This is What Do You Do After You Hook Up with a Guy to Look Cool

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Hooking up is nothing close to romantic and lovely. It is only done base on an impulse and once it's done, it's done. That one night stand relationship happen and gone is a flash of light. Some people can be really awkward once they have done with the sex and not knowing what to do. Especially for the first timer, they could be swayed by the sex and ended up having a one sided love.

What Do You Do After You Hook Up with a Guy

Hooking up with some strangers could be a good reasons why you don't need boyfriend to be happy if you want sex. With this no string attached relationship, no emotions are involved so it won't stress you out. But still, you could be at loss of about what do you do after you hook up with a guy. You don't want to look needy and chasing him after it happened. These are what you should do if you want to look cool.

1. No Need to be Affectionate

It's instinctive that you want to cuddle or kiss after a making out session. But no, no. Cuddling after sex is only for two people committed in a relationship. Enjoy the aftermath in silence and don't be offended when he turns his back on you as soon as it ends. Some people even pretend that you're not exist anymore. It's just too soon for him to notice how to know when a girl is into you.

2. Stay Quiet

You can't help but feeling overjoyed after sex. It's why couples cuddling, kissing, and even proceed to second round. But this is not definitely the case for you. Since you can't do none of that, nor that you can ask for a second round, you better feel the joy in silence or pretend that nothing is just happened.

3. Or Start a Conversation

Some people can't just stay silent after hooking up. You at least want to spend some happy minutes talking to him. You can have a light conversation commenting how good he was or praising his sexy body. Just don't go too far such as asking what to do after this or how does he feel to you. Don't let the hope flying high. Nothing happen after a hook up.

4. Get Over at Once

As soon as the making love ended, find another thing to do. Scrolling on your Twitter, replying unread messages, or anything until some time passes and you finally take a shower and leave. It's how it's done. You can kiss him lightly on the cheek and he might tell you you were great. End of story.

5. Sending Message is Not Necessary

You don't really have to consider sending the things to text a guy to make him want you more. Hooking up is hooking up after all. You can send the a simple sentence like "That was great" or "Thanks for tonight" if you can't hold it up, but it's better not to send them any message at all.

6. Don't Tell Others What You've Just Had

Your friends might be curious about how the hook up is done and asking the details about his performance in bed. Don't be the one who playback the whole things into the little details. The sex itself is tiring and replaying it through words is equally exhausting. Go on with what you have to do. Go to sleep or go back to work if you hook up on midday.

7. It's Okay Not to be Friends

Things are different when you already friends with him. You can just stay friends. But if you haven't met before, what's good from being friends with him? You don't have to take it into another level. Leave things on the bed after you hook up. It's the reason why do guys ghost after hooking up. They simply get over it.

8. Forget It

Don't bear any emotional sufferings after hooking up, even though it's the first time you do so. You should be aware of the consequences before putting up some act. Once the make out session over, forget it. Don't let it linger in your mind for a long time. It's how to lead a happy and peaceful life in a simple way.

Post Hookup Emotional Stages You'll be Going Through

If you are one of those girls who feel uneasy after hooking up, you probably going through and unusual emotional stages as written down here. But still, it doesn't apply simply to anyone.

  • Happiness

The first thing coming to you: joy. It's a perfect biological reaction that you feel overjoy after a make out session. But you have to get yourself under control. Don't do silly thing like screaming and dancing around in joy.

  • Panicking

Once you get hold of the reality, you'll start wondering whether it's safe. You just having sex with no relationship and commitment. It's why you better use a protection when you hook up with a stranger.

  • Guilty

The overjoy finally evaporated and you start feeling guilty. What will he think of me after this? Will he think I'm such a bad girl? You simply need to hush it out of your head.

  • Sensitive

It's what happen when you expect something after the hooking. Having shared the most intimate moment, why does he act like he doesn't know me at all?

  • Feeling Peace

After the emotional turmoil, you should be sure from now on whether you enjoy hooking up or not. It's all come down to you anyway.

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