a meetup, this message shows that you’re not afraid to ask for it. The man would be turned on by your daring personality and would be moved to give an affirmative response. This kind of message also builds up anticipation, meaning you’re in for a blast.

29. “So about last night…”

We understand that some hookups can leave you speechless. If you’re unsure about how you feel, but you desperately want to make contact, this is the best message to send. It gives both of you a chance to talk about what really happened.

30. Send a GIF or emoji

send a gif or emoji

Depending on the situation, words may not be necessary after a first meetup. If things seem too embarrassing, you can break the ice by sending a GIF or an emoji. There are many naughty gifs and emojis that can convey your sexy thoughts perfectly. If you want to hook up, use the right one for the job.

31. Say nothing

Sometimes, it pays to wait until the man texts first. This move is risky because he might not text you irrespective of how long you wait. If you can’t handle the pressure, text him. On the contrary, saying nothing can be sexy because it can make him miss you more than you expected.  


Should I message a guy after a hookup?

Messaging a man after you hooked up with him depends on how you feel afterward. If you enjoyed the experience, and you want to meet up again, then don’t be afraid to send that message. On the contrary, if things weren’t so pleasurable, and it was merely a one-time fling, you can decide not to make contact.

What do you text a guy after a one night stand?

Simple messages like, “That was great!” can erase the awkwardness of hooking up with a man. You can also choose to be more descriptive. For example, “you really know how to pleasure a woman!” or “I can’t get my mind off what you did down there.”

What should I text a guy for the first time?

Keeping everything casual is another method to break the silence after you’ve hooked up with a man. You can invite him over to a bar if you’re keen on forming a friendship with them. On the other hand, if you desperately want to hook up again, then text them something like, “Can do that again?”

How do you make a guy miss you after a hookup?

You can make a man miss you after hooking up by establishing an emotional connection with him. That way, it would be harder for him to forget you. Don’t always give him what he wants, which is sex, and don’t text too soon after the meetup.

Do guys like it when you text them first?

Confidence is an attractive quality in women. When a man sees that a lady knows what she wants, and is not afraid to demand it, it can be a major turn-on. Texting first shows fearlessness and bravery, which any man would like.

All In All

Did you enjoy this article on things to text a guy after a hookup for the first time? Remember to keep your message as brief as possible because sending long paragraphs may put the man off. Also, don’t be too anxious about getting a response. If he doesn’t reply, you know it wasn’t worth it. Kindly leave a comment below and share this article with friends that need it.

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