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Love knows no boundaries and differences. Two persons who are said to be incompatible due to the differences on their personalities. Scorpio and Sagittarius are among them. The two side by side zodiac turn out to be having many differences. While Sagis are open to change and anything new, Scorpio are fix and stubborn. It's only one of many.


How To Make Scorpio And Sagittarius Work

If the two want to be together, it's not impossible for sure. However, they need to really work it out and the path they go through may not be so smooth. The fundamental difference often get them into fight which lead to separation. Is it really possible for them? Exactly how to make Scorpio and Sagittarius work? Let's find the answer out.

1. Sagittarius Must Become A Reliable Partner

Sagittarius are free souls who never afraid to change. Their openness is burdensome to a Scorpio who'd like everything to be fixed and settled. Sagis' love for freedom makes Scorpio find it hard to accept it. For them, Sagittarius look unreliable in a relationship. They have no Husband Material Signs at all. Sagis must learn to be serious just like Scorpio.

2. Compromise Each Other

compromise each other

While Scorpio are always serious in every aspects of their life and look for settlement, Sagittarius are up for challenge. Their nature freedom won't let them to be tied down with serious commitment very soon. As this may sparks fire to the relationship, both must compromise to each other and accommodate what they want. Knowing about Things to Do When You and Your Boyfriend are Fighting will help too.

3. Try To Trust Each Other

Their effort to compromise and not to disappoint each other may surprisingly end up in lie. Scorpio find Sagittarius unfaithful, Sagittarius hates when somebody try to control their life while Scorpio are possessive. It looks almost impossible for them to be together. They need to really trust each other while trying to adjust.

4. Honesty

One of the most dangerous Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend is when there's no honesty. No matter how different they are, they must put honesty above everything. Whenever Scorpio and Sagittarius talk, it is true that almost impossible for them to reach an agreement. But keeping secrets and telling lies won't bring any good either.

5. Travel Together A Lot

Scorpio and Sagittarius can actually enjoy each other's company if they can set aside their disagreement. Both have something in common: seeking for the truth. They love to find the deepest meaning in anything. The best activities for them to do together is traveling. Scorpio need to open their eyes to the world, and there's no better company but Sagittarius.

6. Enjoy Each Other's Company

Scorpio and Sagittarius relationship doesn't have to be always filled with intensity and conflict. They need to learn How to Lead a Happy and Peaceful Life in a Simple Way, by enjoying and appreciate each other's company. Forget about all the expectations for a while, and value the presence of each other.

7. Focus On Positive Things Only

focus on positive things only

Both Scorpio and Sagittarius may unable to meet their partner's expectations. As they have many difference to start with, there's a great chance for them to fight all the time. How to make Scorpio and Sagittarius work is by finding the way to value each other, which can only be done by focusing only on each's positive characteristic rather than point out to their flaws.

8. Keep The Excitement High

How the relationship could work is by not letting boredom entering between. It's dangerous for Scorpio and Sagittarius, since if one of them or both are bored, all they see in their partner are flaws and it makes them harder to stay and holding on.

9. Try Something New Every Time

The best way to keep the excitement high is by trying something every time. Even though Scorpio are fixed and settled, the won't mind for a little adventure and explore the nature. Sharing and making many good memories are important for their relationship.

Scorpio In A Relationship

1. They Are picky

As someone who always look for settlement in life, Scorpio are picky when it comes to love. They are not easy to fall in love.

2. Overprotective

Yes, Scorpio need to tie their lover down for them to feel secure. It's explain their overprotective and possessive nature.

3. They Are Men Of Their Words

There's no need to doubt a Scorpio. They hold on the their words and it's the best Reasons Why You Need a Scorpion in Your Life.

4. They Can Get Totally Blinded By Love

As they are not easily falling in love, a Scorpio will give everything and even get blinded by love.

Sagittarius In A Relationship

sagittarius in a relationship

1. Optimistic

The optimistic personality of Sagittarius will help in working on the relationship with Scorpio. Even though it's hard, they know it will worth it.

2. Independent And Hate Being Told

As a free soul, Sagittarius hate it when someone try to control their life. In contrast of Scorpio who are possessive and overprotective.

3. They're Hard To Fool

Sagittarius are smart. Very, very smart. It's almost impossible to fool them since they know whether somebody is telling lies. Honesty is the most important thing for the Sagis.

4. They Seek For Freedom

Learn how to trust if you want to last long with a Sagittarius. They don't like to be tied down and controlled.

5. Risk Taker

Sagittarius are always up for challenge and not afraid to take risks.

They path Scorpio and Sagittarius must going through in order to make their relationship work is indeed not easy. But all their effort will be paid off after both has reached the best point in understanding each other.

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