How To Get Your Taurus Ex-Boyfriend Back? (33 Ways To Win The Heart Of Your Taurus Man)

Last updated on July 5, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Are you regretting a break-up with an awesome Taurus?

Are you looking for ways to get him back in your life?

Perhaps you’re looking for the best way to attract this sign back into your life?

If so, congratulations! You couldn’t be in a better part of the internet. This guide features 33 tried-and-tested ideas to win your Taurus ex-boyfriend back. 

However, before we dive deep into these reasons, it’s important for you to understand the following point.

In most cases, you will only be able to win an ex-boyfriend back if he is in a position to be won back!

If he has moved on and is happily spending time with another woman, it’s going to be very difficult to turn back time for him in that sense.  

If there is noone new on the scene for him, it’ll be a lot easier. 

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With that said, here are some more ideas for winning a Taurus ex back.


What Is A Taurus Man Like In A Relationship? 

Taurus men value security and place importance on material things. Extremely tactile, they like to explore using their senses. As such, they love to cuddle and kiss and don’t mind public displays of affection. 

You’ll find that Taurus men often have a lot of female friends. This is partly because they are open-minded and patient, but mostly because this earth sign is ruled by the feminine Venus. 

That’s not to say Taurus lacks a masculine side. Represented by the Bull, the Taurus man is the definition of a macho male. Obstinate, possessive, and uncompromising, you have your work cut out for you if you disagree with a Taurus boyfriend. 

So that’s Taurus man in a nutshell. A paradoxical character if ever I saw one. On the one hand, he is sensitive, affectionate, and gentle, then again he can be stubborn, spiteful, and blunt. 

But I’m guessing you already know that. You are here because you want to know how to get your Taurus man back. Luckily, Taurus men are pretty straightforward when it comes to emotions and their basic needs.

Your average Taurus man is no devious Scorpio with a hidden agenda. Taurus doesn’t play mind games or toss word salad at you the way mercurial Gemini man likes to do. With a Taurus man what you see is what you get. 

They are salt of the earth and proud of it. It will pay to keep this in mind when you go about winning your ex Taurus back. 

As an example, don’t try to be too clever with him. For a start, it will probably go over his head. A bull is not known for its subtlety after all. Keep it simple for it to be effective. 

The other thing to remember is that you don’t need to be too emotional either. This isn’t Pisces we are dealing with here. Yes, Taurus men are capable of deep and soul-searching emotions, but more on a physical level. 

Taurus men use their senses to connect, not their minds like some air signs such as Aquarius. 

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Now that we know more about the character of Taurus man, how can you get him back into your life after a breakup?

If you want your Taurus man back, here are 33 ways you can get your Taurus man to fall back in love with you. But remember, you’ll need patience. Taurus men are notoriously stubborn. 

33 Tips On How To Get Your Taurus Ex-boyfriend Back

Anyone who has dated a Taurus man knows that these guys make incredibly sensual, sexy, and down-to-earth boyfriends. So breaking up with them is hard. 

If you want to know how to get your Taurus man back, you need to know what makes him tick in the first place. 

1. Don’t hassle him straight away

My first piece of advice if you are serious about getting your Taurus man back into your life is to leave him alone for a while. You can’t rush a Taurus man. Have you ever tried forcing a bull to move somewhere it didn’t want to go? You can’t call or bombard him with texts or phone calls. Leave him alone to think about the situation. You can’t change a Taurus man’s mind. 

Remember, these guys are incredibly stubborn. The more you push the harder they dig their heels in. 

2. Ask his friends how he is feeling

You will need to find out if there is a chance of you two getting back together after the break-up. Asking his friends to give you an honest picture of how he is coping will give you a clearer perspective. Have you offended your Taurus ex and can the relationship be salvaged? 

3. Apologize if necessary

Finding out from his friends that he is upset with you makes it easier for you to decide whether an apology is necessary. Have you done something that you should say sorry for? Will an apology be accepted? However, don’t be tempted to say sorry if the breakup was not your fault. A Taurus man will see through this charade and it will just make him angry. 

4. If you messed up – own up

If there is one thing that will get your Taurus ex back after a breakup it is an honest account of where you went wrong. Taurus values honesty above all else. They appreciate a person that holds their hands up and says ‘You know what? This is my fault and I take full responsibility. 

A Taurus man will never back down but they do listen and they don’t expect anyone to take the blame for something they didn’t do. 

5. Offer to change your behavior

It is a mature thing to recognize unhealthy behavior and to seek help in changing it. If you are the cause of the breakdown in your relationship you can ask your ex Taurus man for help in getting better. He will see this as a sign the relationship can grow and develop. 

6. But don’t expect him to change

Taurus has many good qualities but they also have a few negative ones. I may have mentioned previously that they can be a little stubborn. This is an understatement. Even if Taurus is in the wrong, it can be extremely challenging to get them to change their behavior. Taurus will be set in his ways until he decides it is time to change.

This is frustrating. So if you want your Taurus man back, I would advise caution, especially if your Taurus man has some undesirable habits. 

7. Tell him you just want to listen

tell him you just want to listen

It is said that there are four words every man dreads to hear whilst in a relationship, and they are: ‘We need to talk.’ This is especially true of Taurus men. 

They are certainly not likely to show interest in talking when they are out of the relationship. Instead of asking him to talk, tell him you’d like to listen to him. This allows him to discuss his feelings and it feels more proactive for men. 

8. Keep calm, and don’t agitate the situation

When the matador approaches a bull in the ring, he is calm and keeps his movements deliberately slow. He doesn’t want to antagonize the bull until he is ready. Only then will he bring out the muleta with the red cloth to get the bull to charge. You want your bull calm and collected, ready to talk or listen. You don’t want to make him angry. 

9. Taurus men love to be complimented

If you really want to know how to get your Taurus ex-boyfriend back into your life, showing him how much you appreciate him is possibly the best. You can do this by complimenting his behavior, his looks, or something he is involved in. This will puff up his macho Taurus pride and pique his interest in you. 

Better still try to appeal to his protective side. Taurus men, in particular, like to look after their women. They can have quite old-fashioned views on gender roles. 

10. Don’t be needy

The paradox of Taurus males is that although they can be stereotypical of men when it comes to gender, they also don’t like needy women. So you have to find the right balance between being a strong, independent woman who also wants the protective arms of her Taurus man around her when she needs them. 

Show him that you don’t need him, you want him to be in a relationship with you. You can do perfectly well without him. You choose to have him in your life. Taurus will quickly lose interest if he thinks you are too needy. 

11. Be honest about your feelings

Taurus men value honesty. They hate fake people, lies, and BS of any kind. If you are upfront and genuine about how you feel it allows him to open up his heart and begin to trust you. Remember, with Taurus you can have those deep and meaningful conversations, so long as they are authentic. 

12. But be practical and pragmatic too

Have you ever seen a bull crying to himself in a field? No, me neither. Taurus can do deep emotions but they like to express these emotions physically. For example, Taurus uses sex to connect the bodies and believes this allows for greater emotional intimacy. But let’s take another star sign – Scorpio. 

Scorpio believes that it is the emotional connection that comes first that allows people to explore the physical nature of sex. Show your Taurus man you are more of a practical girl and that you can be pragmatic about the breakup. 

Big displays of emotion are likely to frighten him off. 

13. Don’t be subtle about your intentions

There’s that old saying about a bull in a china shop. Actually, there’s nothing subtle about a bull in any situation. What I am trying to tell you is that bulls do not pick up on subtle hints. Don’t hint or suggest to him that you want him back. He won’t get it. If you want to get a Taurus man back then text him and say ‘I want us to get back together’.

14. Give him time and space to think

give him time and space to think

Your Taurus man doesn’t make quick decisions when it comes to a relationship. He’s a little like Capricorn in this respect. Both are earth signs and need to be absolutely sure before they commit. Once they do, however, they are loyal and will nurture that relationship for a lifetime. So give him time to come to the right decision. 

15. Appeal to his senses

If you want to get your Taurus man back then you have to remember what turns him on in the first place. Taurus is ruled by their senses. This means they love to drink in a person’s smell. Spritz yourself in his favorite perfume and waft past him in a club. 

16. Make him feel nostalgic about your past relationship

Taurus is an earth sign, and as such, loves security. Perhaps not as much as Capricorn or Cancer, but they do feel a need to be surrounded by the familiar. Of all the star signs, Taurus tends to romanticize past relationships. 

After enough time has passed he’ll paint a very different picture of your time together. You can help him concentrate on the good times before the breakup by posting photographs of the things you did together. Send him ‘in-joke’ texts or clips of tunes that you both love. 

17. Don’t go over past arguments 

Taurus indeed likes to think about the past and revel in the warmth of old memories. However, they do not like to be reminded of old arguments. Actually, scrap that, no man likes to go over old arguments again and again. 

Men call it nagging, women call it unresolved issues. Whatever your take on old arguments is, don’t bring them up after a breakup. Your ex-boyfriend will not want to hear about them. He will feel attacked and will automatically go on the defensive. 

18. Wear something tactile

Sometimes ladies have to be a little devious when dealing with a breakup. Of all the star signs in the Zodiac, Taurus is the most tactile. So, if you get to go on a date, wear something he will want to touch. 

He won’t be able to resist the touch of a silk gown against your skin. He’ll want to nuzzle up next to that velvet dress and wrap his arm around you. It’s your job to play up to his weaknesses. 

19. Offer to take care of him

A Taurus man is an Earth Sign, and as such, he notices practical and physical things. He will appreciate it if you do little things for him to make his life easier. If you are at his house, offer to help straighten things up.

Perhaps you can find out his favorite childhood meal and cook it for him. Or, if things are going well, why not give him a sensual massage? I guarantee he will be thinking about your warm, relaxing touch all through the following week. He may not show his appreciation verbally, but you can be sure that he will notice.

20. Concentrate on your career 

Focusing on your work might seem counterintuitive, but you have to remember the things that Taurus find attractive. Think of that bull in the arena, ready to fight. If he can stomp all over you he’ll simply move on to the next matador. 

Bulls demand respect but they also respect someone independent and strong. Bulls are hardworking and tough and need a partner who is equally matched. They are ambitious and enjoy the stability that a successful career brings. Show him that you are a successful businesswoman in your own right. 

21. Show off your feminine side

show off your feminine side

Taurus men love a woman to look pretty and feminine. They don’t go for a tomboy look. Sure, they are into equal rights and in that respect are thoroughly modern men. However, when it comes to what turns them on – you can’t go wrong with a cute tea dress. 

22. Flaunt your best attributes

After a break up it is safe to assume that a Taurus ex-boyfriend will be checking out your social media pages. He will also be asking your friends about you behind your back and generally keeping a close eye on you.

Why? Because he is taking his time and pondering over his next move. Bulls don’t make snap decisions. They stay fixed to the spot until they are ready to charge into action. During this time they carefully absorb every minute detail of their surroundings. 

This is the time for you to shine. Post your achievements on social media. Tell your friends about that latest promotion at work. Let your family know about a pay rise you received last week. 

23. Be determined and patient

I have mentioned that Taurus men pay attention to what is going on around them. It is worth keeping in mind that they also take note of people’s behavior. They’ll watch to see how much you try to get them back. Do you give up after one go? How persistent are you? 

Do you listen to them when they ask you for space or do you ignore their wishes? Are you patient with them or do you get emotional and fling your toys out of the pram? If you are at the stage where your Taurus guy is talking to you again, be very wary of what he is saying to you. 

How you react from now on is important. If he asks for a few days to think, give him a few days. Then send a brief text asking if he needs more time. If he suggests a date somewhere then agree and go. Show him that you are willing to work with him and that you want to put the effort in. 

24. Compliment him behind his back

This is one of the clever ways you can get a Taurus man to show renewed interest in you. There is much psychological evidence to suggest that if you want to be liked in a new workplace you should compliment people behind their backs. 

This also works with ex-boyfriends. They get to hear about the nice things you are saying about them and it makes them feel good, not only about themselves but about you also. 

25. Be polite to others when he’s around

Taurus is a stickler for good manners and this sign notices bad behavior in others. Pay attention to your attitude towards the bar and waiting staff when you are out. Always be polite, tip generously when the occasion arises, and generally be a good, all-around nice person.

26. Tell him why you need him

I have said before, Taurus values honesty above everything else. Of all the earth signs in the Zodiac, Taurus is the most down-to-earth of them all. They are grounded, authentic, and real. They wouldn’t know BS if it hit them in the face. 

So whilst it is true to say that they don’t do excessive expressions of emotions, they do like straight-talking. Talk to your ex-boyfriend. Tell him straight why you loved being with him. Talk about the fact that he was dependable and you felt secure with him. You could trust him and he never let you down. 

Keep it as practical as you can. This will appeal to his earthy character. Don’t be wishy-washy or too emotional. Just tell him like it is. 

27. Show him what he is missing out on

As well as being polite when you are out, make sure you are looking your best and having a good time. Dress up and wear high-end quality clothes. Taurus doesn’t like cheap knock-offs. Remind him of what he had when you were in a relationship together and what he is now missing out on.

28. Get tactile with him

get tactile with him

Some star signs prefer to connect on an intellectual level rather than a physical one. Typically air signs such as Aquarius and Gemini use their minds and love to communicate. However, earth signs, and in particular 

Taurus is all about the senses. Taurus finds it difficult to express himself verbally, but he is an extremely tactile and sensual being. 

Of all the ways to connect, Taurus would much rather lie in bed massaging you than have a conversation about where the relationship is heading. He can tell you where it is heading as he is using his hands. No words are necessary for Taurus men. Just feel what he’s saying by the way he’s touching your body. 

You can’t lie about your feelings when you are in such close contact. This is Taurus at his most honest and vulnerable.

29. Get an expensive cut and blow-dry

If there’s something every Taurus male loves it is running their fingers through a shiny mane of glossy locks. It is that sensual touching thing that turns them on so much. They won’t be able to help themselves. 

We often associate the star sign of Leo with magnificent manes but don’t forget that Taurus is the master of sensual touch and physicality. He will immediately notice something different about you. It will be like catnip to him.

30. Confide in him

Honesty, security, and trust get a Taurus man’s heart beating faster. Sure, it’s not the kinky passion of a Scorpio or the intellectual wit of a Gemini, but if you want to grow old with your loved one without drama it is very appealing. 

One way you can get your Taurus ex-boyfriend back is to confide in him about a worry or a problem you have. Ask for his advice on a certain matter that is troubling you. He will realize that there is still a level of trust between you both. 

This might be enough to make him reconsider the break-up. After all, it took a long time for him to build up this trust with you. He’ll remember that he liked the feeling of security it gave him. He may start to miss it. He may start to think that he wants to be your protector again. Perhaps he’ll begin to worry about you and he’ll start checking up to see if you are alright. 

31. Offer to cook his favorite meal

Taurus is a hedonistic sign. They are pleasure-seeking and indulgent. Food is a huge part of their life. Enjoying a well-cooked meal appeals to their senses. They love the finer things in life but also an atmosphere of family and security a home-cooked meal provides. It indicates an effort on your part which they appreciate.

32. Be flirty and romantic 

When I talked about Taurus and their paradoxical nature this is exactly what I meant. Taurus wants an independent woman that can stand up for herself. Taurus man appreciates an equal, in the workplace, in the bedroom, and in all his relationships. 

That being said, there is a softer side to this macho bull. They can be tender and sensitive creatives too. One way to get your Taurus ex-boyfriend back into your arms is to be playful and romantic

Yes, bulls are serious characters but they also have a fun persona. Be flirty with them, but use the right flirting tactics. There’s no point in being subtle with your words or being suggestive about what you want to happen.

Show him in a touchy-feely way. Be extra tactile. Vamp up the volume on your body language when you are around him. Remember, bulls need a red flag to get them going. So touch his shoulder when you pass him. Place a hand on his knee in conversation. Play with your hair or twiddle with a drinks straw suggestively. He’ll get the message. 

33. Get an expensive makeover

Taurus is not drawn to material wealth in the same way as other signs such as Leo. However, this is a sign of security. As a result, Taurus looks for ways to help them establish whether something or someone is a sound investment. 

This sign is not as forensic as Capricorn when it comes to security and future planning, but it is important to them. They are not snobs (as some people perceive Cappys to be sometimes) but they are attracted to quality. 

There is a simpler reason, they like beautiful things. We need to go back to the Taurus obsession with the senses and their epicurean nature. These are the connoisseurs of good taste. They want to indulge in life’s finest experiences.

So, one of the ways to get a Taurus man back is to update your wardrobe and get a color stylist or personal shopper to help accentuate your natural beauty. Then, once your confidence is brimming, go out and wow him. 


How do you get a Taurus man back after a breakup?

Always be honest and forthright with your Taurus ex-boyfriend. Tell him how you feel, without drama or excessive emotion, and then give him space to think. Don’t try and rush him, Taurus men are notoriously stubborn. Apologize and offer to change if you have done something wrong and show him that you can be an independent and strong partner. 

Do Taurus men go back to their exes?

Yes, sometimes they do, but they won’t be pushed into making a quick decision. So, state your case, remind him of all the good times and then leave him alone. Give him space and time so that he can reminisce over the good times. You can impose a no-contact rule during this time which will help him to miss you

How do you get a Taurus ex to miss you?

At the start, you must give your Taurus ex-boyfriend time to miss you. So try the no contact rule if you are finding it hard to stay away from him. You can be seen in public but make sure you are looking your best. Once you do start talking again, reminding him of the good times will make him nostalgic. 

How do you get a Taurus man to fall back in love with you?

Appeal to his need for the familiar and his sense of security. Taurus are like Capricorn in that they don’t do well with change. He prefers the devil he knows so you have a natural advantage – play to it. Show him what he is missing. Be physical and tactile when you meet. Look gorgeous and act maturely. Don’t be too emotional or dramatic. Be patient and don’t rush him. 

Will a Taurus man miss you after a breakup?

Taurus men miss the security that an established relationship gives them. So yes, he will miss that. It depends if the break-up was his or your idea. If he does miss you he will continue communicating with you. You might find that you accidentally bump into him, he ‘likes’ your posts on social media, or, as this guy is honest, he might even tell you. 

In Conclusion 

Taurus men are down-to-earth, honest, tactile, and make incredibly sensual lovers. Remember, you can get your Taurus ex-boyfriend back, but only if he wants to reconcile. If he does, hopefully, the suggestions above will help you get your relationship back on track.

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