How Do I Chat With An Unknown Girl In Instagram?

by Michelle Devani

You see a girl that very talented so much. But, you don't know how is she as well. So, how do I chat with  unknown girl in Instagram? And  how to get your crush's attention on Instagram and other social media?

How do I chat with an unknown girl In Instagram? There are some lists that you should see and try these tips  below here.

1. Learn About Herself

Who is she? Does she still single or not? You can check first about her on Instagram before you following your unknown girl. Well, if you see that she already has a kid, these are some benefits of dating a girl with a kid, the pros and cons.

2. Request To Follow

Next, you can request to follow your unknown girl even her Instagram is locked. You must wait for it for a few days and hope he followed you back.

3. Use The Direct Message

use the direct message

Your unknown girl does not respond to your request. So, you can use other ways. Use the direct message on Instagram to message her. Say, Hello or Hi and introduce your self in short ways. Or you can type this, please follow my account.

4. Comment On Her Story

After she follows your account, your unknown girl has a mutual friend that like you have. You can comment on her story and type; do you know her or him too? Trust it, it will work to get her being your friend.

5. Be Right There While She Is Online

You don't know how is she very well. So, you can use a chance condition. While she goes online. You should be right there. Tap love or smile as much as you want to do. It's good to trying too.

6. Tap The Love

Hey, she uploads some new posts on her Instagram. Tap the love of you like it so much. Try to flirt her with these some romantic quotes like on some romantic things to say to your girl crush. Try it.

7. Give A Comment That Meaningful

How do I chat with an unknown girl In Instagram? She makes a video while she is cooking. It seems she tries to learn how to cook well. So, you can give any suggestions also support her. You will get her heart too.

8. Tag Her

Make the same posts on Instagram as she does. Tag her, and give it some captions like it will make me happy if you want to do this with me, Lily. Wow, it will be great moves.

9. Talk A Joke

Who doesn't like a joke? Create a little smile to make her happy. It will make the atmosphere melted. Your unknown girl will be going to be your friend as soon as possible.

10. Asking The Number

The last thing, asking her the number. Well, make a little conversation on Instagram is good. But, if you want to make her being yours you can ask her the number. With this, you can invite your unknown girl for dating.

How To Invite Your Unknown Girl Going On A Date?

Well, how to invite your unknown girl going on date? Will she come? These are some tips to make her accept your invitation.

1. Honestly Say The Truth

You already know about her for three weeks, and it is the time to invite her for dating or just meet in a public place. So honestly, you should say the truth that you want to meet her.

2. Make A Video Call

Make a video call

If she rejects your invitation, you can try to make a video call on Instagram. It is free just use WiFi. Do this twice or more in a week.

3. Make A Plan

It seems she likes to talk with you and she feels comfort while she sees you in a video call. So, invite her once more to meet in a public place or going date. She says Yes. Do immediately to make a plan.

4. All Is Ready And Set

Your plan is perfect, just wait for the big days to meet your unknown girl. But, you should have a plan B too. What you should do if she doesn't come? These are some tips to calm your nerves before a date, please just think positive.

5. She Comes Or Not

Today is a big day. She comes or not you should be ready. If she comes, your plan is a success and you can do what you want to do together with her. If it's not, please don't message her again. Just let it go.

Hopefully, the above steps on how do I chat with an unknown girl on Instagram it may help you to reach your girl. Do it naturally, and do not spy on her too much. More tips, you can see it too on there are some sweet things to say to a girl that’s not cheesy. Good luck.

Michelle Devani
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