8 Heartwarming Signs A Shy Gemini Man Likes You

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Everything in this live comes with a sign. Well, even natural disaster does, right? We all know that a tsunami might occurs when the tide is suddenly low, the birds are flying over to the land, and any other signs that are used to indicate a tsunami. However, to make it more relate able, even for people, when they’re hungry, they’ll be showing signs. That weird sound your stomach made, that’s how it tells you that you need food asap.

Talking about love, love also always have signs. It’s just that you didn’t realize it sometimes. It might be obvious, but it’s also often tricky and less visible for you who aren’t paying deep attention. Especially, if the guy you’re falling for is a shy one. Can you imagine that? Even in a normal situation, shy people would be hard to understand, then how hard can it be to detect shy people in love? Your Gemini man is a case in point? Then you might need to pay deep attention to this long list of signs a shy Gemini man likes you.


Signs A Shy Gemini Man Likes You

After trying to find ways to make A Gemini man falling in love, you might need to find out the result as well, right? Here are few signs a shy Gemini man likes you that you might want to know:

1. Comfortable Around You

If you ever learn about body language, there you can actually know whether a person is comfortable spending time with you, or are they hoping to get out of your sight asap.

For example, when a person is talking with you and they’re standing in front of you, their feet might be pointing to another direction instead. They might be looking at the clock, looking around and trying to go away from you. Once that shy guy likes you, you’ll see that he seems comfortable whenever you’re interacting with him.

2. Try To Make You Feel Comfortable

Even though they’re shy and maybe afraid to come to you at times, but they will try to make you feel comfortable if they like you. Maybe they’ll try to avoid topic that are sensitive to you, asking you if you’re okay, or even trying to take care of you in an awkward situation. This is a good sign, girls.

3. They Remember

Boys are not a big fan of memorizing things, especially date, right? Well, not all of them, but mostly are. But, if a shy Gemini man likes you, they’ll remember every single details about you.

The things you say last week about the food? Remember when you told him how was your day? Well, perhaps you have forgotten that, but he remember that. A shy Gemini man will remember details when they’re interested in you.

4. Affectionate

Well, who says shy people can’t show affection and care? In fact, almost every people in love will try to show affection to their loved one. The same thing goes for a shy Gemini man. If they likes you, they’ll care for you and show it with a real act. Maybe it won’t be so obvious, but it will probably come up as cute.

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5. Warm

For a shy people, as well as Gemini man who are commonly afraid of commitment will still try to show if they’re in love with someone. This shy guy will melt you away by being warm and friendly whenever they’re with you. Maybe they’re not as talkative as other, even when you’re around.

But, come on. You can tell if he’s being warm and friendly towards you. Once you feel that, you might try to reconsider your feeling for him and decide what will be the next move.

6. Try Understanding You

try understanding you

This is something that a shy person like doing when it comes to liking someone. They’re often too shy to make a move, so they peek into your life without you realizing. It’s not like stalking you in a scary way, but they’ll try to understand you. Be it from how you deal with things, how you talk and interact with other, what kind of traits that can piss you off, and so much more.

They’re trying to remember details about you, in the same time, they’re trying to understand you whole. In case if you're a Pisces or Aquarius, although there are reasons why Pisces are the most difficult to understand and there are also reasons why Aquarius are hard to understand, they'll still try to understand you.

7. Talk

No matter how shy a person is, they’ll talk at least a bit more when they like someone. They might not even realize it though, that they have become more talkative since they like you. Of course it would be weird and hard for a very shy guy to initiate a conversation with a long line, but it’s not impossible if he’s head over heels.

8. Jealousy

Try to take a glimpse of him when he’s in the room and you’re interacting with the other guy. If you sense that signs of jealousy, then something fishy is going on here. He might be shy, but he won’t stand chill seeing you flirting or any guy flirting with you in front of them.

They might won’t do anything to meddle, but you can see that glare and that bad mood face there. Maybe you need to find out more about the signs that Gemini shows when they're jealous. Every zodiac signs might have their own signs, such as signs a Capricorn is jealous with you.

However, it’s never easy to guess or read about what’s in someone’s heart. There are times when you’re sure a person is in love with that person, but it turns out they’re just friend with no further feelings. But, it isn’t rare also, that those people you never think of end up liking you without you knowing. That’s basically why you need to know the signs and try to spot them as best as you can.

Anyway, knowing the truth from his mouth is still the best way to make sure what his feeling is for you, without any lingering doubts. That might be hard sometimes, but opening up in the right time with the right way might make things clearer.

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