Things to Know before Dating Someone for An Aquarius Man to Note

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The unforgettable part is when dating for man comes out to his girlfriend. This is an unforgettable moment and the most interesting because there will be many things that need to be prepared and anticipated. Dating is not always synonymous with something expensive, but try to touch to woman heart.

One of them is the zodiac of Aquarius man, He is someone who likes tranquility and calm, according to his character and as the water element. Aquarius man is better do dating with a place which is romantic, calm, and if he can get close to something that has water elements such as lakes, beach, fish ponds, etc.

Things to Know before Dating Someone for An Aquarius Man:

The following are some things that need to be prepared before a date for a man who has Aquarius zodiac

  • Shoes must be neat and shiny

Shoes are one of the most important parts in appearance while on a dating, this will make you look more attractive from the top to the bottom. Buy some products that can make shiny shoes. Here are more to check, Reasons Why Aquarius are Single but Perfectly Happy.

  • Clean your vehicle

vehicle either car or motorcycle will support your appearance. There is no need to have a vehicle that looks expensive, just clean your vehicle because the woman will judge if everything from you is clean, then you are a fairly as clean person. If you can add a little fragrance to your vehicle, it is be better.

  • Use Fragrance

One of the supporting features is the scent of your body. Use body fragrances to taste and not too much because you don't need to pour too much perfume to your body, just spray or pour as needed, so the smell from the fragrance is not excessive. This will attract women's attention to get closer to you. Here are more to check, dude Things You Need to Know about Aquarius Woman

  • Take a bath

Aquarius man who is just about to go on a dating with a woman, it's good to keep your body clean by taking a shower or bath. This is to make and attract women's attention that you are always body clean. Bathing is one of the keys to cleanness, so take a bath before a dating with a girlfriend. 

  • Styling hair

Women often spend hours on hair styling. As a man of Aquarius, he should arrange his hair as best as possible because hair is a supportive appearance if it is neat. if the hair is not neat, it will give the woman's own judgment. Here are more to check, dude Reasons Why Aquarius Man Ignores You and Leaves You Hanging.

  • Trim clothes

After clean clothes are washed, wear clothes that make you comfortable and polite. Before wearing the clothes, the clothes are neat by ironing. Don't let the clothes get tangled or not neat. Clothing is also not necessary at expensive prices, but make sure the clothes are suitable for you, especially Aquarius man will like the color of water, which is blue.

  • Prepare the stuff

Aquarius men are identical with intimacy; they will usually bring flowers to their girlfriends on a date. Any item needs to be prepared before the dating. It's a good idea to make a list of items that need to be taken during a dating. Other luggage such as bags, it should also be considered to look better and tidy. Here are more to check, dude Reasons Why Aquarius is Awesome to Love

  • Survey dating places

Look for a dating place that is comfortable and clean, thus, she can be closer to you. Aqurius men tend to be identical with the water element, you should be able to invite a date in a place near the lake or a place that is identical to the water. That is preferable for Aquarius men. 

  • Plan dating activities

A first date with a girl requires a strategy to make dating more interesting and perfect. It is better to think about dinner reservation, because it will feel ridiculous when arriving and dinner is canceled because the tables are fully booked. First, ask her favorite food, it's good to be considered at dinner. That's it, the things to know before dating someone for an Aquarius man.

  • Count Your Budget

From the total cost of your dating, you should first pay attention to your budget, adjust to your budget. A good date is not at the high cost, but on touching a woman's heart about your kindness.

  • Pray

according to confidence so that there are no obstacles when go dating or back home, such as accidents, loss of vehicles and so on. Those are some dating tips for Aquarius men, it should be noted a few things above before inviting woman for dating. Starting from the first to the last you should pay attention.

Don't forget to wash vehicles to make them look neater and more fragrant. You must always pray to be given the best mate by God. By the end, that's all the things to know before dating someone for an Aquarius man.

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