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12 Safest Ways to Make Your Crush Break Up with Her Boyfriend

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The complex battle between the heart and mind. We have all been there before, and it is not an easy situation. We can all tell you the safest ways to make your crush break up with her boyfriend, but as soon as your emotions get the best of you, you gotta ride back that wave until it’s over.


Ways to Make Your Crush Break Up with Her Boyfriend

If you are ready for the risk you are getting from breaking up a couple, try this tips we have provided for you!

  1. Invest in yourself
    Create new interests and start new hobbies. Become passionate about something and focus your energy on it. Investing in yourself is the most important investment you will ever make in your life
  2. Be the leader
    During your conversations and interactions be the leader, not the follower. Do not blindly agree with her thoughts or actions if you disagree with them. Show them that you are not a “Yes” Person.
  3. Be her best friend
    If you truly love her, understand her fault, be her best friend and be patient. They will eventually break up. They may be on and off for a while, eventually, her boyfriend will break up with her and you will have your window open.
  4. Do not badmouth her boyfriend
    Badmouthing her boyfriend will only worsen your impression on her. Be friendly and say nice things to the couple if you happen to meet them by chance. If he overhears you saying some good stuff about him to her he will presume you are not a threat and trust you around her.
  5. Make her beautiful
    Girls like to be helped with any of her problems. Cleverly find out what are things that make her insecure. Give her advice, courage and boost her confidence. If you are able to make her step out from her problems, she might be thinking that you are the one who changes her life for the better instead of her boyfriend.
  6. Make her want you
    Show her why you are better. Make her think that you are an amazing person and make her want you. Buy her chocolate that you can easily say that you are just being friendly. Remember, she is not your girlfriend. She is some else’s. Therefore, you must make yourself better than the other man. Also read: How to Make Your Crush Regret Rejecting You
  7. Be yourself
    Always trying to impress her is good, but if it is out of your zone and you did not like to do that, then do not do it. You can not be someone else. Instead, find what is a special thing that only you can do, that she will be impressed by you.
  8. Mutual Agreement
    If you are going to make a couple break up, you must prepare everything. Know her more and be the closest person possible. If she shows some signs, ask yourself are you sure she has a thing for you? Are you sure that she will choose you when she breaks up with her boyfriend? Also read: How to Get Your Crush’s Attention on Instagram
    If she really likes, wants you and feels the same for you, she should go thinking why that happened and try to get back with you. She should feel the emptiness that you might feel for her. If she does then maybe you have a future with her or else you are part of the lie she has been playing with every guy she ever dated. 

  9. Prevent Cheating
    When she spent so much time with you rather than with her boyfriend, there is a chance that you both acting like a couple instead of a friend. Unfortunately, she might be cheating her boyfriend with you. You may not be the only one. Ask yourself, how to stop her from doing the same to you? Make a plan for making sure she will commit to you before this happens.
  10. Will not be the same
    The one that makes someone does not want to date people who close to them is the difference in attitude before and after dating. You must understand that she may treat you much differently while you are dating.
  11. Leave everything on her
    If you like her, then respect her relationship. Do not do the things that you do not want to be done with you by somebody else. A real man never steals a girl, he always wins the heart of a girl. The best thing for you is to be her very good friend and leave everything on her. If she does respond, politely ask her to choose. It will save you trouble.  

  12. Be direct
    The simplest and most effective method is to be direct to her that you like her, ask her if she is interested in moving forward with the friendship, and leave it at that. Let the words go through her and accept everything she decides. The universe will take care of itself.

If you have done all of the above, then just wait and be patient. The only person who can give a valid answer and an answer which works is her because she is the one who got to live with the consequences of her words so she takes the ultimate care and reasons behind choosing her words. If she still chooses to be with her boyfriend, then you have to respect her decision.

That’s the easy ways to make your crush break up with her boyfriend. Just knowing the fact that she is happy, gives you immense pleasure. Actually, in love you can never rise or stand, you always fall in love and dissolve yourself in the devotion to the person you love. Do not let it be unfortunate for you, do not cripple in love, but celebrate love.

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