What Hook Up Means? – For Asians And Innocents

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While hooking up is common is Western countries, Asians are not very fond of it. Eastern culture tends to be more conservative and prefer traditional kind of relationship. However, young Asians are now more and more common with hook up culture.

But what hook up means? Why it so popular in the West?

In this article we will help you to define the meaning of hook up itself and giving you a broader view by listing both the pros and cons about it.


What Hook Up Means

If you look up at a dictionary, you won’t find any meaning about hook up. In fact, there are no definite meaning about hook up itself. Even though it is used very frequently, whether in a conversation or articles, there are many explanation and definition about hook up.

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Using a logical sense, hook up can be defined as getting sexually intimate with someone. Which may vary, from kissing to sex intercourse all the way. However, hook up is a term that used when you are not committed to that person, not being in an official relationship but enjoying the intimate relationship nonetheless.

Another detail about hook up is that it’s usually a one-night stand occurrence. It typically happen with multiple people, so you get hooked up by different person with different time.

The Ambiguous Concept Of Hook Up

the ambiguous concept of hook up

If you have been thinking that the concept of hook up is ambiguous, you are not wrong. It is made that way to protect privacy. Hook up ranged from kisses to sexual intercourse, which many thing could happen between.

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If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your hook up experience, you may skip the details yet you still can call it a hook up. The ambiguous term also help to lessen negative judgment and social pressure to someone who engaged with this kind of experience.

Can Hook Up Be The Start Of A Serious Relationship?

Nobody can guarantee but the possibility is still there. Even though hook up can pave the way to a deeper, more meaningful relationship, people who are in a hook up usually doesn’t want to be committed. Which is why in many cases, what is happening is one-sided love.

One person (usually women) start to fall in love and want more from the other, while they stay true to their nature of hooking up. However, many people did start their relationship from hooking up as they cultivate emotional connection along the way while getting more physically intimate.

But two persons who are hooked up better not let their expectation exceeding to far before facing a huge disappointment.

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Pros And Cons Of Hook Up

After detailed explanation about what hook up means, here are some pros and cons about hook up to make it clearer.

Pros: Escape

Hook up is a temporary pleasure to fulfil someone’s desire without having to be emotionally attached. This is considered an escape from a tough, busy day and a good way to release stress.

However, both must be safe and smart during the hook up to prevent any damage for both of them. Also, hook up suits best for those who doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

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Pros: Sexual And Learning Experience

sexual and learning experience

In a hook up, you are very intimately physically engaged with no emotional meaning. This is an opportunity for both to enjoy sex pleasure to whatever they want. Some people also consider hook up as an opportunity to learn about various personality so they can figure out what they want and don’t want.

Cons: Emotional Damage

If you are physically intimate, it’s impossible your emotion doesn’t get connected too. This case happens most to women. After the intercourse, they start develop a real feeling in the heart. Which could lead to a different expectations and causing emotional damage to at least one of them.

When one only wants casual hook up but the other start to believe there are sparks between them, that when everything goes wrong. That’s why both persons must be careful about this one-time relationship.

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Cons: STDs

This is the most dangerous scenario could happen when you get hooked up. As it usually happens between strangers who met for the first time, the chance for STDs is bigger. Safe sex is strongly recommended for hookups.

So those are our explanations about what hook up, for you Asians who might not yet familiar with this term and for all innocents people out there. Hopefully, this article can be both useful and helpful for you all.

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