Is He A Typical Aquarius Man Or A Total Player?

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Is he a typical Aquarius man or a total player? Before going into that question, you will need to know the signs Aquarius man is playing mind games with you to only play with your feelings.

We can't just simply brand all Aquarius as a playboy, but if you feel that something was not right then, here are some signs that you can see from an Aquarius man. These signs will help you to see whether he is a player or just a typical Aquarius man.


1. You're Not Within His Circle

you're not within his circle

There are some signs he is a player that you can see from a man. And for Aquarius, there is one thing that you need to notice carefully before you judge him as a player or just a typical Aquarius man.

An Aquarius man is someone who is really into the people who have the same personality and characteristics as him.

This also means that it is a little bit hard for him to hang with other people who have a different type of personality. And if you found out that you were never in his social inner circle, then you need to be careful.

2. He Never Calls You Back

As someone who never thought to have a serious relationship with you, he will just ignore you. You will be the one who keeps looking after him, meanwhile, he will never look out after you.

So if he has been ignoring my calls and texts for about a month but I can’t stop calling him, what should I do? Leave him. You deserve better than a man who is just playing with your feelings.

Characteristics Of An Aquarius Man

So, is he a typical Aquarius man or a total player? Everyone can turn into a player if they chose to be one. Surely there are some external and internal factors that made them decide to be one. But before that, it will be better to get to know Aquarius deeper.

1. An Outgoing Open Minded Person

Aquarius is born with high social life. He is an outgoing person who loves to surround himself with his friends. He has a lot of friends because he is also an open minded person who can accept anyone from any background.

This makes him has his own charm by being a very social person. There are more things to know before dating someone for an Aquarius man if you are attracted to one.

2. Has A Creative Mind

Creativity is a thing that is very valuable that cannot be taught to someone else. And Aquarius is gifted by having a creative mind. He can work with so many different people because he is creative.

He is also creative in a way that he knows what to do when he needs to be dealing with someone else that has a different perspective with him.

And maybe one of the reasons why an Aquarius man disappears out of sudden is because he wants to take the time to be spent by his own. During this time, he can have the energy that he needs to think creatively again.

3. Sarcastic And Arrogant

sarcastic and arrogant

Even though Aquarius is born as a very social person, he also has this arrogant personality side of him. He has the tendency to question and rebel anything that he thinks is not right or injustice.

He tends to use a sarcastic way to express his own opinion on something. He knows exactly to say sarcastic things to say to haters. Knowing that Aquarius is also arrogant does not mean that they are closed minded when it comes to their own opinion on something. They also take the information for outside and consider something before decided to execute something.

4. Independent Person

Aquarius is known as an independent person. They can pretty much do anything by themselves even though as we know, Aquarius is surrounded by so many people. They are independent also in terms of the way they are thinking.

Most of the time, they will think about everything by themselves and not sharing it with other people.

And because of this, sometimes they find it hard to find a solution for something and get depressed because of it. So, know my Aquarius man is depressed, what can I do?

So, know deeper before judging on is he a typical Aquarius man or a total player? There are some things that you need to know before judging someone, for example by trying to get to know their personality deeper in person.

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