Things to Know Before Dating a Snowboarder

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Dating someone who happens to be a snowboarder could be considered as dating just any other people with different occupation or it could turn out to be a tricky business.

One of the reason is probably that it takes root in the summer days which is so different from skiing winter day. However, it doesn't mean other seasons than winter is totally shot because it will only take some finesse.

Here are things to know before dating a snowboarder

The snowboarder thinks that skiing is a lifestyle and not just something that they do for fun. Therefore, you might find some of their value tend to be out of yours.

To help you through this relationship, there are things to know before dating a snowboarder. Learn about this too Things to Know Before Dating A Teacher.

1. They Wake Up Early

They are sure that kind of people that practice "the early birds get the early get the worm". They’ll definitely set their alarms at 6 a.m.,  5 a.m., and even earlier.

2. They Will be Your Flakiest Friend in Winter

Here are things to know before dating a snowboarder. If you date a snowboarder, they will be your flakiest friend in winter since the snow is great.

They are going to take you to the mountains on a perfect day over pretty much anything like hanging out to your favorite cafe or stuff.

3. Not All of Them Can Do the Dangerous Trick

You might see on the TV that the snowboarders dip their toes in the half-pipe and also even crank out a 180 or land an epic jump. Well, there are some of them that can do it and the rest can't.

If you happen to date one, don't expect them to do the dangerous trick you've seen on TV. Check this too Things You Should Know Before Dating An INTJ.

 4. They Collect a Lot of Gear

Here are things to know before dating a snowboarder. They should know how to keep in top form on the slopes from dawn until the last lift of the day.

You'll find that they collect a lot of gear and equipment for skiing like hardcore waterproofing, mittens, gloves, and maybe a list of pocket-size snacks for lunch.

5. They Love Their Helmet

We all know how dangerous can be the skiing is. That's why they extremely love their helmet and even won't leave home without these.

Moreover, they think that the helmet will keep their headway warmer than any beanie.

6. They Aren't Your Typical Cool Kids

Here are things to know before dating a snowboarder. You may think that the snowboarders are cool because it seems modern and fit for teenagers.

It isn't quite true though. Even now the originators of this sport are a bunch of grandparents. Learn also about this Things to Know Before You Date An ENFP.

7. Their Inner Circle Filled with the Best People

They love to push themselves to their limits. That's the reason why they keep the professional and all of the best snowboarders in town as their close friend.

8. They Aren't Scared, It's Adrenaline

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They always crave the moment when they’re staring down a precipice, heart pounding, knees trembling but somehow find the strength to dig deep, strap in and just go.

Here are things to know before dating a snowboarder. We might call it being scared, but for them, it’s adrenaline.

9. They Started from the Bottom

The snowboarder doesn't get their high skill on one night. It likely begins with slipping and sliding then wiping out.

Therefore, dating a snowboarder will tell you that with practice and persistence we can reach what we wish for.

10. Moment After Skiing Is Gold

We must know the moment after we've done what we really love. That's what they feel after skiing and is such a gold moment you can't miss. Check this too Things You Should Know Before Dating an INFJ.


Signs You Should Date Snowboarder

Here are signs you should date snowboarder. This maybe can help you later How to Get Over Your First Love When You See Him every day.

1. You'll Have the Best Winter

Dating a snowboarder means you'll spend the whole season in the best place. That's why there is no more ordinary winter day for you.

2. They Love Surprise

There are times when they'll just surprise you with things they do.

3. They Take Them to Many Beautiful Places

They want to try every mountain for snowboarding and each one of it is extremely the most beautiful place and have the prettiest scenery in town.

4. The Cool Kid's Lover

Even though it isn't quite true, but still they call the snowboarder as a cool kid. Therefore, you'll feel lucky to have them as your partner.

More Tips When Dating Snowboarder

Here are more tips when dating snowboarder.

1. You Should Love Mountain

The first thing you have to remember if you are dating a snowboarder, you should love the mountain because that's where they will spend their whole day.

2. Give Them Snowboard Kit as a Present

If you don't have any idea for their birthday present, you can give them a new snowboard kit because it would make them really happy.

3. Never Complain

You might want to settle down a day that you're just laying and cuddling all day. It won't happen in winter!

4. Help Them Clean the Room

They'll get off early in the morning and won't come home after it's dark. A little help on tidying their room would mean so much for them.

5. You May Visit Hospital One Day

You already know that snowboarding is extremely dangerous. Don't be surprised if one day someone calls you from the hospital.


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