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Are you having a heartache after your breakup with a Capricorn man? You probably are still in love with him and wanting him back to you. Above anything, you want him to regret after breaking up with you. Well, if you are thinking of having him back after the breakup, here are the tips you need to follow in order to succeed:


1. Try To Be Friends First

You can’t expect a Capricorn man to fall in love again after the breakup. If you are considering in getting back together, do it again from the start. Be his friend who is willing to hear all his vent. Capricorn men tend to be cautious and go slowly if they want to decide to get back to their ex again.

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2. Approach Him Smoothly

As they are very cautious, you need to do it smoothly without making him notice that you want to get back to be together again. If he does know your motive, he will close all the doors for you to get in. They might have gotten hurt so bad that it takes him more time to think of dating you again.

3. Build Up His Trust

If you want to date the man, go smoothly and build up his trust first. Be a good and caring friend to him, always want to listen to all of his problems. Let him know that he can trust you again. If he can trust you again, even as a friend, it may be way easier to make him trust you to be a part of his life again.

4. Maximize Your Best Qualities

Know what the best qualities of yourself and use it as your weapon. A Capricorn man sometimes can be pessimistic, easily gets into depression, and sad. You can try to lift up his all his worries and sadness with your cheerfulness, for example. Or if you are an optimistic kind of person, you can gain his confidence by saying positive things he needs. These attitudes are good to show him all of your best qualities that he might have missed when he was with you.

5. Give Him Genuine Compliments

give him genuine compliments

Everyone likes a compliment, so does a Capricorn man. He likes and needs it, especially when he loses his confidence. You can give him a compliment about his appearance or his accomplishments. But remember not to go overboard or else he will notice that and feel uncomfortable. Even worst, he will stop and disbelieve your compliment.

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6. Have A Good Sense Of Humor

A Capricorn man has a dry sense of humor that you can use to get him like you. Try to attract him with your humor to soften up an awkward situation. Sometimes, a Capricorn man can be quite and talk less, so you can throw a fresh humor to lift up the situation. If he can laugh at your humor, keep going. That’s a good sign. You get his attention and interest.

7. Cheer Him Up

A Capricorn man can get into depression easily. Thus, you need to find a way to cheer him up. Do it genuinely because he can detect if someone pretends to be so caring to him. Don’t let him sink into depression, try to be there with him so that you can always cheer him up. You can be all hear all of his vents and offer your best solution when he needs it. But don’t do it if he doesn’t ask for it. Sometimes, he just wants to be listened to.

8. Do Not Try To Control Him

A Capricorn is a proud and stubborn man. So, you need to lower your ego when you are with him. You need to stay calm and control yourself, don’t tell him what to do if he doesn’t ask for your advice. Be a calm and nice friend to him before he can trust and love you again.

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Signs Your Ex-Capricorn Man Hasn’t Moved On From You

Have you just broken up with your Capricorn man? You probably still love him and hope to get back to him. However, you may also wonder whether or not he has moved on. These are signs if your Ex-Capricorn man hasn’t moved on from you:

1. He Still Texts Or Calls You

He still likes to text or calls you even though you both have already broken up. He texts and calls you the same way he did when you were still together. For example, he texts “good night” to you before you go to bed.

2. He Doesn’t Tell His Friends About The Break Up With You

You accidentally meet his friends after the breakup and they talk about your Capricorn ex to you like he is still your boyfriend. You find out that they don’t know that you two have broken up, even though it has already been weeks or months. He perhaps still hopes that you can get together again.

3. He Still Has Your Photos On His Phone

he still has your photos on his phone

He still hasn’t moved on from you if he keeps your photos on his phone and looks at it when he misses you. 

4. He Does Not Change Relationship Status On His Social Media

You know he is active on social media but still, he does not change the relationship status. It’s still “in a relationship with (your account name)”. The man isn’t over you yet, obviously.

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5. He Does Not Delete Your Pictures on His Instagram/Facebook

The man keeps your pictures with him on his Instagram/Facebook even though you have broken up with him.

6. He Tells You That He Still Loves You

He tells you after the breakup that he still loves you and wants you back. He may tell is through text message or tell you directly. He really means it when he says it.

Those are the tips you will need to follow if you want to get a Capricorn man regret breaking up with you and knows your worth. Moreover, he may want to get back together again. You can also know the signs whether the man has moved on from you or not.

If you have tried the tips and turned out it didn’t work, perhaps you need to give it up and move on from him. You may find it hard in the beginning, but you have to do it so that you can be happy again, even it’s not with him.

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