Is Your Gemini Man Playing Mind Games With You?

Last updated on June 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Gemini man is playful, enthusiastic, and childish at times. You can never resist his charm and his ease in moving through life.

You can never expect what a Gemini’s next move is but you can be sure that it will involve a lot of fun. This unpredictability will lead you to ask the question “is your Gemini man playing mind games with you?”

The answer lies in our analysis of his clever and charming nature. A Gemini man usually have multiple point of views and intention so don’t judge for yourself because it might be wrong.

Read these signs on whether or not he is playing mind games with you :


Signs A Gemini Man Is Playing Mind Games

A Gemini man can’t resist a bit of games and fun in the romantic relationship. When playing mind games, a Gemini man will show these signs:

1. Making You Jealous

making you jealous

A Gemini man’s ego is sky high that is why he loves making you jealous and seeing how much you want him.

2. Being Hot And Cold With You

A mind game with a Gemini man is a lot like a rollercoaster ride because it is full of turbulence, unexpected, and it makes your heart pound. Being unexpected is the thing that a Gemini will do.

3. Flirting With You A Lot

He is not shy to show how suave and charming he is by flirting with you. There is no bigger satisfaction than seeing you blush and show Signs She Loves You.

4. Giving You Gifts

You’ll think that it is a sign that he loves you but it is not. It is just one of his strategy to win the game.

5. Distancing Himself From You

Just when you thought he really likes you, suddenly he creates some distance. Never beg him to stay, it will heighten his ego.

6. Physically Teasing You

Flirting with his eyes, touching you romantically, being close to you to alleviate the sexual tension will be done to make you crave him more.

7. Humoring You A Lot

The way to a girl’s heart is by using Funny Ways to Cheer Someone Up and a Gemini man is good at it. In a mind game, he will use this skill to his advantage.

8. Telling You How Much They Like You Then Leaving

Heart breaking, isn’t it? But it is the clear sign on is your Gemini man playing mind games with you.

9. Sending You Tempting Texts

Using Ways to Flirt with a Girl   is his number one move to make you hot for him all over again.

10. Being Over Protective Sometimes

He’ll be that over protective boyfriend just so you believe that he cares about you when instead it is just one of his games.

11. Won’t Say His True Feelings

When in a game, he will never admit to his feelings which is that he does this because he wants you so bad!

What To Do When He Is Playing Mind Games

what to do when he is playing mind games

How do you approach being teased by a Gemini? Here are some tips :

1. Play His Game

Even though the whole thing can be confusing at times, you need to suck it up and be brave enough to play his game.

2. Show How Social And Wanted You Are

When a Gemini man sees how wanted you are by other people, he will see the Wife Material Signs in you and he will chase you more and more!

3. Dress Better And Show Better

Always strive to show the best side of you. A true Gemini man can’t resist a confident and beautiful girl.

4. Take It Easy And Don’t Take It Too Seriously

Remember not to take this to the heart too much. This game is only here to excite a Gemini. Back off the game if you find this too overwhelming.

5. Reply To His Texts Mysteriously

The How to Get a Gemini Man to Stop Ignoring You is actually by being as sexy and mysterious as he is towards you. Throw some late night text and seduction into the daily conversation so that he will realize how hot and playful you are.

6. Don’t Beg For Him To Stay

Begging him to stay is like handing him the trophy for winning the game you both are playing.

7. Don’t Post About Your Sadness

Showing how lonely and sad you are will make his ego go up to the roof.

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8. Be Unavailable At Times

Show him that you are busy and you have a full life. It really works!

So, is your Gemini man playing mind games with you? If he does, you already know what to do, just play his game and win at it!

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