20 Flirty Ways To Flirt With A Girl You Just Met

Last updated on March 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

You won't believe in love at the first sight unless you have experienced them. You just met this girl for the first time and you can't get rid of them out of your head. However you have to make a move to impress her and making sure that she won't forget you so fast. But since it's your first time meeting, things could be awkward and you don't know what to do.

Here are the ways to flirt with a girl you just met:


1. Just Be Honest

Men can do silly things in front of a girl they like, or else they end up doing nothing. Being honest is the best way, just tell her that you don't know what to do. Girls appreciate honesty much and find you interesting upon being honest. It's a Ways to Flirt without Coming on Too Strong.

2. Tease Her Lightly

If you are the fun type, go tease her lightly but don't make her feel offended. Don't suck up or being naughty or she'll find you annoying. You can say simple thing like, "Wondering who is the pretty girl in white from away, turns out to be you!" Tease her so that she wants to tease you back.

3. Do It Bluntly

do it bluntly

A girl knows it when you flirt with her, so there is no use to try hiding it so hard. Just be blunt and told her you flirt with her. "Hey, actually I come to you using this document as an excuse, but actually I just want to see you." It works if you happen to work at the same office!

4. Start It With A Smile

If you don't know her at all before and have no one to introduce her to you, just smile. Even if you don't know what to do next, just smile to her. But remember, wear a simple and polite smile, not the one bad boys always have. Girls did love bad boys, but don't show your badness from the start.

5. Compliment Her

Next after smiling is compliment. Praise her for her achievement like, "You done well with the projects" and let the conversation flowing naturally. If you are good enough to keep her talk, you may ask her for lunch at the end of it. Girls love it when guys are making the first move. It's a right Things to Say to Flirt Your Crush.

6. It's Okay To Be Cheesy

Anyone could be cheesy when it comes to love and that is understandable. You are also allowed to be cheesy and don't be afraid to try one. She might be happy when you say, "Wondering why the sky was so pitch black today, turns out a pretty star is coming down here in front of me right now."

7. Don't Try Too Hard

When it comes to flirting, slow your self down and don't overdo or overreact to things. Trying too hard would make you look unnatural and she won't be interested in you. Even though you are currently flirting, make it slow and casual, and she will naturally drawn to you.

8. Ask About Herself

Make her as the center of attention, not you. Throw as many question as possible about her, but not too personal. You could ask about her favorite movies, books, or music. Keep going ask her about herself to make her talk. But don't ask about her privacy as you just met her. You must know where the limits are and don't go beyond them.

9. Talk About Things She Is Interested

After finding out what she is interested in, the next is to talk about it endlessly. This is why you should have a broad knowledge. For example when she told you she likes The Beatles, keep talking all about Beatles with her. Pretend that you also interested in it, and thing would be better if you really are.

10. Level Up Your Humor

Love is close to laugh. If you want to impress her from the first time you met her, make her laugh a lot. Throw some funny jokes and let go of yourself. Show her that you are a funny guy who could make her laughing hard.

Flirty Text To Send To Her

flirty text to send to her

So you have successfully acquire her phone numbers. Now the next step is to flirt with her through text. Girls always know the Ways to Get a Guy to Text You First, and even doing the Ways to Flirt to Your Husband Through Text after marriage. Don't be losing to the Signs of a Girl Flirting through text and do the same thing. What texts are good to be sent to a girl you just met? Here they are:

  1. Today has become my best day because I met you.
  2. After seeing you earlier, now I believe in love at the first sight.
  3. Hey, I woke up just now. I think I have a dream of meeting a pretty girl last night.
  4. Would you include me in your wish list?
  5. Try to look at your keyboard. Have you notice that U and I have to be together?
  6. I'd like to rewind the time I met you yesterday.
  7. Fancy having lunch with me today?
  8. I think I just see you somewhere. Could it be because you are hard to forget?
  9. You never fail to make me smile upon reading your text.
  10. The guy who could be your boyfriend is the luckiest guy alive.

Those are the ways to flirt with a girl you just met. Now don't hesitate to make the first move if you feel like falling in love with her at the first sight. Don't forget to calculate things to do carefully so you won't make mistake that could be a big turnoffs for her. Wish you luck then!

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