Taurus Man Weakness In Love (23 Weakness Of A Taurus Man)

Last updated on June 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you falling in love with an intelligent, dependable, and affectionate Taurus?

Perhaps you’ve already been coupled up with one for a long time?

Either way, it can be handy to understand the weaknesses that this sign tends to show in a relationship. 

By being aware of these weaknesses, you can prepare for them and hopefully develop more empathy if they crop up and cause conflict in your relationships.

Below, you’ll find the 23 most common weaknesses of a Taurus man in love - and how these weaknesses might appear in romantic relationships. 

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All romantic mistakes are made as a result of weaknesses. We all have them. By understanding the most common weaknesses of your partner, you put yourself in a fantastic position to give your relationship a fighting chance. 

So, let’s take a look at 23 weaknesses of male Taurus.


23 Weaknesses Of A Taurus Guy When It Comes To Love

Have you fallen for a hardworking, smart, cute, and witty Taurus man? Then you’ve probably noticed some great things about him, as well as the quirks. However, in any relationship, you want to know what positive and negative traits are natural or learned. Learned behaviors are easier to let go of, however, negative traits of a zodiac sign are harder to shake off. 

The truth is, it’s very easy to fall in love with a Taurus guy. Their wit and charming personalities are practically magnetic. But once the relationship progresses, a negative trait or two may be a shocker to you. That’s because the Taurus male can be self-centered and stuck in his ways. That doesn’t take away the romance and sex appeal of the men from this zodiac sign. 

This is probably the main reason why many ladies like you overlook their excesses at the beginning. Plus, let’s be honest, everyone has their weaknesses. However, if you want the relationship with this Taurus guy to last, it’s best to know his negative and positive traits alike. Below are 23 main weaknesses of Taurus males

1. Materialistic

What do you think of men who put a lot of worth on their belongings? Is that trait good, bad, or manageable? Well, if you are a fellow Taurus woman, it’s possible to relate to wanting to have the finer things in life, no matter the cost. However, for other zodiac signs that prefer to save money and be more intentional about spending, dating the Taurus sign may prove to be tricky. 

Taurus traits like this may not be as annoying if he spends money on you too. However, it can get annoying when your Taurus man does not focus on the essential needs at the time but spends more money on material things

2. Jealousy

The Taurus man is not one of those passive lovers that will look the other way when another man comes to chat. This sign is a jealous lover, and they don’t expect their love interest to entertain any other male counterparts. It’s a Taurus man's weakness in love. They may get suspicious of any male friendships, or even the extra time spent with your girlfriends. 

Understand that one of Taurus’ weaknesses is the feeling of being undermined. They like to feel in control and secure in the relationship. So anything that compromises that will probably make your man jealous. 

3. Stubbornness

One of the negative aspects of a Taurus man is his stubborn nature. This is one of the Taurus traits you have probably noticed in your relationship. Some Taurus men are subtle about it, but it shows in even the little things. Stubbornness can be a tough trait to deal with when in a relationship with a Taurus man. 

The reason is simple; a stubborn man will refuse to compromise, make easy decisions tough, and generally make his life and yours that much harder. Taurus men may not care if you get hurt in the process, that’s because of the grounded nature of earth signs. 

4. Lazy

Taurus men may have focus and determination as one of their positive traits, however, they can also be very lazy. Their laziness is also an aspect of their stubbornness. They simply won’t want to comply with what someone else says. The Taurus man would rather be stuck in his ways. Telling him what to do is like taking the reins and steering his life in another direction.

It’s not the most fun thought or feeling for the Taurus, and that’s when their lazy nature kicks in. Taurus men would rather do nothing than do what someone else expects them to. Unfortunately, this trait may be the reason many end their relationship with a Taurus. Their stubborn and lazy nature is usually mistaken for an uncaring one. 

5. Possessive

Taurus men can be social and vibrant when they want to be. However, they are more introverted than the Gemini, Aries, or Libra sign. Once they find true love, you may notice how possessive they get. The Taurus sign is a loyal one, that sometimes translates to being overly clingy. The reason is simple, the earth zodiac sign is grounded and doesn’t like change. 

This means that when a Taurus guy finds love, he’d rather commit to one partner than try other options. You may notice how your man wants to spend most of his free time with you. He may even get upset when you can’t be around him. That's just one of the Taurus males' weaknesses when they are in love. 

6. Overly cautious

overly cautious

A Taurus man probably thinks of all possible outcomes before making a decision. They hate making decisions in a haste, and will probably show regret if things turn out bad. Do you feel like your partner takes too much time making decisions? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most ladies who are dating Taurus men are probably going through the same thing. 

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So, don’t always feel your partner is dumb or too indecisive. Let them run at their own speed. Sometimes, those well-seasoned decisions turn out to be the best. 

7. They are poor communicators

The Taurus man just like other earth zodiac signs can be very secretive. They don’t like to wear their emotions on their sleeves. The reason is simple; the less someone knows about you, the harder it is for them to hurt you, and vice versa. 

This means that just like an onion, the Taurus man has many layers. Plus, your partner, just like many others, would rather peel those layers off slowly and cautiously. However, that’s not all, the Taurus guy can also be less understanding. They tend to expect everyone to think and see life the same way. 

So, when you react in a certain way, they may end up angry or hurt. Also, since your Taurus man is not the most expressive person, he may expect you to know what’s going on with him, even though he hasn’t told you anything. 

8. Very protective

Taurus men are very protective, and this may come off as a negative controlling behavior. If you don’t understand your Taurus man, you may think he’s overstepping his boundaries. That’s because a relationship is more than just sex, dates, and money spent on the Taurus guy. It’s a commitment he’s very intent on protecting. 

If your man gets too overbearing, try not to insinuate anything negative. Just talk to him calmly and reassure him that you are loyal too. 

9. Evasive

The Taurus man is not the best when it comes to expressing his feelings. He could be in a relationship for months, and still decide to keep his feelings ‘safely’ bottled up. The Taurus man is generally secretive, they love to live private lives. So, don’t get overly concerned about him not posting as much on social media, or being open about their feelings to others. 

The average Taurus man does not like other people knowing their business. He won’t tell many people about his relationship. But, it’s even more negative when he’s not open to you as openness is very essential in any relationship. 

10. Commitment shy

The Taurus man is not one to jump into relationships. Have you noticed that about your man? How long did it take him to ask you out? The Taurus guy is a bit different from other signs like Aries or Libra. Earth-sun signs want to ensure a relationship is worth it before fully committing. Here’s a funny fact, Taurus is one of those signs that’s most likely to commit for the long haul. However, that process of commitment takes a while. The Taurus has to be convinced that you’re the one before fully committing to the relationship. 

11. Overly focused on work

The Taurus man may come off as lazy and inflexible, but they sure are hardworking. These ambitious men love their material life, which means they won’t stop making money. This may come off as being overly ambitious, which can be true of most of the earth-sun signs. 

Their drive is what fuels their ego. Plus, the satisfaction they get from work is one they may only get from a few other indulgences.

12. They can be perfectionists

they can be perfectionists

The Taurus man is a perfectionist. It’s one of the traits that makes most Taurus men quite successful. That constant need to put their best foot forward at all times makes them reach for the stars. However, while this is a positive when it comes to work, business, and career life, it can be a downside in relationships. 

A perfectionist sees red when things are still white. They overthink situations, over-react and panic at trivial points. This can actually make dating a Taurus one hectic roller-coaster ride. Plus, since the Taurus man is striving for perfection, this may make him indecisive when it comes to love. 

He’ll ponder and ponder until he finds the ‘perfect’ girl for him. Or he’ll wait for the ‘perfect’ moment before making any commitments. 

13. Reluctant to compromise

The Taurus man does not like to compromise. That does not mean he can’t or won’t, he just doesn’t like to. This fact may make him angry or triggered when his partner tries to persuade him about something he’s not open to. He may not show it, and may even tag along, but it will bruise his ego. 

Another downside to this is how it can affect your relationship. On one side, the Taurus reluctance to compromise may mean one person making most of the decisions or frequent arguments. It also means that you may lose Taurus' trust and dependence if you push him too often to compromise. 

14. Opinionated

Once a Taurus is in love with you, it’s like he has stepped into his comfort zone. He won’t feel awkward trying to give advice or tell you what to do. It can get annoying for someone who is equally opinionated or strong-willed. That’s because your Taurus partner may constantly want to know what’s going on in your life. 

He will also want to frequently suggest what you could have done better. Your Taurus man may want to get involved in your financial matters. Before you know it, he’s telling you how to spend your money or how to live your life. 

15. They get offended easily

The Taurus man puts a lot of things into perspective before making plans. They are perfectionists shows and do not like things going south. Though they might present a tough exterior, Taurus men can be very soft inside. That means it’s very easy to offend them or get in their bad books. The littlest squabble could affect them more than you imagine. That’s because they think a lot. 

The average earth zodiac sign overthinks everything. Every sentence has a meaning, and everybody's gesture translates to something as well. So, while you may not mean any harm, be careful cause your Taurus man may see faults where there are none. 

16. Anger

The Taurus man, just like every other male earth sign, may have underlying rage issues. They don’t like to be pushed, and won’t always play the cool and calm boyfriend. This means that, when they get angry, you’ll know. Has your boyfriend ever shouted, parked, or kept malice with you?

He is simply showing how angry he is. The Capricorn, who is also an earth sign, may have more luck hiding their frustration. But that’s just one area the Taurus man may not master early. 

17. Inflexible

The Taurus is not one that likes to negotiate. He is not one that can easily be convinced. Trying to persuade your partner to do something he isn't fond of may prove abortive. If he agrees to try something new, that’s because he is open to it. 

However, there’s a fine line a Taurus will not cross. Simply because when this sign makes up his mind, they are adamant about digging in their heels until they get their way. 

18. Controlling


Taurus men love to be in control of situations. They feel that things would just be better if they handled it. That means he may try to impose decisions or manipulate you into doing what he wants. It can be a very negative nature, one that not all women can handle. That doesn’t mean a fellow Taurus woman or any other sign cannot challenge this trait. 

However, it’s important to understand where the Taurus man is coming from. He just wants to ensure everything is perfect. Sometimes, that could mean overstepping his boundaries. 

19. Dismissive

When a Taurus is hurt or betrayed, you’ll know. They’ll be more silent than usual, and dismissive about anything you bring to the table. Sometimes, even when they are in the best mood, their selfish nature shows up. So don’t feel overly concerned when your Taurus partner doesn’t take your feelings or opinion into consideration initially. 

A Taurus man has to grow into the idea of sharing and caring enough to always consider your needs alongside his own. 

20. They give a cold shoulder

One of the Taurus' signs of weakness is their passive aggression. Forgiveness does not come easy for this zodiac sign. This means that the Taurus man is more likely to give you a cold shoulder whenever you have an argument

Does your man hold grudges? Can he go days without speaking to you? That’s quite normal, Taurus’ weakness is forgiveness. It’s hard for them to let things go without overthinking the situation. 

21. Lack of spontaneity

Taurus men prefer a well-planned day or date to one filled with surprises. If you notice, your Taurus man rarely does things out of the blue. It’s not because he doesn’t care enough to pull off grand gestures or surprise dates

He just likes the certainty and security of a well-planned activity. This can be a red flag for someone who loves surprises and living in the moment. The Taurus' fear of living on the edge may make the relationship boring for the other party. 

22. They can be very slow

The Taurus man loves to take his time, just like the other earth sun signs. He doesn’t want to be rushed into a relationship, or any commitment in general. That’s because the Taurus man likes to get things right. And they can be pretty hard on themselves when they don’t get things done perfectly. 

23. Indulgent

Taurus men are known to like sweet stuff. So if you’re all about eating healthy and dieting, the Taurus man may be the opposite of what you’re looking for. Sweets, chocolates, cookies, and other pastries may constantly be on your man’s list of things to eat. Of course, this particular trait is not set in stone

There are Taurus men who are determined to eat and live healthily. If you are with one, cherish him, it’s a real discipline not many Taurus live by. 


What does Taurus need from a lover?

The Taurus sign is known for romance and its deep sensuality. This means the Taurus man is one of the most sexually aware zodiac signs. They love the love and sensuality, which makes them drawn to candle-lit dinners, walks on the beach, and anything romantic. Taurus men may not be so spontaneous, so planning an overnight trip may not sit well with them. A Taurus man wants a lover that understands his need for structure, proper planning, and organization. 

What are the weaknesses of a Taurus?

The Taurus man is kind-hearted, loving, and generally great to be around. However, just like every other zodiac sign, they have their weaknesses. While you may find the Taurus man to be great in bed and very prone to intimacy and romance, they can also be closed off and emotionally detached. When you suggest an idea this earth sign isn’t happy with, they’ll be sure to show it. The male Taurus may express his dissent or opinions by giving a cold shoulder, being evasive, or ignoring you altogether. 

Who does a Taurus fall in love with?

The Taurus man may naturally be drawn to fellow earth signs. This means that zodiac signs like Virgo and Capricorn will make an excellent match when it comes to romantic relationships. Cancer and Pisces would also be a good match for the male Taurus. That’s because the Taurus man wants a loyal, and committed partner that guarantees stability and intimacy in the relationship. That’s something the ladies in the aforementioned sun signs can provide. 

Why are Taurus so weak?

Taurus men can be very stubborn, which means they are pretty stuck in their ways. They feel hurt when people criticize their negative traits and will get defensive by deciding not to change. So if your Taurus guy is lazy, very slow and cautious, snoopy, what makes him weak is his choice not to fix these negative traits. It’s just the Taurus male personality to prove they feel secure in their own skin, and don’t need help living their lives. 

How do you know if a Taurus man misses you?

The Taurus man hates the feeling of insecurity, which means he won’t try to show that he misses you if he doesn’t. However, when a Taurus really likes you, he won’t mind keeping all communication lines open. He’ll reach out more often and sound genuinely interested whenever he talks to you in person or on the phone. 

To Conclude

I hope you enjoyed reading through this list? Remember, dating a Taurus man doesn’t have to be so complicated. Once you know his weak points, you’ll know how to handle and work around them. At the end of the day, Taurus guys have very positive traits that probably outshine the negative ones. So, if you are in love with this guy, choose your battles and look past the weaknesses that aren’t too nerve-racking. 

Have any opinions on the topic? Please leave a comment below and share this article with others as well. Good luck. 

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