How To Tell A Guy You Don't Want To Hook Up Anymore

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Most people think that being in one string attached kind of relationship is more interesting than the actual dating. Despite the fact emotions and feelings aren't included, the chemistry that's going on probably will last longer.

They might set a couple of rules before become a hookup buddy. However, either it downs to deep or you're just bored, somehow you want to just end up the relationship.


Here's How To Tell A Guy You Don't Want To Hook Up Anymore

Wrap up your hookup things can be simply easy and also turn into complicated and mess up situation. Learn more about this How to Hook Up with Someone You Don’t Know.

If you're looking for a solution for your problem, this is the right place so here are how to tell a guy you don't want to hook up anymore.

1. You Want Something Real

There is no way a hookup relationship can be something as real as the actual dating. Then tell him that you want to stop this stuff.

2. Sex Can't Be This Lame

sex can't be this lame

Here are how to tell a guy you don't want to hook up anymore. We may sometimes want to show how much we love someone while in bed.

But then again if you are involved in a hookup relationship, it only uses for channeling your lust and makes you feel good without any further feeling. Sex can't be this lame, right?

3. You Break The Rules

It is important to set rules before getting into a hookup relationship. You seem to break it; you have felt toward them.

4. This Seems To Be Wrong

Here are how to tell a guy you don't want to hook up anymore. You realize that this isn't what you want and might turn into a wrong decision.

5. You're Done Playing Around

Tell him that you don't want to play around anymore and probably if this turns into serious dating you can still consider sticking with him.

6. You Don't Know Him Anymore

Here are how to tell a guy you don't want to hook up anymore. Even though your relationship bound by mostly lust, you still feel that he changes.

Explain to him that you don't know this person. Also, you need to learn this How to Tell If Your Crush Is Jealous of Another Guy.

7. You Don't Want To Force Him

The other you saw him with someone else and maybe the same person that send the cute message to his number.

You know have no right to feel jealous. So, before it's too late yet too deep, you just want to end it up then he can freely go with others.

8. You Want This To End, That's It

Here are how to tell a guy you don't want to hook up anymore. It might be hard to tell him how is your feeling especially when this feels so suddenly that you want to end up the hookup relationship.

You should do it properly so he'll get your point.

9. You Find Another Guy

you find another guy

It's time to move on for real dating. But before it, wrap up your hookup relationship first so tell him you find someone that asks you for a serious commitment.

10. You Have To Do What's Best For You

Here are how to tell a guy you don't want to hook up anymore. You think that you're stuck being in this kind of relationship with him.

Therefore, you want to end it up and do what's best for you. Check this too Signs Your Hookup Has Feelings for You.

Signs You Need To End Up Your Hook Up Relationship

Here are signs you have to look up before you decide to end up your hook up relationship. Kindly read this too to help you Do They Want A Relationship or Are You Just A Hookup.

1. It's Unhealthy

Everything you do should make your life has more meaning and more importantly keeps you happy. If it only gives you constantly insecurity, then you need to let it go.

2. You Become Clingy

You may want to remember that your hookup has their own life and you can't just order them around. Stop being clingy or you better end it up.

3. Emotions Are Involved

Another important sign that you need to end your hookup relationship sooner is when your feeling is involved. It is definitely forbidden because it's going to hurt you a lot.

4. He Has A Girlfriend

When you know that he is seeing another girl, then it's time for you to move on either for other hookups or a more serious relationship.

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More Tips To Leave Your Hookup Partner

more tips to leave your hookup partner

Here are more tips to leave your hookup partner. Learn about this What Do You Do After You Hook Up with a Guy to help you.

1. Be Clear

Before you decide you don't want to stay on this kind of relationship, thinking about it thoroughly to make it clear.

2. You Owe Him Explanation

Don't just ghosting if you feel don't want to continue your stuff. Give him the explanation he needs until he understands your decision.

3. End It Up Properly

You may want to end it up properly since you're in a good term when the first time you know him and need to keep it that way.

4. Avoid Using Offensive Words

If you have any specific reason like how you don't like his attitude or any else, don't say it harshly and stop using the offensive words. It is not nice, it is not nice.

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