How Do You Tell Your Girlfriend Parents Their Daughter is Pregnant?

Last updated on June 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Both planned and unplanned life is always unpredictable. We might feel like we already did something so carefully, but the results can be different. The same thing can be happening within a relationship especially when nowadays promiscuity is developing.

So, how do you tell your girlfriend parents their daughter is pregnant? Lucky you, here are some steps you can follow and prepare whether in your current condition, the pregnancy is wanted or unwanted.

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  • Ask your girlfriend to set up a meeting for you

You surely need to meet her parents to talk about her pregnancy. To help you with it because you are not really living in the same house with them, your girlfriend need to set up a meeting with her parents.

She doesn't need to tell them anything yet because you surely understand that for her knowing how to tell your dad you’re pregnant at 17 is just too scary. That's why she need your help and your responsibility about what happened to her. 

  • Tell them that you will be responsible for her

Before you decided to go to her parents, you need to make sure you know what to say to your girlfriend when she thinks she is pregnant to calm her down. After both of you can confirm that the pregnancy is real then you are responsible for her and the baby.

The same thing goes when you are planning to meet her parents, you need to tell them that you will be responsible for her and the baby. This doesn't mean that you need to marry he, but it does mean that you will always support her in the matter of money and mental support.

  • Prepare some answer to their objections

Lastly, you need to prepare some answer to her parents objection or when they are trying to push you into the corner. To prepare for this, you surely need to know how to tell your mother your girlfriend is pregnant and ask for an advice from your mother.

If you can't tell your parents, then how can you expect yourself brave enough to face her parents? Ask your parents and it will be a good first exercise and learning for you to start taking a responsibility as a grown man.

How to have a committed relationship

You don't even need to know how do you tell your girlfriend parents their daughter is pregnant or how to deal with finding out your girlfriend is pregnant if the pregnancy can be avoided, and you should if you are not ready for a baby or other consequences. That's why, knowing what you want in a relationship as well as to make it a committed relationship is important.

  • Know your and her life purpose

We are all human and we have our own agenda in something. But the differences that we have are not an excuse to keep us apart from each other. Your life purpose and her life purpose might be different.

But there will always be a way for you to support her and vice versa. And if you don't know yet about your life purpose, you can look at the purposes of life according to Islam and the Qur’an.  

  • Both of you are agreed to a committed relationship

A relationship surely has a purpose whether you just want to have a fun relationship or a serious one. To have a committed relationship both of you and your partner need to agree to have it. If one of you are disagreeing then that person need to know how to tell someone you don't want to be in a serious relationship and tell it directly to his partner.

  • It needs to be based on openness and trust

A committed relationship need to be based on openness and trust. We cannot expect our partner to be open and trust us all his heart if we didn't start the habit of openness and trusting each other first.

She might want and waiting to see signs a man is emotionally connected to you from you and you might feel the same way. But, if no one started it first then expectation will not become a reality.

Whether the pregnancy is wanted or unwanted, now you already know how do you tell your girlfriend parents their daughter is pregnant. No matter what is the situation, you need to be responsible of your action, it's your call. 

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