What Does It Mean If Your Crush Adds Your Snapchat?

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In 2015, a study of adult social media users revealed that Snapchat is used more for finding new “love interests” and for flirting, different with Facebook which is used more for keeping in touch with friends. Which is why some people feel that interacting via Snapchat feels more intimate than commenting pictures on Instagram or Facebook.

Just like Instagram stories, Snapchat allows you to know how many times someone view your stories, you notice their attention when they look at them.


What Does It Mean If Your Crush Adds Your Snapchat?

It’s common to have your friends on your Snapchat contact list. But what if your crush suddenly adds you? Does it mean that he like you? Before you get your hopes too high, here are several possible reasons why your crush adds you on Snapchat.

1. More Followers

When we solely talk about adding your Snapchat accounts, we can’t instantly assume that your crush likes you back. That’s not how it works. Maybe he knows that you’re a friend of his and he wants to add more friends for his benefits. Maybe he wants to gain more popularity and influence through his followers.

Maybe he needs more views to promote his business or to win a competition? Who knows! Keep your feet on the ground, girls. What he does after adding your account is the pivotal thing! 

2. Nothing Personal

nothing personal

So, what does it mean if your crush adds your Snapchat? If your crush adds you through quick add, it possibly means nothing. It takes zero effort to do such thing. Maybe he just want to have fun, add more people to his circle or want to ask you about something (unrelated to your personal business) such as answers from a test.

Or even worse, he may want to ask you about your friend he has a crush on. Do not assume first before he makes his first move or sends messages about personal information such as your interest or hobbies. 

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3. Entertainment

What does it mean if your crush adds you on Snapchat? It may sound rude. But if you’re that kind of person who likes to post funny and ridiculous stories, he might add you for the entertainment purpose, not more or less. Getting clown-zoned? Well, at least you make him smile. 

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4. Interested In You

What does it mean if your crush adds your Snapchat? This might be the most delightful possible answer among all. Although simply adding your Snapchat can’t be the only hint whether your crush is into you, but you can see other hints such as:

  • If he’s the first person who views you stories or if he opens you Snaps quickly. The sooner it is, the more likely it is that your crush feels the same for you. It’s a good sign!
  • If he initiates a conversation first, he is more likely to feel comfortable talking to you. Especially if he talks about personal matters. It’s a sign that he wants to know you better.
  • If he views your stories (repetitively), he might find you attractive. Viewing your story once or twice might be accidental as Snapchat’s recent features allow you to move to the next stories after one is over.
  • If he makes funny doodles, it may be a sign that he wants to have funny conversation. But, it could be a bit of attractiveness and boredom.

He has added your Snapchat, then what you want to do next? Do you want to send those silly faces of yours? Do you think that’s attractive? Or.. do you want to send him a picture of your dog with a cute caption? Trying to impress your crush too hard can be a backfire. 

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How To Get Your Crush Attention On Snapchat

Here are some tips that guide you how to grab your crush’s attention through Snapchat.

1. Send A Good Selfie

Of course you want to look good for your crush. Look at the camera, don’t look at yourself on the screen, he will think that you’re narcissist. The photos must look as if it was taken by someone else. Someone said that a photo angled down is usually more flattering for women.

2. Send A Private Snap

By sending a private snap, he will feel important and being prioritized. He feels as if your attention is exclusive for him. A little ego-booster won’t hurt.

3. Make A Funny Picture

make a funny picture

Yes, research said that a good sense of humor considered sexy and shows high emotional intelligence. A pinch of silliness won’t be annoying; he will think that you’re cute and more approachable instead. A girl who likes to laugh is also considered fun to be with. Guys prefer a girl who’s not overly sensitive and easy to talk and have fun with. Relationship is not always about dinners and flowers, but also being silly together, right?

4. Stay On The Track

If your saw your crush was posting a story about attending a concert, it’s great to have a conversation about the related topic. By doing so, he will recognize that you have viewed his stories and paid attention to what has been going on in his daily life. 

5. Catchy Caption

Caption is important! A good picture with a boring caption is such a waste. Why don’t you try to make captions that will spark questions from him? Or maybe some witty and funny captions. He will appreciate a girl with a good sense of humor.

6. Draw A Picture

A picture tells a thousand words. No matter how silly or funny your drawing is, just try to post your drawing. Don’t underestimate the power of creativity!

7. Record His Fave Show Or Song

By doing so, you’re showing to your crush that you both have a common interest. It’s a definitely great conversation starter. There’s a higher chance that he will be more open to you as he feels more compatible. You can talk about it for forever!

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8. Snap Your Culinary-Achievements

As a wise man said, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, taking a picture of your mouth-watering Buzzfeed recipe will do! By showing him your ability in cooking, you show him that you’re a decent wife material. Who doesn’t like coming home to a perfect comfort meal after work?

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