25 Reasons Why You Should Date A Japanese Girl

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Asian women were raised in a different culture than women in Europe and America. Their childhood is different from Eastern manners and tradition, which make them grow to be a charming woman. Once in life, you must experience dating an Asian woman, including the Japanese.

Because there are many reasons why you should date a Japanese girl. There are millions of course, but the list below is simplified to make it more effective. Read carefully and you will not hesitate to date them.


1. She Is Polite 

One of the reasons Why You Should Date an Asian is because of her good and polite manner. Grow up in one Asian country, a Japanese girl is very polite and well mannered. She will never say something that will hurt you, including when she doesn't like you, she will not say it straightforwardly.

2. She Is Always Full Of Energy

she is always full of energy

Japanese girl is a happy girl. You can see her smiling for the whole day and never runs out of energy. Her spirit will affect you positively and you start to become an energized person too. It is also good to watch a girl who is full of energy.

3. And She Can Be Your Energizer 

Whenever you are down and lose spirit, she will recharge your energy and make it full again. She can be the energizer who pumps your spirit to the max and make you ready to face the world again.

4. She Knows How To Be Happy

She is fun, way too much fun, and knows how to be happy. Japanese girls would not spend their days and living in misery. She won't let herself drowned in sadness and know the best ways to Make Yourself Happy After a Breakup.

5. She Is Kawaii

Kawaii is Japanese for cute. Japanese girl is literally cute. She has a typical round face with a tiny body that makes you want to hug her all the time. She is the real definition of a cutie, both with her face and her acts. Japanese girl must be one of the Reasons Why You Should Date the Short Girl.

6. You Can Learn About Her Culture 

This is the advantage of dating someone from a different culture. When you date a Japanese, you can learn a lot about their culture. You will know how she behaves and how she treats you. Every new thing will awe you.

7. She Is Not Materialistic

Every Japanese has a high working ethic which makes them not depend on others. This is why she is not after your money. She can work her own ass off to make a living.

8. She Is A Hard Worker

Grow up in a busy country with tight working hours make a Japanese girl a hard-working person. Free time and have nothing to do is very uncommon in Japan. It can be a good Wife Material Signs for you.

9. She Loves Her Family

One good reason to date an Asian guy is because he is family-oriented. Turns out it's not only the guy but the girl as well. Japanese girl has a strong bond with her family as she loves them so much. She will love yours too.

10. You Like Her Doll-Like Appearance

you like her doll-like appearance

Asia beauty lasts long so that Asian girl has a youthful appearance despite her age. She is as cute as a doll, and you never get enough of her. Seeing them makes you happy and adore her beauty more.

11. She Will Excite You

Not only she can make herself happy, but she also knows how to make you feel happy and exciting. You can't imagine spending a day without her happy smile and appearance. You start to miss her like crazy afterward.

12. She Is A Good Cook

What're more reasons why you should date a Japanese girl? Japanese cuisine is quite well known all over the world. It will be much tastier if a Japanese native cooks for you herself with the seasoning of love. Yes, she is surely a good cook which adds to her plus point once again.

13. She Takes Good Care Of You

Because she is family-oriented, taking care of someone else is nothing new to her. She will take good care of you, not only your meals but to your health and appearance. Instead of texting you at night, she will show up at your door holding her homemade cooks.

14. She Is Not Rude 

As she is well mannered, a Japanese girl is not rude. She won't say things that will hurt you, nor do things disgraceful for both you and her. She carefully watches her words and actions, and always pulls herself together in any situation.

15. She Will Love Your Family As Well

She indeed loves her family. But she will also love your family too out of her love for you. She welcomes your mom and dad with open hands and treats them like her own.

How To Find A Japanese Girlfriend - Love Tips You Must Know

how to find a japanese girlfriend - love tips you must know
  1. Learn some basic Japanese.
  2. Don't be too touchy. Entertain her with your jokes instead.
  3. Meet more Japanese women, that's how you get a bigger chance.
  4. Have an interesting topic to talk about.
  5. Loving anime and sushi will help you a lot.
  6. Keep yourself busy because the Japanese rarely have free time.
  7. Make a lot of Japanese friends.
  8. Groom yourself and dress nicely.
  9. Send her flowers on the doorstep or at work.
  10. Text her not only good night and good morning but also ask her to take care of herself.

Isn't she really cute and too shameful to miss? Surely there are many other reasons why you should date a Japanese girl. All of it will not be enough to write, and the best way to find out is by dating her for real. Once you fall in love and date a Japanese girl, you will never let her go.

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