20 Ways On How To Make The Girl You're Jealous Of, Jealous Of You Back

Last updated on April 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

The feeling can sometimes be complicated and unpredictable. When we are liking someone, we can easily get jealous even by the little things that she does. It can be a little bit annoying sometimes of how other people get the control of our feeling. But that's a fact that we can't run away from. You will easily jealous when seeing her look happy with the other person, jealous when she is laughing with the other guy but not you and many more.

The jealousy feeling will be unbearable sometime that you want to take revenge. The sweetest revenge is of course by making her feeling the jealousy back at you. It's not that hard to make a girl jealous, because she will easily get jealous. You know that girls are quite smart at reading the Signs He Likes You and Trying to Make You Jealous, you guys should know the ways on how to make the girl you're jealous of jealous of you back. Here are some useful, easy tricks to do:


1. Be The Hottest Guy

be the hottest guy

Just like how guys love to see hot girls, they also easily fall to the hottest guy. If all this time she seems to hardly notice you because you're not hot enough to notice, make a drastic change to your appearance. You will caught her attention by the first time. Who won't fall for a hot guy at the first time they see him?

2. Get Close To Every Girl But Her

For girls, the other girls are their biggest nemesis. They want to be the coolest and the prettiest, and the most popular among guys. That's why they will get jealous easily when you seemed to close to other girls but her. It will make her think whether she's not interesting enough and start to get jealous.

3. Laugh With The Other Girl

There are good Reasons Why You Should Date the Girl Who Makes You Laugh. Because laugh is close to love. And being happy is the sweetest revenge someone could do. Seeing you laughing hard with other girls won't make her happy actually because she wish you will laugh with her, not with the other girl.

4. Talk About The Another Girl With Her

If you want to make her really jealous, talk about the other girls with her. She won't like it at all because she wants you to talk about her, not about other girls. Especially not with her or in front of her.

5. Show Friendliness With Other Girl In Social Media

Be someone who is popular among girls in social media. It will make her jealous as hell, seeing you get friendly and flirty with the other girls. Jealousy arise easily from it, and it could be the good Reasons Why You Should Quit Social Media for good.

6. Ignore Her Texts And Calls

Who like to be ignored? Girls particularly love to make tons of calls and texts and hate it the most when they got ignored. You never know how wild their mind can be when you're not picking up their calls. Moreover when she knows you easily pick up the phone for other girls.

7. Talk About The Fun Of Doing Something Without Her

Even when you have nothing fun to talk about, made up a story where you are having some fun, and you don't even need her to.

More Things To Make Her Jealous At You Back

more things to make her jealous at you back

Speaking about how to make the girl you're jealous of jealous of you back will be a long, endless story. Here comes more ways to make her jealous to you more:

  1. Get busy with another girl on the phone when you're together with her. Whether it's your sister or your mother. It may be rude and will get her offended, but she will get jealous indeed.
  2. Boast about how popular you are among girls, and how they get so comfortable around you.
  3. Talk about how you always wait for the boys night out with your friends. Don't forget to recall all the fun you've had with them. It will get her thinking whether you are not enjoying your time with her.
  4. Tell her about some cool girls around. It could be someone who has just walking by too. She will be jealous with that, and jealousy is one of the fastest Ways to Make Someone Love You without Them Knowing.
  5. When she is texting you or calling you during the day, tell her you are busy. When she calls at night, tell her you're tired. She will be wondering a lot about it. 
  6. Get touchy with other girls, but not too touchy. Make sure she gets the impression that you feel comfortable with the other girls.
  7. Talk about the girl of your dreams with her, all the time. She will eventually get sick and asking you whether you see her or not.
  8. Help some pretty girl in your school of at work when she sees you. But remember not to make this as the Ways to Flirt with a Girl You Just Met by offering kindness.
  9. Treat your female friend for a meal will make it pretty much as date. It's enough to make her feel insecure.
  10. Show your excessive love to your mother and sister. Every girls are pretty much the same, the want to be loved. And soon she wished you can love her that much as well.
  11. Be active in social media. Girls get jealous easily when guys are too friendly and too open in social media.
  12. Praise and compliment other girls in front of them.
  13. Be chivalrous and show the other side of yours to other woman. Make her feel awe that you have that side in you too.

Don't hesitate to make your move after you know all the ways on how to make the girl you're jealous of jealous of you. Turns out not that hard to make her jealous at you back, right?

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